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Fear Brock Lesnar

Posted By Martin Foster On Jan 21 2010 @ 4:08 am In MMA | No Comments

Brock Lesnar is coming back and my most anticipated fights for the new year


I’d like to personally thank all the major MMA organizations for taking a week off from events.  The last month has been packed with show after show.  Since there weren’t any fights to recap this week I’ve decided to take a look at the most anticipated battles to come in 2010.


But first, big news came out today in that Brock Lesnar has officially announced his return to the octagon. To recap, Brock was originally scheduled to fight Shane Carwin for the heavyweight title at UFC 106 in November.  During camp he felt sick and kept missing time from training, leading to his decision to pull out of the fight.  He was diagnosed with mono but didn’t believe he had the illness.  The champ went to Canada to relax and recover but wasn’t getting any better and suffered from stomach pains.  One night his sleep was interrupted by vicious stomach pains and a 104 temperature.  It was then found that he had diverticulitis.  Initial diagnosis suggested surgery to repair the rupture.  Brock was in the hospital for 11 days where he lost 40lbs and was unable to eat or drink.  He went to the MAYO clinic and was again told he’d need surgery and his colon removed.  After having another check up Lesnar started working out, put on about 30 lbs and a miracle happen. He went back in for a CT scan and his stomach was fully healed as if nothing had ever happen.  To summarize, healthy Brock means unhealthy UFC heavyweight competitors.


Top 10 fights to look forward to for 2010


Rampage vs Rashad


What we have here my friends is a rivalry.  It’s well known that these two were to fight following TUF 10 in Memphis on the UFC 107 card.  Well Jackson decided to go film the A-team and called it a career. Shockingly (insert sarcasm) Quinton decided to come back to the cage. With Rampage returning this fight will happen in the upcoming months.  The countdown show alone will be well worth the wait.  We’ve already seen several great verbal altercations between Evans and Jackson. Only more to come in the upcoming months.  I suggest prior to this fight UFC show a marathon of TUF 10 featuring Rampage and Rashad coaching.  Then immediately follow that with the countdown show.  I see many, many dollars signs coming from this feud


Carwin vs Mir


Whether for the interim heavyweight title or not this is a highly anticipated match up.  With Brock Lesnar sidelined the next best thing is to take two of his challengers and throw them in the cage together.  This match up could show if Mir and his new muscles will be enough to combat the strength of a stronger fighter.  For Carwin this will show if he’s really ready to be a mainstay at the top of the division.



Lesnar vs Carwin/Mir winner


Remember when as a kid your dad would go on trip and by default you became the man of the house until he returned.  In your dad’s absence you stirred stuff up and misbehaved.   This is similar to the UFC heavyweight division.  Brock is dad and Frank Mir is that mischievous kid that’s been acting up in his absence.  For that reason Lesnar/Mir III would be a HUGE main event.  I’m talking about 1.75 million PPV buys easily.   Lesnar and Carwin would also be a very attractive fight.  Shane may be the only man in the sport who can match Brock’s raw power.  Also he might have the punching power to drop ‘The Next Big Thing’ with one punch.


Shields vs Hendo


Jake Shields has been on a roll.  In his last fight he defeated who many felt was his toughest competition yet, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller.  This left people wondering who would be next to challenge him for his title.  Enter Hendo.  After contract talks fell through with UFC Hollywood Henderson has taken his talent elsewhere.  I expect Dan to put a hurting on young Mr. Shields


Shogun vs Machida II


Not a lot to say here.  By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the first contest between Shogun and the Dragon.  Many people including myself felt Rua won the first match up.  He apparently solved the Machida mystery, can he do it again?


Valesquez vs Big Nog


Noguiera is a legend.  He’s one of, if not the toughest, MMA fighter we’ve ever seen.  Never count Minatauro out of a fight.  When fully healthy Big Nog is one of the top heavyweights in the world.  Cain Valesquez has made a big impact in a short time.  He’s a young rising star that may be in line for a title shot.  First he’ll have to prove his worth and get past the former champ.


GSP vs Hardy


I don’t expect this fight to be very competitive.  Mainly I’m just looking forward to seeing Georges run through another opponent, continuing his ass kicking crusade.  Sorry Mr. Hardy, thanks for playing. 


Silva vs Belfort


Anderson Silva owns the middleweight division.  After two lackluster performances Anderson made quick work of Forrest Griffin.  Once again, fans praised Silva.  With most of the top middleweight contenders left in ‘The Spider’s’ path of destruction, UFC reached for a new combatant.  Fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort apparently is the man up for the task.  Following a lengthy absence from the UFC Belfort returned with a 1st round win over Rich Franklin.  Vitor’s title shot has been much disputed as he has yet to win a fight at 185 lbs in the octagon.  This match up is interesting because these two fighters know each other fairly well from sparring.  ‘The Phenom’ has the one punch power to beat Silva but the question is will he be able to connect?



King Mo vs Mousasi


Mo Lawal has certainly made his name known in MMA since coming on the scene.  He’s gone undefeated in 6 fights, finishing 5 of those by (T)KO.  Mo has used his skills along with his charisma to attract many eyes early in his career.  Gegard Mousasi hasn’t lost a fight since 2006.  Since then he’s run off 14 straight wins.  No one currently in Strikeforce appears to have an answer for him.  King Mo has the athleticism but many question if he’s ready for such a big step up in competition


Faber vs Aldo


Urijah Faber ran the WEC featherweight division as champion for over 2 years.  He’s the face of an organization and has single handedly put WEC on the map. Even without the championship Faber is assumed as the king of the mountain.  Along came Jose Aldo. ‘Junior’ entered WEC and proceeded to destroyed all of his opponents on his way to capturing the featherweight title and many 2009 fighter of the year awards.  This fight is so highly touted that it’s very likely to headline WEC’s first PPV event.


Bonus  - Any UFC Fight in Boston


On August 28th UFC will debut in my home state of Massachusetts.  Without question my sister and I will be in attendance to witness this historic event.  Over the years the following of MMA in the Bay State has grown substantially.  Schools and gyms have popped up everywhere and you can find amateur fights going on just about every weekend.  For the first event in Boston a few fighters MUST be on the card


Kenny Florian – Preferably against Diego Sanchez


Gabe Gonzaga – Possible Gongaza/Cro Crop II


Joe and Dan Lauzon – These two said they’d be willing to fight each.   What better place then in their home state


John “Doomsday” Howard

Thanks for reading.  I'm done for now

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