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The Other March Madness Begins

WEC 47 kicks off a March filled with MMA

Over the last few weeks a couple of UFC fighters have made some less than intelligent statements.  During a radio interview Frank Mir said he wanted to break Brock Lesnar’s neck and make him “the first fighter to die from octagon related injuries.”  By now most know that Mir is obsessed with Lesnar like Glenn Close was with Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction, without the ‘relations’ of course.  Ever since being pummeled by the heavyweight champion last July, Frank has very vocally declared his hatred for Brock every chance he’s gotten. Had Mir said he wanted to ‘beat him unmercifully’ or even ‘kill him’ there wouldn’t have been such a stir.  Going into such detail and to specifically state his intentions of being responsible for the first UFC death was what pushed these comments from casual to controversial. In a time where the UFC and other MMA organizations are working hard to get fighting legalized in various states it’s not a good idea to provide a reminder of one of the common fears relating to ultimate fighting.  Dana White was pissed at Frank and rightfully so.  He’s been working hard the last few years to get UFC into major cities like Boston, NYC, and Vancouver.  The last thing Dana needs is another setback in this constant battle. Sure Mir said something dumb but by no means should he stop talking.  This guy consistently cuts the best promos in the sport.  He’s eloquent and does a great job of making you want to see him mangle an opponent or take a severe beating. “Muscles” Mir sells tickets and pay per views. So Frank keep talking just choose your words a little more carefully.

Then there’s the “Irish Hand Grenade” Marcus Davis.  Prior to their fight last May Davis and his opponent Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy exchanged verbal jabs in person and on the internet. In the weeks leading up to the fight Hardy encouraged fans to find pictures of Davis on the net and doctor them to make the Irishman look gay, very gay.  The Outlaw won the fight by split decision but nothing seemed to be settled between the two fighters.  Since their matchup neither man has shied away from taking shots at each other.  Apparently Davis has reached his breaking point as this week on the internet he boldly said he “wants Dan Hardy to die of AIDS”.  If you want your nemesis to die, fine, but don’t advertize or suggest you want him to meet his demise at the hands of a devastating disease.  Davis’ people initially claimed he didn’t say something so dumb but Davis made no argument that these were not his words.

Hopefully fighters will use a little more discretion next time their in front of a microphone or keyboard

UFC signed boxer James Toney to a multi-fight deal.  There are maybe 3 or 4 fights out there for Toney that will be interesting, Kimbo, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture and Anderson Silva.  Toney is without question a talented boxer as can be seen from his record and title reigns.  In the past few years his skills have decline while his weight has increased.  Training is not one of Toney’s favorite activities.  I don’t see him putting the work and effort forth to become a well rounded mixed martial artist.  Boxing provides a solid base to build from but is only a small part of what can make a fighter successful.  I foresee the former champion putting on a lack luster performance when he makes his MMA debut.  If UFC wants to make some quick money the first thing they should do is put him in against Kimbo.  Obviously Toney has the stand up advantage but Kimbo showed some takedowns and improved ground skills in his last fight.  As long as the “Bearded One” avoids getting clocked he should win this fight.  Toney will tire in the first 3-4 minutes and be fully out of gas no later then mid 2nd round. Depending on the outcome of this fight his next should be against Chuck Liddell or a young upstart in the division would get some notoriety from beating a well known name. Originally I was against this idea but after giving it some thought I’ve converted to the “why not” train of thought.

WEC 47

Usually I run down the main fights on the shows with customary format and give a few thoughts.  New site so new recap style. Instead of giving a recap that you can find on any other site covering MMA I’m going to try something different.  So for now I’ll recap the fights with my reactions just as I watch the fight. They’ll be a lot of broken thoughts, a few expletives, several capital letters and exclamations points.  We’ll give it a shot.  If it sucks I’ll change it.

First things first, some of you might be unaware of this up and coming organization.  If you have not seen any of these shows before you need find Versus Network on your cable provider and tune in.  I’ve watched every WEC show in the last 2 to 3 years and I can honestly say only one show wasn’t entertaining.  That’s one out of about 20-25 events.  If you’re a fight fan, whether hardcore or casual, you need to watch these shows.

Main Event: Brian Bowles (c) vs Dominic Cruz (Bantamweight Championship)

Wow, Cruz is sure moving around a lot.  Just watching him bounce around is making me tired.  Good strategy because it’s mighty hard to hit a constantly moving target.

Bowles has no idea what to do with this man.  He’s missing with several punches and getting tagged by Dominic.

Exciting first round so far.  Both fighter are looking aggressive and keeping the pace up.

