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Deron Williams…Top 5 NBA Player

Deron Williams…Top 5 NBA Player

Holy smokes! Did Utah really just start this 4 game road trip with a blow out win against potential Eastern Conference Playoff team Chicago?

Yeah, that just happened. Utah smoke Chicago in their house 132-108, keyed by a 40 point fourth quarter that showed the nation that Deron Williams is the most underrated player in the league, not just Point Guard, I’m talking player.

We could talk about this game more, like how Boozer played some defense on  Brad Miller and dropped 16 and 10 while CJ Miles stepped up off the bench with 6 3pointers and 26 points in only 18 minutes, those were big minutes people.

However, Deron Williams is who I really want to talk about. How good is this kid, in his 5th season out of Illinois who hasn’t played in an All Star game until this Season. What! It took til his 5th Season for him to get an All Star nod?

Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Danny Granger, Pau Gasol

My top 10 players in the league, in that order, Deron Williams comes in at 5th on this list.

Think I’m crazy? Really look at it. If you’re starting a team, who do you want, Deron Williams or Dwight Howard? That’s debatable I guess, but in today’s league I take a top notch Point Guard, with so many elite Points Guards in the league, you almost can’t win without one. Chris Paul is electric, but health is starting to become a problem. Carmelo is one of the best scorers in the league but maturity has held back his development as a player and a leader on the team. It took Chauncey Billups arrival for Melo to start playing defense.

Not who I want for the face of my franchise.

The only players I take over Deron Williams are Kobe, Lebron, Wade, and Durant, nobody else, nobody.

Well what does that mean? It means that I have Deron Williams as the 5th best player in the league.

Over the past 3 years he’s averaged 18 and 10.5 Assists. Solid. Only Nash and Paul are better in that span.

I know alot of people probably think I’m crazy to take Deron Williams over Chris Paul. After the 2008 Season Chris Paul was considered a league MVP candidate. Yeah he’s good when he plays, he’s electric. Don’t get me wrong I love Chris Paul, but I still take Deron Williams over him for one simple reason.


Since Paul and Williams came into the league together in 2005 they’ve played 4 full seasons. During that span Williams has played 80 games or more 3 times, Paul only once. Chris Pauls style of play calls for alot of penetration, alot of banging with bigger bodies, and with his frame he’s much more of an injury risk than Williams, whose size allows him to play physical while at the same time remaining healthy.

If your best player doesn’t play, what good is he?

Deron Williams has suffered only one major injury in his career thus far, a sprained ankle that took half of last season to get better.

The fact that Deron Williams gets no love just shows you how much talent has little to do with how much attention you get in the league and why alot of players when given the choice would rather play in a larger market then what Utah has to offer.

Just imagine how popular he would be if he played for a bigger market like Chicago, his hometown of Dallas, LA or even New York. He would be one of the most popular players in the league. I can promise you one thing, it wouldn’t have taken until this season for Williams to get into the All Star game.

A bigger market would mean more Jersey sales, more endorsements, a shoe deal maybe and alot more attention.

He won’t say it but those things are all important to him. You can see how frustrated Williams was the past two Seasons when he didn’t make the All Star team. You can see Deron walks around with a chip on his shoulder, when guys like Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Jameer Nelson, and Tony Parker get mentioned as the best PG’s in the league and Deron was left out of the conversation for a long time.

Now he is finally starting to get the love he deserves, Charles Barkely recently said that Williams is the best Point Guard in the league and I completely agree with him.

 For Utah fans however, it might be a bit too late.

Nobody really talked about it but after the Ronnie Brewer trade, Williams wasn’t shy about voicing his displeasure with the move that was done basically for Salary Cap purposes. Utah received a 1st round pick next year in the deal and about 3 million in salary, a 6 million dollar saving when you take the Luxary Tax in account.

Williams was upset that other teams in the West made moves to get better at the deadline while Utah got essentially worse. Good thing Utah is still winning or you the situation might have been worse.

Williams even said that moves like this are why he signed a 3 year deal instead of the 5 year max. For Utah fans the prospect of losing Deron Williams to Free Agency has to be a scary thought but I’m telling you people, its a reality.

If Utah doesn’t have any success in the Playoffs this Season or next you can basically say good bye to D-Will because he won’t be sticking around after the 2011 Season.

Everyone is talking about Boozer leaving after this season but I would be more concerned with Williams leaving for greener pastures.

Bottom line, D-Will is one of the best players in the league, everyone is finally starting to recognize that fact, and as his reputation as the best Point Guard in the league grows, so will the market for his services. Alot more than the NBA Championship are riding on this year’s Postseason, Deron’s future in Utah is also tied Utah’s success.

One thing Utah does have going for them is the fact that they have 3 First round picks next year, theirs, Memphis’s and New Yorks. That’s huge becuase New York is likely a lottery team, meaning Utah could potentially have the number one overall pick next season in what should be considered a pretty good draft class, including Demarcus Cousins and John Wall.

Even if Utah does go far in the Playoffs and have a great draft this Offseason, I personally don’t think it will be enough.

In 2012 Deron Williams will no longer be with the Utah Jazz. Prediction Alert!!!! Deron Williams will be a Maverick in 2012. Bam!!!!

Does that blow your mind?

Think about it, its his hometown, he played his first All Star game this season in Dallas and loved it, and its a huge market. The perfect place for his Star to grow. Jason Kidd has maybe one more decent season before he retires and if Dallas wants to remain competitive they need to get an Elite Point Guard. Mark Cuban is a hands on owner, much like the late Larry Miller, and he isn’t shy about spending money if he thinks it will help his team win.

