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The Vick saga is a segregating one!

Posted By CHRIS HAYNES On Aug 15 2009 @ 8:39 am In Philadelphia Eagles | No Comments


As I lie down in bed and listen to the Michael Vick coverage on my radio and television, I start to ponder a question that I’ve been struggling with for a while concerning the Vick situation. There’s no secret by now that Vick has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, causing a stir that Philly fans have never seen before.

I would agree, for the most part, it has been mostly a negative response towards Vick by the “City of Brotherly Love.”  My question is, why does it seem like the majority of people who are protesting and opposed to the signing of Vick are Caucasian, while the majority of African Americans I heard speak out, are all for his comeback.

I’m seeing a racial divide when discussing this topic, which I don’t think should be there.  I believe everyone knows regardless of race and class, that hanging dogs, electrocuting dogs, and drowning dogs is a heinous and horrific act. So why does an act so mind-boggling, have two sides separated on the topic?  I guess I’m questioning the motives of both sides.

Are Caucasians opposed to Vick because of his acts and his race; are African Americans supportive of Vick because he is black regardless of what he’s done in the past?

 Being an African American, I believe that if Michael Vick goes about things the right way, he deserves a shot at redemption. But I truthfully can’t say with a straight face, that the fact that Vick is also black, doesn’t weigh in my decision. I can’t speak for the Caucasian race regarding this matter, but I believe deep soul searching needs to be done in our hearts when assessing this matter.

As a nation, when our country goes through diversity within, it’s a bad sign to see two races of people divided on a wrong or right issue. The problem isn’t the definition of what’s right or wrong, the problem is racial division and the notion that the average Joe wouldn’t have the opportunity that Vick is given after he’s been found guilty.

The Rick Pitino scandal is a similar case where it seems the majority of African Americans want to see him fired for his infidelity and abortion payment. Though there are more Caucasians who want Pitino fired also.  The President and Athletic director of Louisville are stated to be standing behind their coach, while radio shows such as the Petros and Money and the Gary Radnich Shows, both say they will not cover the Pitino case because it has nothing to do with his professional career.

Isn’t that what garners the most coverage, when an athlete or coach does something inappropriate off the field or court, such as Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger, Bobby Knight, Bill Clinton, Isiah Thomas and etc? Not covering or talking about the Pitino scandal just sounds and looks like a lack of vested interest.

Society has changes so much over time to when a baby who isn’t born yet, is terminated, it's looked at as a non issue and not considered unethical. I have an issue with a college coach being involved in a situation like this, but that’s a different article for a different writer.

This article is not meant to judge or to say one group of people feel this way, because I got plenty of friends of different races on both sides of the fence. It’s meant to show how we as human beings can hold some form of biased opinions if being truthful with ourselves.

There are many different shades of colors who love animals. I don’t think you can say Caucasians or African Americans love animals more than the other, I don’t know if there is a side which is 100% right, but what I do know is that I would feel better about this Vick saga if there were a mixture of chocolate and vanilla on both sides of the issue.

Both sides need to look outside of their skin at both perspectives and get a feel for the mindset and upbringing of certain individuals. I’ve put my possible biased thinking and inner feelings out there on this article for you to see, can you?

Your take?






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