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NHL Trade Deadline LIVE BLOG

It’s one of my favorite days of the year – NHL trade deadline day!

With many buyers and few sellers, it should be a very interesting day to say the least. A day filled with expiring contracts, veteran defensemen on the move, teams going all in and teams folding the hand that they know they can’t win. I will be updating this blog all day in real time with trades, rumors, speculation, signings and analysis; so for up to the minute news, just keep this blog open and press refresh!

Quick guide: Newest posts will be at the top. Anything in bold is something that is confirmed by a credible news outlet. Anything in brackets is giving credit to the source of the information. Anything else is pure speculation on my part.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments section, and be sure to come back at the end of the day today to read the various blogs that will be posted about what your favorite team did or didn’t do.

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4:45PM – BONUS OVERTIME TRADES! Trade #27: Leafs get prospect Chirs Peluso from St. Louis for a 6th rd pick … Trade #28: Rangers acquire D-man Anders Eriksson from the Coyotes for G Miika Wiikman and a 7th rd pick … Trade #29: Ducks send RW Petteri Nokelainen to Phoenix (another Yotes trade) for 6th rd pick.

4:15PM – Looks like today is done! Thanks for sticking with me from 9:15AM this morning to 4:15PM in the afternoon! I hope you all enjoy the new look of the site. Kevin Lee has some amazing plans to take this venture to a whole new level. Check back later for some analysis from our various bloggers on your favorite teams.

4:13PM – I had many people email/text/BBM me today saying how boring this trade deadline was. Yet, there were 26 trades made. Something doesn’t add up!

4:07PM – was waiting for this one; RDS confirms Canadiens have not made any trades.

4:06PM – Trade #26: Yelle and a prospect (Reed) to Colorado for a prospect (McNicoll) and a 6th. (Chip Alexander)

4:05PM – yes, you read correctly. Calagry and Edmonton made a trade.

4:02PM – Trade #25: Calgary acquires Steve Staios from Edmonton for Aaron Johnson and a 3rd rd pick (Kypreos/Sportsnet)

3:58PM – The flurry is over. Maybe a few more deals will be announced. Interesting to note that no one has confirmed that the Montreal Canadiens did not make any moves. Normally that’s something that would have been confirmed by now.

3:50PM – Oh drama and the suspense! Dan Tencer says he’s not so sure the Oilers are done!

3:47PM – Trade #24: Our own Tyler Karshner of ProSportsBlogging is reporting that Columbus has traded prospect Alex Picard to Phoenix for RW prospect Chad Kolarik.

3:45PM – Tampa done for the day as well.

3:41PM – Brian Burke is on TSN saying that there are still some trade calls that have not gone through. Not sure if he is talking strictly Leafs or in general.

3:40PM – Trade #23: Flames trade Dustin Boyd to Predators for a 4th rd pick. (Sportsnet)

3:37PM – TSN confirms that Minnesota, Ottawa and San Jose are all done as well. Still waiting for the Yelle trade details. Calgary may have made a minor deal as well.

3:32PM – Trade #22: We have our first blockbuster (sort of!) as Ducks trade Ryan Whitney and a 6th to Edmonton for Lubomir Visnovsky (TheFourthPeriod)

3:30PM – Jackets acquired prospect Matt Rust in the Mathieu Roy trade (#21).

3:27PM – Flyers missed on Corvo and were reportedly in on Stempniak. Did not make a move.

3:24PM – Note: on some of the last minute deals, rather than updating them again, I added in the return on the initial trade.

3:21PM – Trade #21: RDS confirms that Mathieu Roy has been dealt from Columbus to Florida.

3:19PM – No confirmation of where Stephane Yelle is going. I’m sure you’re all waiting on pins and needles. No deals coming from the Rangers (Tortorella’s favorite reporter Brooksie). St. Louis is done as well (Strickland).

3:17PM – Trade #20: Joey McDonald to the Ducks from Toronto for a 7th rd pick (Dreger) … remember, they traded Toskala to Calgary earlier today

3:14PM – Trade #19 – Modin to LA, a conditional pick to Columbus (Kevin Allen, Bob McKenzie)

3:12PM – Trade #18: confirmation that Alberts was traded to Vancouver for a 3rd rd pick. (Sportsnet)

3:10PM – Trade #17: Joe Corvo to Capitals for Brian Pothier, a 2nd rd pick and a prospect (Osala) – per McKenize, of course … Too bad for Philly!

