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Words I Never I Thought I Would Say…

Posted By Ron Burr On Aug 12 2009 @ 2:15 pm In Baltimore Orioles | No Comments


So the Orioles won last night (even though they went 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position).  That's good.  Brian Roberts stole 2 bases last night.  That's good.  Brian Roberts can't count to 3.  That's bad.  Juan Samuel can't either.  That's even worse.  And another gun being leveled at Dave Trembley's career as mamager of the Orioles gets another bullet in it.  The only reason no one is talking about Roberts' gaffe is because Youkilis and the Red Sox had a showdown with Ricky Porcello and the Detroit Tigers, and during the melee Youkilis charged the mound and threw his batting helmet at Porcello .  From about 8 feet away.  And missed him.  By a lot.  And then got taken down and beaten like a rented mule (it wasn't on par with Robin Ventura getting “noogie fisted” by Nolan Ryan, but it was still a pretty spectacular fail on the part of “The Yook”).

The O's took the lead in the 5th after Roberts hit a single that drove in Chad Moeller and moved Cesar Izturis to 3rd base.  Roberts stole 2nd (he really did have a good game.  Along with the aforementioned 2 steals, he went 3-4 with a double and an RBI.  But he pulled a Larry Walker / Benny Agbayani level bonehead move and now he has to pay for it), which kept the team out the double play (althought that became moot moments later).  Then Adam Jones drove Izturis in with a groundout.  So they had a good baserunner on 2nd with 1 out, and Nick Markakis up to bat.  Markakis hits a shallow popup, and Roberts started running.  He rounded 3rd and crossed home plate.

So he lost count of the outs.  Not entirely unprecedented, but not something you expect from one of your team leaders.  But that really isn't the worst part.

The worst part is I cannot figure out what the hell Juan Samuel was doing as Roberts ran past him, chugging along, heading for home.  Did he say anything?  Put his hands up?  Try to trip him?  Anything would have been better than what he seemingly did, which was nothing (full disclosure – I was at my part time job last night, so while I had the game on the radio I could not see it, and as of yet I have not seen any “highlights”, since they didn't show Roberts' blunder on Baseball Tonight last night before I went to bed).  And after yesterday's post where we started looking at the future employment prospects of Dave Trembley beyond this season, this incident is a double whammy.  Having a player lose track of the outs shows that the player is not playing with his head in the game, and that is something that the manager needs to recognize BEFORE it happens (and since Roberts had the game before this off, he should have been feeling a least a little fresher than usual).  And to have someone on your staff also seemingly oblivious to those little facets of the game like the numbrt of outs in that inning when there is potential to score more runs and extend your lead because the heart of the lineup is coming up to hit is beyond the pale.  There is no excuse for Samuel not all but grabbing Roberts and flinging him back up the base line to 2nd (yes, I know he can't actually grab him, but would that have been a more embarassing way for Roberts to get called out than to have him tearing around the bases on a 1 out popup?).

Thank God for Red Sox with short tempers and bad aim.

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