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Posted By Kevin Gibson On Mar 23 2009 @ 5:28 am In All Sports | 1 Comment

As the saying goes, there’s two sides to every story. As much as there is a love fest for Sean Avery in New York. Big Nik Antropov has been a key contributer to the Rangers offensive attack. Antropov has 4G, 4A in 8 games and his presence has seemed to have rejuvenated Chris Drury. Drury has assisted on three of Antropov’s goals and the Big Kazak has assisted on both of Drury’s goals since the trade deadline. So both Antropov and Avery are A-OK, mainly because that’s the letter their last names start with.

Avery also picked up some kudos north of the border last week. Everybody’s trailer park hero, Bubbles. Picked Avery to be on Canada’s Olympic team and Bubbles had some great logic behind his selection. “Avery can annoy players in any language” Good call Bubbles.

Another week goes by, Jay Cutler still has his thumb in his mouth and the Blue Jays have done nothing to improve their team. In the words of Spinal Tap, “the more it stays the same, the less it changes” write that down, maybe have it put on a napkin for when guests come over.

Is Tuukka Rask Finnish for “tantrum”? Not since Ron Hextall have I seen a goalie snap like Rask did after Providence dropped a shootout decision to Albany. Was the tantrum warranted? Let’s get a judges ruling. We have a thumbs up. Apparently if you play for Albany and you miss your first attempt in the shootout, you can try again on the same attempt.


Bad call ref, you should feel shame. Rask is looking at a fine, as opposed to a suspension. What’s the referee looking at? Apparently not at the play.

I think the NCAA basketball tournament is the greatest tournament in the world. Too bad I hate basketball or else I would really enjoy it.

Wayne Gretzky let out a “wow” on Saturday night, not a “Sham-Wow” though, although it was worthy. What was the Great One shocked at? It wasn’t Tuuka Rask or Bubbles pick of Avery. Sit down, grab a pen, maybe a beverage and prepare to write this down, as I’m only going to explain this once. Viktor Tikhonov was picking up a delayed penalty, as the official had his arm in the air to call the penalty and Luongo was on the bench, the Canucks put the puck into their own net, guess who got credit for the goal? Tikhonov. I have never seen, nay, heard of that ever happening before. The same player scoring a goal while being called for delayed penalty. You got me if that’s ever happened before. Tikhonov high fived his mates and made his way to the sin bin.

If I’m Bob Gainey, I beat the Christmas rush and hire Patrick Roy to be the Habs coach now. Roy would light a fire under that team. Gainey’s monotone style just doesn’t work as far as inspiring the players. It’s almost like Gainey needs Tony Little to translate for him. Gainey gives his instructions to Tony Little who then in turn tosses them out to the players in his boisterous style. I’m sure Little will toss in a few of his own “TECHNIQUE, TECHNIQUE” as colourful metaphors to get the point across. Something inspirational needs to happen for the 8th place Canadiens who could join Buffalo has another NE Division team who wins the conference one season and sends players to the World Championships the next.

A new invention we’re working on in the KGB Work Shop. Prescription visors, so that the players can also see the games in HD while they’re playing. At KGB-Gibdelay Industries, we’re always thinking outside the box, mainly because we’re closterphobic and couldn’t handle being in the box.

Until next week, I’ll leave you this to ponder. If people say that you have a drinking problem if you drink alone, then how would they know, if you’re alone when you’re drinking, and nobody is around to see how much you’re drinking while you’re alone? Write that down.


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