3:09PM – Yelle was traded (McKenzie), Alberts to Vancouver (TheFourthPeriod), Corvo may have gone to the Flyers (CSNPhilly)

3:08PM – Trade #16: Stempniak to Phoenix for Matt Jones, a 4th and a 7th.

3:07PM – Islanders are closing up shop. No deals. (Newsday/Katie Strang)

3:06PM – “CBJ and LA were working on a deal that would send Modin to LA. Not sure if it went through.” (McKenzie)

3:03PM – Bruce Garrioch (contrary to RDS, not first time they’ve been wrong today) says Bruins are done.

3:00PM – TIME IS UP! Now we have to wait an hour as deals trickle in after trade calls.

2:59PM – return on Jurcina was a 6th rd pick.

2:58PM – 10 seconds later Dreger says Stempniak not going to Philly. Gotta love deadline day.

2:58PM – Speculation that Stempniak to the Flyers is a strong possibility. Nothing confirmed.

2:55PM – Bob McKenzie (this guy is a machine!) “Dan Hamuis not being traded” … A bit surprising.

2:53PM – Random stat; there were 22 trades last year on deadline day. 12 were announced after 3pm.

2:50PM – Trade #15: Milan Jurcina traded back to Washington (McKenzie)

2:49PM – Souray has an infection and is now done for the year (Sportsnet). Should put trade talk to bed.

2:47PM – Bob McKenzie, “Ray Whitney will stay in Carolina”

2:45PM – Renaud Lavoie of RDS believes Bruins are closing in on a trade as well.

2:42PM – Stempniak trade imminent via Dreger and Simmons. Stay tuned!

2:41PM – Sabres receive a 3rd and a 4th for MacArthur. Don’t like that trade at all for Buffalo.

2:40PM – “Unless my sources are wrong, Kaberle won’t be dealt today” – Steve Simmons

2:37PM – Trade #14: Sabres trade LW Clarke MacArthur to Atlanta (Sportsnet)

2:36PM – “Leafs not done” – Darren Dreger

2:35PM - Caps pushing the hardest for Kaberle right now. That’s according to varuious outlets, including LeBrun at ESPN.

2:33PM – remember that the deadline to make a deal is 3pm. That simly means teams have to call or fax the details of the trade to the league office by that deadline. Trade calls and approval happen after. Basically, expect there to be trades announced between 3pm and 4pm, even though it is past the deadline.

2:24PM – Torres to Buffalo, Paetsch and a 2nd rd pick to Columbus

2:21PM – Trade #13: Torres to Buffalo for a pick and a player (Sportsnet)

2:19PM – Katie Strang of Newsday, “Islanders expect to hang on to all 3 goalies”

2:15PM – Quick hits …. Canucks not in on Kaberle (Greg Millen) … Vokoun has not been asked to waive his NTC (TheFourthPeriod) … Buffalo likes Raffi Torres (Stauffer)

2:11PM – a little late but Kevin Allen confirms that Vancouver received a 6th round pick and a prospect (Zimmerman) for Mathieu Schneider. I’m allowed to make the following obvious observation – this is probably the first time ever that 2 jewish players were involved in the same NHL trade.

2:08PM – not sure I understand Calgary’s fascination with former Leafs.

2:04PM – UPDATE ON TRADE #12 – McElhinney to Anaheim for Toskala.

2:00PM – One hour to go! Expect lots of action in the last hour.

1:57PM – “Preds getting lots of calls about Hamuis” – Sportsnet (I think Preds should move him already. He’s too good to lose for nothing)

1:53PM – Rapid analysis! Halpern is a good 4th line center for LA. Tampa gets a highly skilled RW who was part of a crowded forward group in LA. Belanger is a good C who probably steps into the #3 hole in Washington. I assume the Caps will move an excess forward for a D, only a matter of time. Not sure who wanted McElhinney, maybe Flames want to bring up Leland Irving or Matt Keetley from the AHL to see what they’ve got. Both are considered solid prospects.

