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Another Sheep following the Herd

Posted By Ron Burr On Apr 8 2009 @ 7:43 pm In Baltimore Orioles | 1 Comment

Colin Cowherd uses big words (for him, anyway).


So Colin Cowhred doesn't like O's fans booing Mark Teixeira?  He thinks we are “jealous”, and show “anger and resentment toward the successful people”?

I cannot speak for you, but I resent the hell out of everyone who is more successful than me.

I keed, I keed.

Colin Cowherd is welcome to his opioion (and if you recall from yesterday I did say I was not at all against booing Teixeira as long as you were booing him because he was a Yankee and not because he decided he wanted to follow the money AND the best chance of winning from the spectrum of teams that were attempting to engage his services.  And people holding up signs saying “We hate you” aimed at Tex and Tex alone are the equivalent of those who watch Jerry Springer for it's complex storylines and real life honesty.  They are morons.  But to call out the entire city as classless because they booed Tex louder than they cheered Markakis (and that is a subjective opinion formed by someone else who was trashing the fans for booing Tex)?  Well you are just as big an idiot as those fans with the hate signs (if you want to have some fun, the next time there is a big public showing on any topic that garners the fringe element that feels way too strongly about one opinion over the other and check out the signage they are holding up.  I guarantee at least 2 or 3 mispellings caused by someone's anger over the issue trumping their ability to self edit.  I did not see any on Monday, but I am sure there were some out there).  

The fact of the matter is that this fan base has not had a whole lot to cheer about for the last dozen years.  Cal was the last thing we had to hold on to, and he retired.  Then he got elected to the Hall of Fame.  His well is now dry.  And like I said last time, this team looks to be heading in the right direction, and looks like they have some real talent coming down the way in the near future.  Things ARE looking up (and it won't be 6 years until we are contending, Mr. Cowherd).  But the fact that there was ANYTHING that got the fans dander up, that got their butts in the seats and then OUT of the seats in order to make some noise that wasn't a Pavlovian response to a plea from the Jumbotron is a good thing.  I know that this team will not go 162-0, and that it will not be 100.9% capacity (counting SRO fans on the right field concourse) for every home game.  And there will be a return to apathy for a number of fans as the season drags on and the losses mount up (and remember, this season is NOT about the W-L record.  It is about the young players getting better, either at the Yard or in the minors).  But for one day, there was passion back in Camden Yards, and I for one enjoyed it thoroughly.  

Teixeira knew this was going to be coming, he said so in multiple interviews. And since when did booing an opposing team's star player (and 8 years for $180 million makes you a star player), no matter what underlying reasons there are besides the fact that he is the cornerstone for the new and “improved” Team that Hubris Built, become a sign of anything other than supporting the home team by jeering the opposing team?

Of course, all of this venom and vitriol is coming from a man who, according to what I have heard, tried to argue that a right fielder had more defensive responsibilities than a shortstop.  Even without the added responsibilities that Cal took on himself, just knowing who was covering the pickoff play and what the bunt fielder rotation was going to be is a lot more involved than waiting for one of the coaches to tell you to move 10 feet towards center for this guy.  So I take all of his arguments and comments about baseball with a grain of salt.  

But that doesn't excuse him being as wrong as wrong can be. 

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