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Wolf Makes 2009 Dodger Debut, weather permitting?

Posted By Jon Bella On Apr 8 2009 @ 1:41 am In All Sports | No Comments

Fans are probably as surprised as the field crew in San Diego that they may have to roll out the tarp as rain is predicted in southern CA.

Randy Wolf, who has pitched for the Dodgers in 2007, pitched for both the Padres and Astros last season will try to make it 2-0 for the Dodgers.

After beating Jake Peavy for the first time in 11 starts, the Dodgers take on Chris Young (7-6; 3.96)

With Manny providing the protection on Monday, the Dodgers will hope to get similiar production from Loney, (3 hits) and Ethier and Furcal who combined for 4 hits.

The Dodgers also stole 3 bases and hope that Jonathan Broxton will be able to dial up some 100 mph fastballs, striking out two in the 9th!

    Dodgers              San Diego

1.R. Furcal [1], SSD. Eckstein [2], 2B2.O. Hudson [3], 2BB. Giles [4], RF3.M. Ramirez [5], LFA. Gonzalez [6], 1B4.A. Ethier [7], RFK. Kouzmanoff [8], 3B5.R. Martin [9], CC. Headley [10], LF6.J. Loney [11], 1BS. Hairston [12], CF7.M. Kemp [13], CFN. Hundley [14], C8.C. Blake [15], 3BL. Rodriguez [16], SS9.R. Wolf [17], PC. Young [18], P 




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