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Strikeforce: Miami Report

Posted By Martin Foster On Feb 2 2010 @ 9:39 pm In MMA | No Comments

Diaz smokes Zaromskis, Cyborg delivers another beating, Lashley and Walker impress in debuts

Bobby ‘The Boss’ Lashley vs. Wes Sims

The show opened with a current pro wrestler taking on a wanna-a-be pro wrestler as Bobby Lashley took on Wes Sims.  Pre-fight Wes promised to end the fight with a big Hogan leg drop brrrrother.  Sims took the center of the cage challenging Lashley to a test of strength a la the Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan.  Bobby was not amused by this.  ‘The Boss’ got a double leg take down and began peppering Sims with quick right hands in the guard.  Lashley postured up, open Sims’ guard and landed fierce ground and pound shots.  Wes flattened out as Bobby continued to pummel him until the ref stepped in.  This fight may have been stopped a touch early but the ending was imminent.  TKO win for Bobby at 2:08 in the first round.  Apparently backstage after the fight Sims got in Lashley’s face and challenged him to an altercation.  The men were separated before any physicality occurred.  Here [1] are some of Sims’ comments after the fight

Melvin Manhoef vs. ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler

The first minute and a half of this fight had very little action as both men felt each other out. Manhoef became the aggressor, moving forward with leg kicks and powerful hooks.  Melvin backed up Lawler with vicious combos of punches, body and leg kicks.  He targeted the lead leg of Robbie and continued to pound it. Lawler’s right leg was clearly damaged as he noticeably limped and grimaced with each movement.  After eating another leg kick Lawler connected with a HUGE right hook that wobbled Manhoef and sent him tumbling to the ground.  One left hand on the canvas and Manoef was sleeping.  Incredible knockout here by Ruthless as Manhoef was dominating the fight and appeared to have Robbie on the ropes until the KO.

In the most amusing segment of the show, NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan was interviewed.  As expected the Miami crowd was not pleased. Ryan hammed it up and told the crowd he looked forward to beating the Dolphins twice next year. Rex was gold on the mic as always however the young lady conducting the interview was not.  She incorrectly introduced him as the Jets’ head quarterback coach.  Wrong!

Herschel Walker vs. Greg Nagy

For his first, and maybe only, MMA fight the Heisman Trophy winner came in with a physique that would have made a Jersey Shore juice head jealous. Walker started with a very upright stance moving forward with baby steps.  Despite the questionable form Herschel landed some solid legs kicks and busted Nagy open with a jab.  Nagy attempted a shoot but was stuffed by Walker’s sprawl.  Herschel transitioned to the mount and hammered away at Nagy with ferocity.  From the bottom Nagy went for a heel hook but found little success.  Herschel had his way with his opponent on the ground for the remainder of the round.

Between rounds they showed UFC champion Georges St. Pierre in the crowd who received the biggest pop of the night.

More of the same in the 2nd round.  Walker scored a takedown into side control and then moved from back control to full mount. Eventually Nagy got to his feet but once again Walker held him down with a front face lock.  With Greg’s head exposed the crowd called for Herschel to deliver a knee, he obliged.   The round ended with more punches from the mount by Hershcel

Nice to see Nagy actually showed up and came out throwing punches with ill will to begin the 3rd.  Back to the ground the fight went and things remained in Walker’s favor.  Again he got Nagy’s back and punched away until the ref stopped the fight.  Herschel Walker is your winner at 2:20.  Pure dominance by the Heisman Trophy winner

Nagy looked like crap here.  Great to see Walker get the win but Nagy showed NOTHING.  Literally NOTHING.  Had Herschel been a little more experienced in Jiu Jitsu this fight would have ended much sooner.

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos ( c ) vs. Marloes Coenen (Women’s Lightweight Championship)

These ladies came out aggressive here, throwing strikes then moving to the cage in the clinch.  After a little ground work Santos found her punching range and beat on Coenen’s face.  To her credit Marloes was a game fighter and not intimidated.  Cyborg clearly had the better boxing technique as she used head movement and angles while Coenen stood upright with little fluctuation.  Santos closed the round landing a spinning back kick to the body.  10-9 Santos

During the round break they zoomed in on a silicone enhanced ring girl who appeared completely clueless as to what was going on.  “You’re at a fight sweetheart just walk around holding the round sign, look pretty, and smile for the camera.  I think Cris Cyborg winked and whistled at her.  I Kid!

