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Will This Dawg Get His Day?

Posted By Dan Rakusan On Jul 31 2009 @ 1:01 am In Atlanta Falcons | No Comments

To be honest, I rather hesitated to write this blog, as there's so many bleeding heart dog-lovers out there who will find my opinion rather ass-backwards.  However, I implore you to judge this on the basic facts, and the consistency that exists in the world of human beings with regards to law.  IE – You pay your dues, and you should be alright to re-join mainstream society.

Now…  My colleague Sandy Gemmiti and I have gone back and forth in his piece about the Broncos [1], and I respect to some extent his distaste for Vick joining his beloved team.  For that reason, I'll avoid that possible scenario.  In place, I'll look at where I think Vick would actually be welcomed and productive upon his almost undeniable return to the NFL.  If you don't like it, I'm alright with that.  Opinions are like a-holes…  As the saying goes…

So, where would Vick fit?

My first pick would be San Francisco.  Why?  Well, the Alex Smith project seems to be amounting to nothing but a collosal failure, and for a franchise once atop the NFL in terms of prestige, I figure this is a good landing spot for the castaway QB, who got the royal shaft by the legal system, to find himself.  Given that JT O'Sullivan went on to greener pastures, one would have to suspect that the Niners need an option at the QB position, and Vick would seem to fit the mould perfectly.  He could line up in the backfield on some plays with Gore, giving the 49ers a “wildcat” look, similar to what Miami used with Pennington and Brown last year with some degree of success, or he could potentially replace whoever San Fran puts under center if they happen to get off to a slow start.  To me, it's likely the best fit, other than the flakiness of SF fans.  Also, it would piss my wife off to no end, as she is a lifelong SF fan…  *wink*

Another spot that could potentially make sense would be Atlanta!  Of all places, huh?  Sure, the team cut him and has basically shut the door on him, and my concept might seem unrealistic, but if Vick isn't signed by another team soon, and Matt Ryan experiences any form of sophomore jinx, Vick would be a great addition to a team that gave him his NFL start.  By having released him, it is clear he'd have to accept far less money for a second chance, but I believe his relationship with Falcons' owner Arthur Blank is reparable, provided Vick was the one making the first move.  It's like a son who lies to his father at a crucial period in life.  The father might outwardly seem betrayed, but internally would always want his son to make amends, and then welcome him back, although with a slight degree of skepticism.  It would be almost unreal to imagine Michael Turner, Jerious Norwood and Michael Vick playing a 3-back system with Matt Ryan under center, but how could you possibly defend against a formation like that???  Okay, it's far-fetched, but it could work.

If the Falcons won't take him, even on a repentence tryout, another team in need of an upgrade is Seattle.  They have Matt Hasselbeck and (I think) Seneca Wallace.  The latter is showing himself to be a poor-man's Vick anyway, so why not take a flyer?  Prison could only have made Vick more robust physically, as they don't generally give you much else to do in the pen other than working out, so I figure this might be an interesting training camp tryout kind of place for Vick.  Let's face it, even if Vick doesn't make the Seahawks a winning team, he would at least make them watchable!  Seattle is a team that lacks any sort of appeal for viewers outside of their immediate viewing area, especially after Shaun Alexander went from saint to ain't, so even the controversy that Vick brings with him might make it a potential win-win situation…  Just sayin….  Oh, and I like the Seahawks…

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Buffalo Bills.  With Terrell Owens outwardly stating he believes that Vick deserves a second chance, it would seem almost like a “read between the lines” situation.  Is Owens really championing for Vick?  Or is he simply unsure of going into the season with only Trent Edwards at the helm?  Vick would instantly give the Bills something I can never remember them having, which is a double-threat in the passing game.  If their O-line protection was decent, and it appears to be in terms of the running game, Vick could thrive there.  Coupled with the fact that Vick can't throw very well short, but VERY well deep, and you have TO's ideal situation.  In effect, Owens would be almost guaranteed to see the bulk of passes thrown his way, unless Vick is forced to scramble.  Vick is already established among the top runners in the league (well, at least two years ago, before the BS), and he could likely tandem well with Marshawn Lynch or whoever the Bills have who isn't under some shady circumstances…

I ask you, the reader, to give your opinions on this subject.  I don't care if you agree or disagree with my personal opinions on the matter, but I do ask that if you make a comment, please think it through first.  Everyone who has ever been in trouble with the law knows that our society is built on the premise of allowing second-chances.  Until Vick's transgression of the law, he was considered a model citizen.  Should we not grant him the same opportunity to redeem himself in a far more productive career than if we (pardon the pun) threw him to the dogs and made him find a new career?  Anyone (Sandy the crazy Denver fan notwithstanding), who doesn't think he should get another shot, please explain why…lol


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