1:49PM – Trade #12: Flames backup goalie Curtis McElhinney has been traded (FAN960 in Calgary)

1:47PM – “Vokoun trade not close” – Craig Custance of Sporting News

1:46PM – Trade #11: Eric Belanger traded to Washington for a 2nd round pick. (McKenzie)

1:45PM – UPDATE ON TRADE #10: Halpern to LA, Ted Purcell (RW) and a 3rd rd pick to Tampa

1:42PM – Kaberle asking price is, and always has been a top 6 forward and a 1st round pick.

1:40PM – pure speculation on my part, but I have to think that IF Kaberle really is available, New Jersey, Boston, Washington and Vancouver should be all over that. Even San Jose, but they have very little cap space.

1:37PM – and now TSN mentions that Kaberle and Burke have an understanding where Burke will present him what offers have been made. This just got very interesting.

1:35PM – Brad Lukowich (Vancouver) has been sent to the minors after clearing waivers. Perhaps a deal is coming soon for a D-man.

1:32PM – Trade #10, double digits!: Jeff Halpern has been traded to the Kings (TheFourthPeriod)

1:31PM – Ok, this Tomas Kaberle stuff is really annoying me, so I will annoy you with it. AM640 says Kaberle has acknowledged that he will waive his NTC if the right deal is presented to him. Who knows at this point what’s going to happen. Maybe Kaberle realizes he is better off asking for a trade now where he can control where he goes, rather than Toronto trading him in the offseason where he will have no say.

1:28PM – A co-worker tried to play a prank on me. Sent me a message saying he heard Carey Price was dealt for Danny Briere. I told him “that’s not true, it was for Jeff Carter”. Pretty sure he thought I was serious. 1-0 for me!

1:25PM – Another veteran defenseman to Phoenix. Thanks Don Maloney for not making this day a total bust. That’s 3 trades he’s made so far of the 9.

1:22PM – Trade #9: Mathieu Schneider traded to Phoenix (Sportsnet and Ottawa Sun).

1:20PM – Scott Walker might have a career in acting when his NHL days are behind him. Carolina writers talking about a very emotional departure. Washington reporter has a Walker quote saying “I would have bought my own plane ticket to come to Washington.”

1:16PM – One of the guys (NHLSOURCESSAY on twitter) who “confirmed” Mueller to Atlanta is now saying Richard Park has been traded. Let’s see if he can go 1 for 2.

1:13PM – Rumor from CHED Radio in Edmonton that 2 D from Springfield (Oilers AHL Affiliate) are likely being called up. The obvious conclusion being that some trades are imminent in Edmonton.

1:08PM – I have a personal conflict right now. I’m very hungry, but the fear of breaking a trade 2 minutes late because I went for lunch is telling me to suck it up.

1:00PM – 2 hours to go with talks heating up. I still expect 7-12 more trades.

12:55PM – Trade #8 is another trade of AHLers. Wings send Kris Newbury to Rangers for Jordan Owens. Sorry for wasting your time!

12:50PM – In the midst of that craziness, Luca Caputi has been called up by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

12:46PM – Well done by Phoenix. Swapping Mueller and Porter for Wolski is the best change they’ve made since Tippett for Gretzky. Colorado lost out on the deal in my opinion. But Porter is a very solid LW prospect, and Mueller has tons of potential and should see time on the RW in Colorado’s top 6.

12:45PM – That was an intense 20 minutes. When in doubt, trust TSN.

12:43PM – Officially confirming trade #6 – Mueller and Kevin Porter for Wolski is done. (Denver Post’s Adrian Dater…and he would know)

12:39PM – Trade #7 – Canucks acquire AHLer Yan Stastny from St. Louis for AHLer Cedric Labrie.

12:35PM – Again on trade #6! CONFLICTING REPORTS! RDS says Atlanta. TSN says Mueller and Porter to Colorado for Wolski. History tells us to trust TSN.

