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Simple answers to a common question

Posted By Martin Foster On Aug 5 2009 @ 2:56 am In MMA | No Comments

People may question your love of MMA.  Here are some responses to set them straight 

Allow me to welcome you to the “2nd Round Submission”.


It seems the proper way to open the inaugural blog is by introducing myself.  Don’t worry, I’ll be brief. I’m 26 from Cape Cod, MA.  I watched many of the early UFC events via video store rental.  I stopped watching in the mid/late 90s then got back into it around UFC 29.  Right now I watch all the MMA I can get my hands on.  I’ve attend 2 UFC events in the past year (UFC 86 ,UFC 96) and will attend my 3rd this weekend in Philly, UFC 101.  I’ve done some training in Muy Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I think that’s enough for the intro. You’re here for MMA, not me. 


This blog will be similar to a Forrest Griffin octagon performance. It may not be the best, it may not be the prettiest but you’ll be happy you experienced it.


As a fight fan I’m sure at one point or another you’ve heard “MMA, how can you watch that stuff?”.  Next time someone says this to you just refer back to this blog. Every complaint/gripe/issue/concern people present can be countered, as you’ll see below


Point: “Its bloody”

Counter Point: So is surgery


Point: “Its violent”

Counter Point: Its supposed to be, it’s a fight.  Football is violent, hockey is violent, boxing is violent, Quientin Tarantino movies are violent.  I don’t hear many complaints about those


Point: “Those guys are all crazy”

Counter Point:  Define ‘crazy’. I suppose you’d have to be a little crazy to enjoy getting hit in the face daily but a high percentage of these fighters are quality human beings.


Point:  “That Brock Lesnar is so big and scary”

Counter Point:  Hell yeah he is!


Point:  “These aren’t real athletes”

Counter Point:  Dan Henderson was an Olympic wrestler, Stephan Bonnar won the golden gloves, numerous fighters won state and collegiate championships as wrestlers.  Then there’s Georges St. Pierre, he’s just an athletic freak.


Point: “Someone is going to die”

Counter Point: Unfortunately deaths have occurred during competition in other sports.  MMA fighter deaths have been few and far between.  Only 1 MMA related death has occurred in the United States (Sammy Vasquez, 2008)


Point: “I grew up on boxing.  MMA isn’t as technical”

Counter Point: No, its more technical.  Mixed Martial Arts involves various fighting disciplines of which competitors must have a healthy understanding to be successful.  I grew up on boxing also.  Being a fan of boxing doesn’t mean you won’t/can’t enjoy MMA


Point:  “I plain don’t like it”

Counter Point:  Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but don’t judge before watching an event.  Maybe you’ll realize its not for you or maybe you’ll love it. Who knows, just give it a shot before you judge.


That’s it for this week.  If any of you will be at UFC 101 this weekend drop me a line. Until next time I’m out like Hendo in an Anderson Silva rear naked choke (Yes that was a 2nd round submission)


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