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April Showers Bring….?

Posted By Joseph Gallo On Apr 27 2009 @ 5:15 pm In New York Yankees | 1 Comment

In the past I would have titled this blog entry “A Case of the Monday’s”, which for any of you reading this whom are not familiar with the movie Office Space know that I am basically saying “it’s Monday, stay the f*%k out of my way because I’m in no mood”. 


In fact I’d say its safe to say that this is the way most Yankee fans are feeling this morning.  Because really it wasn’t exactly what you’d call a successful weekend for the franchise, losing 3 straight games to the Red Army of the North.  On the Yankee disappointment meter, I’d probably rank this weekend just below the Yankees signing Tony Womack and slightly above Joe Torre calling in Felix Heredia to pitch to the 2004 version of David Ortiz (you know when he was still getting his prescription vitamins from the DR…. and yes I’m fully aware that that remark opens me up to many A-Roid attacks, but hey I had to get a shot [1] in somewhere). 


Truth be told I’m really not devastated by this weekends events like some Yankee fans are.  I’m obviously not pleased, but it’s also not the end of the world.  I’m sure no one wants to hear me say, “hey it’s only April”, but the truth is its only April.  I usually say there are two types of people in this world, those who liked the Sopranos finale and those who didn’t.  However I’d like to add an amendment to that thesis.  Those two groups above are split even further into groups of, those who freak out over April results and those who are smart enough to learn from them and move on.  In fact here are a few things we learned this weekend:


- Andy Pettitte may have a great pick off move to first base, but he’s atrocious at holding runners at second and now third apparently.   Seriously he let Ellsbury steal home, did we unknowingly transport back to the 1960s era of baseball or something?


- Angel Berroa sucks, that is all.


- Berroa’s talent or lack there of brings me to my next point which is whether your love him or hate him, this team needs Alex Rodriguez.  Nick Swisher is a nice player and a personal favorite of mine, but he’s not the guy you want hitting fourth in your lineup. 



- Joba is slowly learning how to become an effective and efficent starting pitcher, but I ask you, which Joba would you prefer?  The one who may eventually be able to throw 8 innings by getting ground ball outs or the 2008 version that’d go only 6 innings while striking out a dozen batters?



- Brett Gardner is running out of time to adjust.  Then again Melky may have found his best role as a fourth outfielder, so who the hell starts in center?



- I’m not a big fan of line-up protection, but I’m sure Teixeira would also like to see Rodriguez hitting behind him.  Tex was walked 5 times on Saturday, which I think led to his 0-4 performance on Sunday as he was trying to hard to make something happen instead of taking the free pass.



- Several members of the bullpen are struggling right now (or just plain suck *cough* Marte *cough*), but at least that means we may get to see more of Mark Melancon, who threw 2 scoreless innings last night.  I also believe David Robertson can pitch effectively if we leave him on the major league roster and allow him to find his groove. 



- I know the media loves pointing out how the New Yankee Stadium may be a bit homer happy (still too early to make a judgement), but I think I rather have a ballpark that plays shallow to right field then a ballpark that acts like a pinball machine.  Don’t get wrong I think Fenway is a beautiful ballpark, but there was nearly 30 hits on Sunday, 18 of which came against two of the best pitchers in the American League. 


- I’ve never seen a player get thrown on the 60 day DL faster than Cody Ransom did this weekend.  I’m sure his quad really is injured, but I think its safe to say the Yankee organization values the open 40 man roster spot a little more than Cody’s abilities at this point. 


- And for the 1 or 2 people that are actually curious, the Yankee’s released Humberto Sanchez over the weekend to clear another 40 man roster spot.  With Sanchez’s release, Anthony Claggett’s memorable performance against Cleveland last weekend and Kevin Whelan’s 3 year long struggle with his control, I think it’s safe to say you can finally close the book on the Gary Sheffield trade…thank God. 


Other than those points there’s not a whole lot else I feel is necessary to breakdown from these past 3 games.  The Yankees got beat plain and simple.  I went into this series hoping they could at least take 1 game, and it appeared Friday was meant to be that game.  However Rivera coughed it up with 2 outs in the ninth on a typical Fenway Park homeruns (what I mean by that is not that the

 ball Bay hit wouldn’t have left every other park in baseball, because it obviously would have, but due to the green monster in left I think Rivera was fearful of pitching inside to righties, thus he consistency stayed away.  That helped Youkilis to poke a ball cutting away from him up the middle and later allowed Bay to look away and hit a pitch that Rivera left up over 400 ft). 

So instead of at least one, we got none.  In truth the Yankees probably should have won at least 2 of 3, but that’s not the way the cookie crumbled
this time.  The Yankees head to Detroit with a record of 9-9.  It should be a good series as Sabathia goes up against the artist formerly known as Justin Verlander, which means if the batting order can stay patient they should be able to score a fair amount of run.  And on Sunday we get the return of the prodigal (I’m aware this word can be interpreted two different ways) son, Phil Hughes.  Hughes and the organization believes his new cutter will be what separates the 2009 version from the 2008 version of himself. 


Meanwhile the Aryan Nation (H/T nomaas.org [2]) heads up to Cleveland while the Yankees try to close out April on a winning note.  Boston won round 1, but we’ll meet again.


Questions or comments can be sent to JosephGallo@sportstalkbuzz.com [3].  Enjoy your Monday.

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