12:33PM – Update on trade #6: Mueller traded to Thrashers. Can’t believe Eklund got one right! Good for him. Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day! (RDS)

12:32PM – Washington has an excess supply of forwards now. Perhaps one will be dealt for some help on D?

12:30PM – Updates on Trades #5 and #6: Carolina receives a 7th rd pick for Walker. Mueller details coming soon.

12:25PM – Trade #6 – Peter Mueller has been traded (Renaud Lavoie of RDS).

12:24PM – Trade #5 about to go down. Scott Walker to Washington. (ESPN’s Matt Barnaby)

12:22PM – Chip Alexander tweets that a trade could be in the works for RW Scott Walker. He has just left the ice.

12:20PM – Elliotte Friedman says “COL, ATL, NYR, CHI, VAN and TOR have all expressed interest in Peter Mueller”

12:17PM – Kevin Allen mentions “Nothing that happens with Tomas Kaberle should surprise us. Teams believe he will waive NTC for right deal.”

12:15PM – Thoughts from trade deadline gurus McKenzie and Dreger: “the acquisition of Aaron Ward does not mean that the Ducks will for sure deal a defenseman”, “I don’t think Anaheim will trade Wisniewski or Ryan Whitney”, “Canes are still working”

12:10PM – Slow day so far with 4 trades in the first 3 hours. Things will pick up as the 3pm deadline approaches. I would bet on 11-16 more trades.

12:05PM – Edmonton has claimed Ryan Jones off of waivers from Nashville (TSN). All other players placed on waivers yesterday have cleared. That list included Aaron Voros, Enver Lisin and Brad Lukowich.

12:03PM – Some rumors circulating that Peter Mueller could be dealt to the Thrashers. It does make sense, but the people writing it are very unreliable. Keep an eye on this one.

11:55AM – Just a quick note – several players were placed on waivers yesterday. In about 10 mins it should be known if any of them were claimed, and if any more roster players were placed on waivers.

11:50AM – Love the people who write “Canes acquire goaltender Justin Pogge”. Shouldn’t you have to be able to stop a puck to be classified as a goaltender?

11:47AM – Speculation continues …. Bruins actively shopping for a scoring winger now (NESN & Ottawa Sun) …. Tampa is very quiet (USA Today) …. Thrashers want to re-sign both Afinogenov and Kubina, neither will be traded (Kevin Allen) … Oilers not practicing or talking to media today. There will be moves made. (James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail)

11:42AM – Now we’re moving! Trade #4: Aaron Ward to Anaheim for Pogge and a 4th (Chip Alexander)

11:40AM – Seriously? They got rid of Morris to get Seidenberg? I thought they wanted an elite defenseman. Wouldn’t that be like someone who drives a Hyundai and wants a much better car, switching to a Kia?

11:36AM – UPDATE ON TRADE #3: Seidenberg for Bitz, Weller (AHL) and a 2nd.

11:34AM – Trade #3: Bruins acquire Dennis Seidenberg from Florida (TSN)

11:33AM – Elliotte Friedman reporting what Andy Strickland reported a while ago that Cory Schneider is being looked at closely by the Blues. It’s also known that St. Louis sent out an email last night to all GMs saying that Brad Boyes and Carlo Colaiacovo are available.

11:25AM – Pavel Kubina and the Thrashers are talking about a contract extension. This is according to Arash Madani, who’s name sounds more like an STD than a sports reporter. Kevin Allen reporting that Atlanta has gotten several calls about Slava Kozlov.

11:19AM – According to essentially every hockey insider, there are MANY teams interested in Raffi Torres. He will be traded today, that’s the closest thing you’ll get to a guarantee.

11:12AM – To those asking how is it possible you can be doing a real time blog and putting in billable hours at an accounting firm at the same time? I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that I don’t answer that question.

11:06AM – Andy Strickland “look for Rangers to take a hard look at Demitra”. This makes a ton of sense given the Gaborik factor.

11:00AM – Per TSN’s Bob McKenzie; Bergeinheim, Park and Biron drawing interest out of Long Island.

10:58AM – Twice in 2 days for Skoula; for Tiger Woods that would just be a slow weekend.