Early in the 2nd Cris sent Coenen to the mat but ate an up kick as she moved in for the kill.  Santos went into Coenen’s guard and connected with some short strikes before they transitioned back to standing.  Cris mixed it up moving forward as she threw punches and kicks.  Coenen tried for a takedown but was unsuccessful.  Coenen’s only success came when she used her jab. The round ended with Santos on top in the full guard once again.  20-18 Santos

The 3rd round saw more of the same as Cyborg continued to impose her will.  She took Coenen to the mat and worked from the full then open guard.   Back on their feet Coenen landed her best shot of the fight with a right hook.  Santos took it like a fly landed on her and kept attacking.  On the canvas again Cyborg stacked up Marloes and drilled her with punches to end the fight at 3:40.  Winner and still champion, Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos.

Nick Diaz ( c ) vs. Marius Zaromskis (Welterweight Championship)

The main event of the evening saw Nick Diaz face off against Marius Zaromskis for the vacant welterweight title.  Zaromskis landed a few good shots early but then Nick began using his reach advantage to pick him apart. Nick pinned Marius along the cage and scored with repeated knees to the inside of Zaromskis’ thigh.  A smart decision by Diaz because Zaromski wouldn’t be able to throw his trademark kicks with as much force.  Back in the center of the cage Nick re-established his boxing advantage. Undiscouraged, Zaromskis continued to come forward and dropped Nick with a left/right combo.  On the mat Zaromskis tried to make the most of his momentary advantage but failed in finishing Nick.  He did however open a cut on ‘Captain Cannabis’ (as referred to by Mauro Ranallo).  The fighters returned to standing position and Diaz picked up just where he left off.  He was relentless in throwing punches nonstop from all angles.  A big right upper cut was followed by several hooks and straight lefts rocked the Dream champion.  One short right hook to the side of his head and Marius was done at 4:38  Victorious and new champ, Nick Diaz.

A few random thoughts from the show:

When Wes Sims ends his fighting career I’d like to see him join a MMA broadcasting team.  Either that or open a gym where he not only trains fighters but also teaches them how to build up a fight.  Sims is a goof but he knows what to say when the red light is on.

Stephen Quadros is a weird looking dude.  He knows his stuff but I can’t help but think “man that guy’s appearance is making me a little uncomfortable” when I see him.

Had Gus Johnson been working this broadcast I’m quite sure he would have flipped his lid when Robbie Lawler knocked out Melvin Manhoef.  Without question he would have started yelling like a mad man and referred to the punch as a ‘hail mary’.

Caesar Gracie now has 3 out of the 4 Strikeforce title holders in its camp.  The may be one of the most under rated gyms in MMA.

Brett Rogers interviews = No Buys.  He is certainly lacking charisma. There have been talks of him taking on Bobby Lashley that however would be many buys (buys meaning viewership or pay per view purchases)

I’m not a fan of the generic entrance music Strikeforce uses when its fighters come to the cage.  I think it comes off as bush league with the $10 sparklers and casio keyboard songs for each combatant.  Watch any show over in Japan or even a UFC show.  When fighters walk to the cage they come off as a big deal. Thus far only 2 fighters have seemed that way in Strikeforce, King Mo and Jason Mayhem Miller.  Mind you, the knuckleheads in the production truck didn’t even show King Mo’s entrance in his last fight.  Get it together Strikeforce.

Nick Diaz seems to have calmed down a fair amount as he’s gotten older.  He only cursed once or twice and didn’t flip anyone the bird.  The word is he wants to take on GSP.  If Nick can get back into UFC and GSP still has the title I’d like to see the fight.  I’d heavily favor Pierre but Nick throws such a high volume of punches it could create an interesting match up.  If nothing else Diaz would talk plenty of trash to hype the fight.

That’s a wrap for this week fight fans.  Keep reading and stay golden.

2nd Round Submission of the Week – Fedor Emelianenko armbar on Mark Coleman

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