Deron and Dirk on the same team would be electric. Utah fans better start praying if they don’t want that pairing to happen.

Unless I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, Utah’s future could be darker than its been since Malone and Stockton retired.

Danny Shapiro is the NBA Director of Content for www.prosportsblogging.com as well as the Utah Jazz blogger. Danny has lived in Utah for over a decade, he actually moved to Utah during the 97 Season when the Jazz faced Jordan and the Bulls in the Finals. Danny also contributes to the Fantasy Sports department and is known by many as the best Fantasy Sports Managers in the World. Danny is passionate about all sports and sharing that passion with others. If you have any sports/fantasy related questions Danny can be reached at dannyshapiro@sportstalkbuzz.com or you can follow him on Twitter DanShap@twitter.com

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Danny Shapiro is 26 years old, married and a father to 2 boys, who he hopes one day to play MLB and support him and his wife in their old age. Danny's second love, mistress even, is sports and Danny is living his dream of being a sports writer right now, thanks to Prosportsblogging.com.


In response to “Deron Williams…Top 5 NBA Player”

  1. Dave Mar 11 20104:25 pm


    Hell Yes! It’s about time Deron got the love he has deserved for several years now. The guy is a complete package player and I hope he retires in Utah.

  2. Mike Mar 11 20104:26 pm


    I think calling him a top-5 player in the league is a little much, but there’s no doubt he’s in the conversation for top PG in the NBA. I’d have to say CP3 is 1-A and Williams is 1-B at the point guard position right now. Either way, Williams is incredibly underrated and would be much more appreciated if he played for a large-market team.
    PS-That dunk over D-Rose was great the other day.

  3. Ryan Cleaver Mar 11 20105:13 pm


    Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Howard- top 4. I’d probably take Bosh next then take a long look at Dirk or Carmelo. Deron is in the mix starting at 5 though.

  4. Bob Mar 11 20109:29 pm


    Deron Williams is probably the best Point Guard in the NBA this year. He outplays CP3 every time they match-up and his health is the only reason the Utah Jazz picked him over Chris Paul on draft day. Deron is in the best market in the league for his growth and developement. Utah is known for it’s loyalty and sticks with those who work and progress. The player that doesn’t work and put-out is gone. That is the reality. As for the shoe deals, they take care of themselves. There are too many bad examples of shoe deals and big buck deals gone bad for the player and the promoter. Look at Kobe, Tiger — these deals backfire and it hurts business, that’ reality.
    As long as the Utah Fans back their player, that player does very well. In another market they get a flash at best, but in the Utah market he fits, is successful and the international attention comes with recognition. It’s easy to draw attention to Stockton & Malone, they were overlooked for a time but now they are for all-time while some of the deal takers are not even mentioned. The Utah Jazz were smart in picking Deron Willaims and the growth of that market is very strong. It continues to grow and the seats are sold every night. It’s profitable for the NBA and for the players to be in Utah, The players aren’t readily moved, easy to raise a family and the franchise is hands-on and appreciates whats going on. Ronnie Brewers moved helped the cap space, but it really helped the rest of the team including Deron. Now Korver, MIles, Mathews, A-K and th rest of the bench will contribute more because they are good, can preform and Ronnie will do well wherever he goes because he developed and worked to be they player he is today. It seems after the dust clears, Carlos and Deron have done very well in Utah.

    1. Danny Shapiro Mar 12 20109:29 am


      BOb you are right in alot of what you said in your comment. D WIll owns CP3 in head to head matchups and has won more playoff series than Paul. The shoe deal is just an example of an endorsements, but when you play in a bigger market those things like a shoe deal, or a Furniture Warehouse endorsment lol are more readily available to all star players. YOu mentioned Stockton and Malone, look how long it took for them to get recognized. Williams got his first all star bid this year, that wouldn’t have happened if he played in a bigger market that gets more nationally televised games. DId you know Golden State has more nationally televised games this year than Utah? More tv time, more national recognition. Ur right, Utah treats their players well, if they work hard they get rewarded. But the fact remains that superstars don’t like playing in Utah, that they rather be in a bigger market when givin the choice, and super stars have that choice. D Will is now a super star and soon he will be given that choice, unless Utah continues to be competitive and gets better his future in Utah will be in doubt. he said it himself, he signed a 3 year deal instead of 5 so he can bounce if hes not happy with the current situation

  5. Clint McFawn Mar 13 20107:17 am


    Until LeBron gets a ring please don’t bother saying he’s better then Kobe. Kobe has now 8 game winning shots this season .Oh, and 4 rings. Deron is for sure in the top 7 or 8 players in the NBA. Not sure about top 5 yet though. And don’t leave Kevin Durant out of this list…

    1. Danny Shapiro Mar 13 20109:19 am


      Clint you obviously didnt read the entire article. My top 5 is Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Durant and then Deron WIlliams. Kobe has hit 6 game winners in the last 10 seconds of the game not 8. I’m a diehard lakers fan and I am a Preacher for the Church of Kobe so you don’t have to tell me Kobe is better than Lebron, I already know. I’m on record as saying that I don’t think Lebron will ever win a championship

  6. Clint McFawn Mar 13 201010:00 am


    No I did Danny. That comment was for Ryan. LOL! I know you’re a Kobe guy like me. I HATE LBRON!!!! Dance when you win a ring!

  7. Danny SHapiro Mar 15 20109:55 am


    Its funny, people are either in the Kobe guys or they are Lebron guys, and if you love one you usually hate the other. crazyness. Pretty soon people might be saying Lebron or Durant………maybe?

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