10:57AM – We have another trade! Martin Skoula traded from the Leafs (acquired yesterday) to the Devils for a 5th round pick. (D. Lozo of

10:53AM – Dreger suggests trading Morris puts the Bruins in the hunt for Dan Hamuis. The Raleigh News & Observer’s Chip Alexander seems to believe that an Aaron Ward trade is coming soon. He thinks Anaheim is the team to watch.

10:49AM – Interesting observation – a co-worker of mine is sitting at a desk located about 9 feet away from me. He has decided to follow my live blog rather than me just turning around and telling him about trades.

10:39AM – Instant Analysis: Boston clears some space for something bigger. Phoenix acquires a veteran d-man for a mid round pick. I wonder what the price on Mara is now? Too bad they don’t have 9th round picks anymore.

10:37AM – Just as I said that – TSN confirms Morris to Phoenix for a 4th round pick.

10:35AM – Still unclear what is coming back to Boston. There has been a lot of Peter Mueller talk, but if this trade is Morris for Mueller straight up, that would be more lopsided than a best dressed contest between Jacques Martin and, well, pretty much anyone who owns clothes.

10:26AM - First trade of the day! Derek Morris to Phoenix. Details pending. (Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch)

10:24AM – More rumors: Detroit won’t be doing anything today, large or small (Kevin Allen, USA Today) … Capitals now interested in Ray Whitney (Ottawa Sun) … Most likely player to be dealt on the Wild is Eric Belanger (StarTribune) … Coyotes “kicking the tires” on Slava Kozlov from Atlanta (Kevin Allen, USA Today) … Thrashers not interested in moving D-man Pavel Kubina (Sporting News)

10:18AM – Things are picking up now …. Souray has changed his list to 19 teams he would go to, no Canadian teams are on the list (TSN/Dreger) … Flyers will NOT move Carter (CSN Philly) … Bruins talking to Hurricanes. Whitney now being discussed, along with Joe Corvo and Erik Cole (NESN/Jimmy Murphy)

10:12AM – RDS says that Tomas Vokoun has waived his NTC to go to one of Chicago and Philly. Remember – Bowman said this morning that Hawks are not looking for a goalie. Wouldn’t be the first time a GM has lied (flashback – Sutter saying Phaneuf will not be traded).

10:07AM – Philadelphia Daily News and CSN Philly both suggesting Vokoun to Flyers is a very real possibility. Apparently Panthers want Jeff Carter and have no interest in Simon Gagne. If this trade is pulled off I would expect Matt Carle to be included. Problem is many guys in Philly have NTCs, like Hartnell and Briere.

10:04AM – Email I just received “how do you not make a joke about Bob Gainey never waking up on deadline day?” … I missed the boat on that opportunity!

10:00AM – Slow morning but that’s typical of deadline day. Trades pick up around noon when the GMs out west wake up.

9:46AM – TSN and ESPN both suggesting that Ray Whitney trade is very unlikely today. McKenzie followed that up by saying that if by chance he’s wrong, it will be the LA Kings who trade for him. But he’s NEVER wrong. He’s like the guy in school that says he may have failed but gets the highest mark in the class everytime!

9:42AM – Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos says Vokoun has told GM Randy Sexton he will waive his NTC to go to a “small list of contenders”. Getting interesting.

9:38AM – Before everyone in Montreal freaks out, some guy named Patrick Caisee via twitter said that Roman Hamrlik has been asked to waive his NTC. This is the same guy that said he was 99% sure that Frolov would be traded to the Habs. Hamrlik could happen, but I don’t trust this report.

9:32AM – Before I forget, wishing a happy birthday to family friend/one of my frequent readers/MD Roni Munk. If he could have one wish, I know it would be for Gauthier to sign Plekanec to an extension today. Either that or good health to the child he and his wife Gayle are expecting. Basically a tie between the 2.

