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Red Wings Run over Preds

Posted By Mark Jasper On Mar 6 2010 @ 9:50 am In Nashville Predators | No Comments

Wings Hammer Preds

Its not everyday that you come home from work and contemplate finding a new career. But that is exactly what the Nashville Predators should be doing tonight. After a 5-2 [1] thrashing by the Detroit Red Wings, every roster player needs to be thinking of new career options. But being that we are in a tight economy where jobs are scarce, I have decided to offer up a few suggestings to help transition some roster spots into their new careers.

Jason Arnott [2]
Resume – 0 shots on goal, -1, 5 of 18 at the faceoff circle, is team captain

Ideal Position – Politician or CEO of AIG/Goldman Sachs- I can think of no other position of leadership where you can get paid 100 times more then you are worth, completely ignore doing your job, and continue to be looked upon to lead.

Dan Hamhuis [3]

Resume – 0 shots on goal, -2, on the ice for 3 of Detroits goals, but did have 1 assist

Ideal Position – Tenured Professor – In this position you are considered smarter then you are, but in truth are just an over paid elitest. You can decide when you want to show up for work and when you don’t. You can bring your side kick(Kevin Klien) along with you to be your research assistant. And while other professors may be available to join the school, the administration is stuck with you due to your tenure.

Colin Wilson [4]

Resume – 0 Points, -3, 1 shot on goal

Ideal Position – Video Technician for NBC or Versus Sports. In this position, you would have unlimited access to a film library to look at how past NHL stars handled coming into the league at a young age. You would also be able to travel around to cover games and have the opportunity to speak with some of the greats of the game to get their perspective on being a young prodigy.

Cal O’Reilly [5]

Resume – 0 points, -2, 1 shot on goal, 2 PIM’s.

Ideal Position – Founder of a Therapy Group –

Troubled Teen – “Dr. O’Reilly, you can’t possibly understand what I am going through”

Dr. O’Reilly – “Let me tell you about myself..I have suffered for years with the realization that my younger brother is better then I am. But at least I make more then he does right now”

Troubled Teen – “Really – wow, that make me feel so much better knowing I am not the only loser and underachiever.”

Steve Sullivan [6]

Resume – 1 Assist, -1, 2 shots on goal

Ideal Position – UAW Auto worker for one of the big 3 – You have been doing what you love for many years and are near your retirement age. Fortunetely, you have a union to protect you and negotiage to keep you employed long past your useful years. Even better, you know that if you get injured, you will still get all the benefits and pay as though you were healthy.
In case you didn’t figure it out by my comments above, I am not pleased with the effort that was put on the ice by the Nashville Predators last night. The Red Wings completely manhandled them in every fascet of the game. For most of the game, Detroit looked like they had 10 men on the ice and never missed a pass or shot.

Nashville can’t use the excuse of having played the night before as every team has back to back games. They can’t use the excuse that they lost Shea Weber [7]at the end of the 1st period to an apparent hand or arm injury because Detroit had already dominated them throughout the 1st period. They can’t blame the referees or linesman as Detroit ended up with more penalties but Nashvilles dump and pass power play went 0-4.

No, at the end of the game, the Predators could only blame themselves. Hopefully, they don’t dwell on it for too long as they have Vancouver, Atlanta, and San Jose next up on their schedule.

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