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Don’t “Make it Seven”* for Canada, make it eight for the Coyotes!

The Phoenix Coyotes came back from two different two goal deficits to defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 5-4 in the shootout Saturday night for their eighth straight victory.

The win also put the Coyotes within one point, that’s right you heard correctly ONE POINT, of the San Jose Sharks for first place in the Pacific Division and two points behind the conference leading Blackhawks, who did receive a point in this game.

The red hot Lee Stempniak got his second two goal game since his arrival to the desert, giving him nine goals in eight games since being dealt to the Coyotes at the deadline.

“I wanted to come here and have a fresh start. I’ve scored goals before and I know how to do it. To be part of a team that’s winning and to chip in is a lot of fun,” Stempniak said, “This was a big test for us. Coming back after a long road trip, it would have been easy to have a letdown game. But we found a way.”

Minus a fluke goal scored by Andrew Ladd, Coyotes goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov continued his MVP-worthy play stopping 34 shots as well as all three shooters in the skills competition.

The Blackhawks started the game off with the first goal to give their home crowd something to get behind.  What’s that?  The game was in Phoenix?  But there were so many Hawks fans at the game.  And it was a sellout, are you sure it was at The Job ( Arena)?  Weird.

Regardless, Troy Brouwer opened up the scoring ten seconds after a Radim Vrbata penalty expired when he snapped home a centering pass from Patrick Kane.

Kane would then go on to score the first goal of the second period to give the Hawks their first two-goal lead.

New-comer Wojtek Wolski would cut the lead to one after banging in a rebound goal past Anti Niemi, who stopped 31 shots.  Stempniak then tipped in an shot from the point to tie the game up at two just over a minute into the third period.

Captain Shane Doan notched an assist, which was his 400th assist, on Wolski’s goal and despite not putting anymore points on the board was probably The Coyotes best forward throughout the night.

Doan never gave up and was playing a very aggressive game which even included a hard check to John Madden, who’s face hit the cement-like glass and went down in pain, and created numerous chances by grinding his way through the injury-plagued Chicago defence.

Chicago battled back as it would score two goals, including the little ‘whoopsie’ by Bryzgalov, to give itself another two goal lead just over two minutes after the Coyotes tied the game.

But Phoenix, as they have done all season, failed to give up and outworked Chicago leading to “The Ninja”, Stempniak, scoring his second goal of the game to cut the lead back to one.  Head coach Dave Tippett then looked over to the bullpen and called upon his closer to tie this game back up.

The closer, for those unaware, is none other then defenseman Adrian Aucoin who has, surprisingly, been known to score clutch goals for Phoenix this season, and he did just that as he fired home his usual top glove shot that tied the game up at four with five minutes to go in the game.

Again, the Coyotes had come from behind in the third period to force extra time.

During that extra time Phoenix was awarded a penalty shot for Matthew Lombardi, which he missed but appeared hurt after the initial play that gave him the shot, and saw a goal by Vernon Fiddler, who kicked it in thus did not have it count.

Vrbata would be the lone goal scorer in the shootout, his second game winning shootout goal in a row, to complete the unthinkable comeback for the Yotes.

Winning eight games in a row has many of the analysts and experts in the hockey world, the same people who predicted the team to finish no higher then 25th this season, getting incredibly drunk of the Coyote Kool-aid as the team is getting more and more press due to their surprising success this season.

More and more publicity is being given to this team, who couldn’t even pay to get a story on the front page of the Arizona Republic sport’s section earlier this season or seasons passed, but now the state of AZ is starting to take notice, just like they always tend to do when their hometown team is winning.

The Coyotes will attempt to overtake the Sharks for the Pacific division lead on Sunday as they take on the Dallas Stars in the Lone Star State and will try to win their ninth straight victory.

This game is the third time in just over a month the Coyotes have played the Stars on the second game of a back-to-back series.  The Coyotes lost both of the previous contests.

Get behind this team Arizona, the white-out is one of the most amazing sites to witness first hand and it looks the best when it’s a sold out game.

Lookin’ Fine to Make it Nine!!! GO YOTES GO

*- For those confused about the headline, during the ownership debacle this summer Jim Ballsille created a site called in order to rally fans in his attempt to bring the Coyotes to Hamilton, which would be Canada’s seventh team.

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22 year old hockey fan born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Weird, huh? Entire family minus myself and my brother were born in Toronto, ON so thats how I became a fan of this great sport. I have worked at Ice rinks since I was 14 and spend all day reading hockey stories. I eat, sleep, coach, play, and basically LIVE hockey. I became a Red Wing fan thanks to EA Sports NHL '95 and haven't looked back since (Why would I?). Parents were Season Ticket holders for the Phoenix Coyotes since day 1 and when they moved to Portland 3 years ago, I picked up where they left off and have found a soft spot for them. I moved to Toronto in January '10 to attend Centennial College's Sports Journalism program, so I am becoming a Maple Leafs fan in the process. Its hard to do after 16 years of being a Red Wings fan. So to recap: Wings fan at heart, Leafs fan on the outside, and always carry a soft spot for the Coyotes.