 Looked like Bowles rocked Cruz with a right hand but it appears more like he stumbled and is trying to lure in the champ.

Both fighters aren’t landing much.  I’d like to see the strike accuracy numbers.

Not sure if this takedown by Dominic will even be taken into account when scoring the round.  Looks like Bowles pretty much surrendered himself to be taken to the ground then quickly got back to his feet.

 Clear victory in the first round for Cruz

 Cruz is completely having his way in the 2nd

Bowles isn’t throwing much and Dominic is moving and throwing just as much as in the first but he’s more accurate.

Everything Cruz is doing just looks faster then the champ.  One step ahead with everything

Dominic with a surprise takedown in the final seconds of the round.  Didn’t see that coming but just shows one more way he’s dominating this fight.  Another round for him

The fight is called to an end after the 2nd round.  Bowles is unable to continue due to a broken hand. This will bring  the debate did Bowles quit or could he legitimately continued to fight.  Initially I thought as an undefeated champion Brian shouldn’t stop fighting.  I thought he took the easy way out mainly because months earlier we saw Urijah Faber go four rounds with two severely injured hands.  Turns out Bowles had broken his hand three times in the last year, including in his last fight.  Taking that into account it seems to me that his corner made the best decision for their fighter’s career.  I’m curious to see how the former champ will go on with the reoccurring injury.   Will he be more hesitant to throw hands?  Will he ever be able to land that big right hand with as much power as previously?  

Miguel Torres vs Joseph Benavidez

Apparently Brian Bowles not only took Torres’ title but also took some of his spirit in their fight because he is looking timid in the early going.  Benavidez isn’t doing much either

Torres should be picking Joseph apart with his jab but he’s not throwing it.  Even a front kick would be equally effective. He’s got a 6” reach advantage.

Coming in with expectations of fireworks, this 1st round is leaving much to the imagination.  Very little action thus far. 

Tough round to score here because neither man has done anything of note.  I suppose I’ll give it to Little Joe

A little more aggression here in the 2nd round

Nice takedown by the smaller Benavidez

Vicious elbow bust open Torres.  His forehead is leaking.  The doctor is going to have to take a look at the cut because it’s going into his eyes.  Miguel’s life liquid is all over the place.

Well looks like the doctor won’t be needed because that guillotine Benavidez locked in is tight.

Unbelievable, Torres taps!!!  Great visual of the blood pouring out of Miguel’s forehead while being caught in the choke

Benavidez has made himself a serious contender with this win.  Cruz vs. Benavidez rematch for the title should be on the horizon.

Show results:

  • Bart Palaszewski def. Karen Darabedyan  Submission via Armbar at 4:40 in Round 1
  • LC Davis def. Deividas Taurosevicius via Majority Decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Javier Vazquez def. Jens Pulver via Submission (Armbar) at 3:41 in Round 1
  • Scott Jorgensen def. Chad George via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:31 in Round 1
  • Ricardo Lamas def. Bendy Casimir via knockout (knee) – Round 1, 3:43
  • Fredson Paixao def. Courtney Buck via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:39
  • Leonard Garcia and George Roop fought to a split draw (29-27, 27-29, 28-28) (Roop was deducted one point in round three due to a low blow)
  • Anthony Pettis def. Danny Castillo via KO (head kick) – Round 1, 2:17
  • Chad Mendes def. Erik Koch via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Random show thoughts: 

I’m pissed they didn’t show the knee KO that Ricardo Lamas delivered.  That would have been much more entertaining then the LC Davis/Deividas Taurosevicius fight.

In terms of fighting Jens Pulver doesn’t have much left to offer in the WEC but man does that dude know how to get a crowd on his side with his post fight interviews.  It’s amazing, he fights, he loses, he gives an emotional post fight speech and the fans get more and more behind him.  I’ve never seen anything like this before.  The more he loses, the more he cries, the more he’s cheered.  Now that I think about it I want to see Jens fight again just so the crowd can go nuts if he finally gets that elusive victory.

Miguel Torres looked untouchable for years now he’s been stopped in his last 2 fights in impressive fashion.  I’m curious to see what he’ll change in terms of his fighting approach.

Scotty Jorgensen has to be in line for a title fight.  I can’t remember the last fight he’s lost

Sick head kick by Anthony Pettis for the KO. Somewhere Cro Cop shakes his head and thinks back to the glory days.

I don’t think I’m loving Stephan Bonner on commentary.  He knows what he’s talking about but his delivery isn’t great.  Him referring to Dominic Cruz as a “young white Muhammed Ali” was quite amusing.

2nd Round Submission of the week:

Eddie Alvarez rear naked choke on Toby Imada

Until next time, stay golden my friends

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