9:30AM – Some morning rumblings (not a reference to my father’s reaction to metamucil, who I know is following today) … Conflicting reports that Kaberle could be traded today … Andrew Cogliano expected to be moved (Ottawa Sun) …. Hawks GM Bowman said he’s not going after a goalie …. Tomas Vokoun could be moved today, with PHI and CHI being the favorites, although that’s conflicting as well (Dreger) …. Dennis Seidenberg is available out of Florida (TSN) …. Bruins and Canes discussing a deal that includes Erik Cole (Ottawa Sun)

9:20AM – New site, so posting a bit early to see how updating works. Hey Kev – I love the look! Lots of talk of Habs wanting to move Paul Mara for anything, literally anything. It’s also been reported that IF the Habs do anything substantial today, it will be for a RW. If it was Brad Boyes it would have been done last night. I don’t see them overpaying for Frolov and his expiring contract. That leaves Nathan Horton who can be had! We shall see.

9:15AM – And we’re off! Here is a list of all the transactions that have gone down since the trade freeze was lifted on March 1 at midnight.

Habs trade D’Agostini to St. Louis for Aaron Palushaj (prospect)

My thoughts: You’ll have to get my complete thoughts on the blog I’ll post tonight on all of the Habs activity (or lack thereof) today. I actually like this trade despite what many are saying across the web. D’Agostini has potential but after his concussion he just wasn’t the same player this year. Palushaj is a solid RW prospect. He put up close to 100 pts in 2 seasons in the NCAA before signing with St. Louis. He checks in at just over 6’0 and does not shy away from contact. He has good speed and a good skill set, but has had a bit of trouble adjusting to the pro game this year. Should contend for a roster spot next year in the top 9. It’s also worth noting that Palushaj played and had success with Pacioretty at the U of Michigan.


Penguins acquire Ponikarovsky from Leafs for prospect Luca Caputi and Martin Skoula.

My thoughts: The Penguins are far and away the best team in the league at finding mediocre wingers. Caputi is a good AHL player right now, meaning he will step in right away and not look out of place with the rest of Toronto’s forwards.  

Anaheim trades Nick Boynton to Chicago for future considerations.

My thoughts: Ok – this guy was on waivers and then re-entry waivers and Chicago didn’t claim him at no cost to them. Weird. In a related story, Stan Bowman went to McDonald’s this morning and paid for his coffee, despite the cashier telling him it’s free for the next 2 weeks.

Islanders trade D Andy Sutton to Ottawa for a 2nd rd pick. 

My thoughts: The definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different results. So why does the Sens GM keep trading for D from the Islanders expecting it to work out? (Refernce: Campoli, Chris)


Marek Zidlicky signs a 3 year contract extension at $4 million per season with the Minnesota Wild. Clayton Stoner (D) also re-signs for 2 years with Minnesota.

My thoughts: Sarcasm warning….doesn’t that make Montreal look like geniuses for signing Spacek to a very similar deal even though he’s older and less talented? 

Chris Chelios signs a contract with the Atlanta Thrashers

My thoughts: Chelios is so old that he probably thinks they’re still called the Atlanta Flames.

Anaheim sends Evgeny Artyukhin to Atlanta in exchange for a minor league D (Nathan Oystrick) and a conditional pick in 2011

My thoughts: Has Atlanta actually seen this guy play? Assuming the answer is no, I suggest they keep the receipt.


Matt Stajan signs a 4 year deal with the Calgary Flames that will pay him $3.5 million per year.

My thoughts: Is Sutter trying to purposely drive up Plekanec’s asking price for reasons I’m unaware of?


Dallas and Steve Ott agree to a 4 year contract extension worth $2.95 million per year.

My thoughts: Because the last time they signed a pest who could play LW or C to a 4 year deal, it worked out so well. 


Nashville acquires Denis Grebeshkov from Edmonton for a 2nd rd pick.

My thoughts: Bad news is Grebeshkov is a -16 this year. Good news is that it was with the Oilers and he wasn’t even bottom 5 on that team. Impressive.


Florida trades Jordan Leopold to Pittsburgh for a 2nd rd pick.

My thoughts: For those counting, that’s now 4 teams in 2 years for Leopold. He’s like the free cake that is served at a restaurant for someone’s birthday. The one where everyone knows its bad, but you’re tempted to try it anyway, and you end up quickly passing it on to someone else after you’ve tasted it.

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    Heya Corey – just wanted to point out that Dallas’ other pest signing was SEAN Avery, not Steve…

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