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Blackhawks from Confidence to Cockiness…

Posted By Terry Shilton On Apr 23 2009 @ 8:46 pm In Chicago Blackhawks | No Comments

Opportunities like this come once in a limetime at leased accoding to Eminem and I can't help but feel like the Blackhawks “Lost Themselves in the Moment”

Getting away from what, has been working and trying to execute a diiferent game plan midway through the series. Coaching adjustments are part of any series but, how many failed stretch passes must the Hawks attempt before the realize it is clearly not working. The amount of turnovers in the last two games is unacceptale and even when the forward manages to actually try to recieve the puck he is usually very well covered and can only slice it past the defender into the zone with no other puck support and Calgary easily breaks back out of their zone.

Where They Needed to be Better

The shutdown defensive pair of Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook have been receiving alot of media attention about what a great job they are doing in this series. It maybe inexprience or just tiredness as they both consistently play +25 minutes a game but they stunk in this both finishing minus 3.

The goalie is probably the easiest place to park blame, in this case it is deserved Khabby did not play well enough for this time of year and has now had two softish games – and personaly if I was Joel Quenneville I would strongly consider Huet for the next one. Two goals stood out the first the deke goal by Olli Jokinen, Khabby came from East-to-West on the Jokinen deke and badly overplayed the short side – easy goal. The second was a point shot tipped in the slot that prior to being tipped was headed over the net – for some unknown reason Khabby was in sort of a butterfly position and it was tipped down intho the top corner. On a shot that high the play clearly was to stay standing.

Confidence vs Cockiness

It is a fine line between a team confident in it's ability and one that is over confident. I liked Chicago's swagger coming into the series, just plain feeling they were the better team. But tehy have let the trash talking, disrespecting, face-washing, jarring, jabbing and quipping take on a life of it's own.

The best teams have a bit more self awareness, in BIG games they play BIG… not TALK… BIG

This was a great opportunity for a Chicago team that does not want this series to go seven games as less will be called, they're will be more holding, grabbing, clawing and experience and execution will be everything. Clearly this type of game favours the Calgary Flames roster, so Chicago had a goal of taking one of the two in Calgary.

The Flames did not play particualrly well but in the end Chicago let them off the hook by playing worse.

Point Shots

I felt bad for Cam Barker with that giveaway it was a very odd play – he waited until the puck visible settled on his puck to move it but when he went to play it it looked as if he was playing a bouncing puck and stumbled of his stick.

Martin Havlat is being shadowed every second he is on the ice and has to find away to get the second line going.

Brennt Seabrook and Duncan Keith may need to play less mintues to be more affective.





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