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In response to “Don’t “Make it Seven”* for Canada, make it eight for the Coyotes!”

  1. Corey Krakower Mar 21 201010:33 am


    I thought it was unfair when Pierre McGuire called Lee Stempniak “a failure” when he was traded to Phoenix at the deadline, so I’m very happy to see Stempniak playing well for the Coyotes.

    1. Jeff Mar 21 20103:19 pm


      Anytime McGuire is wrong its a beautiful thing. What a meathead on TV. Nobody wants to hire this guy as GM of their team for a reason!

      1. Matt Shott Mar 21 20105:16 pm


        Listening to him praise Stempniak for his play in Phoenix Sunday during the NBC broadcast was pretty priceless too

        1. Chris Mar 22 20101:22 pm


          good one Matt!!!!!

    2. Dan Rakusan Mar 21 20105:19 pm


      It’s hard to argue that Stempniak’s performance with the Leafs wasn’t a failure, but it’s nice to see him scoring for the Yotes. Of course, I like Phoenix and hate Toronto, but I try to look at the player’s performance more than the logo on the jersey.

      I also don’t think much of Pierre McGuire’s assessments of ANYTHING…

  2. Kevin Thurston Mar 21 201012:29 pm


    I am so going for the Coyotes to represent the West in the Stanley Cup. What a sight that would be.

  3. Dave Gutzman Mar 21 201012:41 pm


    Based on how Phoenix has been playing, it is hard to argue that didn’t make the best trade deadline moves. Stempniak and Wolski are looking like steals right now.

    1. Matt Shott Mar 21 20105:19 pm


      I wouldnt call the Wolski deal a steal yet because Mueller is playing well in Colorado and Porter is still suppose to be a good prospect, but it was a great trade for both teams. The Stempniak deal is definitely a steal because Matt Jones will not see NHL action again, or at least he shouldnt see any, and then a fourth and seventh pick for Stemps production is a steal and a half

  4. Moses Goldman Mar 21 20102:33 pm


    It’s hard to say for certain, however, I would say that the Coyotes are a legitimate final four contender. Don’t be surprised to see them in the Conference Finals. Dave Tippett looks like a lock to win the Jack Adams award this year, Shane Doan is a great two-way forward, and Ilya Bryzgalov is perhaps the N.H.L Vezina Trophy winner for 2009/2010. One thing is for certain, the Coyotes are no longer a pansy Organization.

    1. Jeff Mar 21 20103:18 pm


      I caught a fair bit of last nights game, this Yotes team is impressive. Like a few of you have said, they have it all. Great captain, vets on defense in Aucoin, Schneider, Morris and Jovo. Key guys at forward and a few young guys in the mix. Goaltending has been great too. Bryz should win the Vezina, besides they play a defensive style. Yotes have a winning record against Chicago, SJ and Vancouver. Nobody can say that in the West.

      1. Matt Shott Mar 21 20105:23 pm


        Bryz is definitely been the reason this team has been so successful as well as Tippett behind the bench, but honestly, as much as I would love to see it, I dont think Bryz will win the Vezina because Ryan Miller has had that locked up since the beginning of the season. I hope i am wrong, but I dont think I will be

        1. Jeff Mar 21 20105:24 pm


          Tippett and King have coached several series in the playoffs. Jovo(31), Aucoin(40), Morris(14), Schneider(109) so almost 200 games exp on defense alone! I think you are under estimating this team. Bryz has 16 games exp. Upshall has 19 games, he returns in 10 days to the line-up. Doan has 32 games, Lombardi has 33 games, Pyatt has 30 games and Lang has 87 games. I would say that is more than most teams in the West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Tons of playoff experience buddy.

          1. Matt Shott Mar 21 20106:13 pm

            Can you show me where i underestimated this team or mentioned anything in this article about the lack of experience for the playoffs. Your comment seems incredibly random and out of nowhere to argue with something that was never mentioned.

          2. Dan Rakusan Mar 21 20106:15 pm

            Matt, I think he was responding to my comment…

          3. Dan Rakusan Mar 21 20106:16 pm

            My comment appears to have vanished… Weird…

  5. Chris Rydburg Mar 21 20104:32 pm


    I am cheering for PHX to finish first in the west so they can eliminate detroit from the playoffs. That would make my day.

  6. Dave Gutzman Mar 21 20106:31 pm


    How do the Phoenix fans like Fiddler. He was a fan favorite at Nashville. Great locker room guy, great energy guy, and never afraid to drop the gloves when need be.

    1. Matt Shott Mar 21 20107:02 pm


      At first i didnt think much of the signing because he was brought in to be a faceoff guy, which he was third on his team last season out of four centers, but I have really come to like him. He clicks with everyone he is put on a line with. Him and Stempniak have been great together and his leadership has been great all season. I have really liked the signing, another gem by GMDM (GM Don Maloney)

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