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Baguettes and Baseball

Posted By Bryan Sargent On Aug 23 2009 @ 10:44 am In Philadelphia Phillies | No Comments

I am currently en route back home from two simultaneous vacations. For the past nine days, my wife and I spent an amazing time in the City of Lights… Paris, France. We took in all the wondrous sights, all the inspirational culture, and a copious amount of delectable cheese. While we were relaxing and temporarily escaping our normal lives back in the U.S., I was also taking a break from another staple in my daily routine.


In nine days, I spent about three minutes TOTAL reading up on what was happening with the Phillies and the rest of Major League Baseball. We brought our little laptop in the hope of utilizing the hotel's WiFi service during our stay. Clark Griswold over here forgot to check and see if the all-in-one adapter he had just purchased was able to take a three-prong plug. Yep, it didn't fit.


But this was good! We are on vacation after all. We spend every waking moment in front of our computers. This will be such a treat (WAIT! Is that a free public computer in the hotel lobby?! We're saved!). Luckily our temptation was squashed when a teenager who was also staying in the hotel occupied it most of the time, parked on Facebook.


Yes, we did hop on for a quick email check (see if our cat was still eating and sleeping 23 hours a day and  finalizing plans with a friend for a brief visit to Amsterdam). My love for the Phillies got the best of me and had to see how they were faring. Last I checked, they took two of three from the Atlanta Braves (“Liiiiiiidge!!!!!”… in my best Mr. Spacely impersonation), and took two from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Note to self: order another seven Cliff Lee jerseys.


I have to say, as fanatical as I am with my Phils, this has been quite enjoyable. This is usually around the time when the wear and tear of the season starts to hit and you are really looking forward to the end of September, for better or worse. The hangover from the trade deadline bender is still in full force. You most likely know by now where your team stands in terms of making October plans (Hey Cincy, I can give you a great recommendation for a hotel near the Eiffel Tower. Bronson, I can direct you to some of Amsterdam's famous coffee shops. You might as well keep the party going, right?).


It was pleasant experience to spend just over a week with absolutely no exposure to baseball whatsoever. Not surprisingly, I did see some French teenagers wearing some of the fashionable, non-traditional team color baseball caps (red Yankees, purple Giants, even an old school Marlins t-shirt… he gets extra points for the “ironic cool” factor). Other than that, I got to watch BBC News' daily coverage of the Ashes Tournament going on right now in London. Being a baseball history nut, I'm intrigued by the sport of cricket. So seeing daily highlights gave me a little twinge of excitement. During an interview of one of the Australian cricketers, some footage of pre-test practice was being aired and lo-n-behold, a coach, throwing out ground balls to the players, was sporting a baseball glove. Ah, just like home… er, sort of. I don't quite see the 7th inning stretch being called a “tea interval”.


Soon, this plane will be landing I will be back in the comforts of my home. Honestly, I have very little desire to put on the iPhone the second I touch down to immerse myself in everything I have missed in baseball: every rumor, every transaction, every online rambling of clinically insane Phillies fans. Nope, I'm going to follow the example of the Parisians. I'm going to sit back, relax, take it easy and enjoy the beautiful simplicities of life. The internet… it can wait.


Please. Who the hell am I kidding?

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