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Fantasy Baseball 2010-A Bunch of Predictions for 2010

Here’s the thing you guys, I am a Fantasy Baseball Genius, a Guru if you will.

It’s pretty safe to say that I am the best Fantasy Baseball Player in the entire world. No doubt about it.

What do I do with this power? Fix the Economy? End world hunger? Develop a cure for Cancer? No, not big enough. It’s like Peter Parker’s Uncle in Spider Man said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Amen old man whose name I can’t remember right now!

I know what I have to do. I have to share this gift with the world! I have to pass on this knowledge that makes me the Jesus of Fantasy sports.

Ok, here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you 2 to 4 rock solid predictions for every team, you can decide for yourself what to do with the information. I can only show you the door people, I can’t walk through it for you. Bam…..I know, I’m super deep right.

2010 Predictions that Guarantee to Blow Your Mind

           Tim Hudson will surpass 200 strikeouts with 17 wins

           Jair Jurrjens will have more wins than Tim Hudson.

           Free Agent acquisition Troy Glaus will hit at least 25 home runs this season.

            Rookie Phenom Jason Heyward will live up to the lofty expectations everyone has for him and win NL Rookie of the Year. BLAM!!!

            Dan Uggla has hit at least 31 homeruns each of the past three years while never hitting any better than .260, in 2010 Uggla hits .280 with at least 35 homeruns, all from the Second base position. Only Aaron Hill will challenge for the league lead in homeruns by a Second baseman, sorry Ian Kinsler.

             Hanley Ramirez will swipe even fewer bags than his career low 2009 total of 27, the fourth straight year his steal total decreases.

              David Wright, looking to  rebound from an injury plagued 2009 bats better than .330 with 35 homeruns.

               Even though he really wants to Jose Reyes will not rebound this year, expect less than 250 at bats on the Season.

              Stay away from Carlos Beltan, its not pretty and the decline, even if its injury related, will continue. He will have less than 400 at bats this season, with the abundance of young talented Outfielders you can find another option, let someone else take the shot on Beltran.

              Cole Hamels will win at least 17 games.

               Roy Halladay will get injured at some point this season, but not while Pitching, he will get hurt while batting, most likely getting hit by a pitch. That’s why he’s stayed in the AL all these years, so he wouldn’t have to hit.

              Outfielder Raul Ibanez hit a career high 34 homeruns last year, his 17th season in the Majors, this year he hits less than 20.

              Everyone is talking about Steven Strasburg so I refuse to jump on that bandwagon and will keep my Strasburg thoughts to myself. He’s going to start the season in the minors by the way. Washington is cheap.

              More people will follow the WNBA than the Washington Nationals, heck I’ll pay more attention to Dora the Explorer reruns than the Nationals. That was mean, they’re really not that bad. Yes they are.

             Outfielder Nyjer Morgan will have a better fantasy season than Thirdbaseman Ryan Zimmerman. Boo-Yaa!!! In fact Morgan will steal more than 65 bases.

             Carlos Marmol will most likely start the season as the Cubs closer with Kevin Gregg stinking it up last year. Finally given the opportunity Marmol will have at least 43 saves.

             Aramis Ramirez, dogged by injuries most of 2009, will finish the year with more Homeruns and RBI’s than Manny Ramirez.

             1B Joey Votto will hit 35 Homeruns and bat over .315.

            2B Brandon Phillips has stolen more than 30 bases once, he accomplishes the feat this year with 35 steals, thats in addition to his 30 dingers, helping the Reds to make the playoffs this year……….Sorry that was too much! HA HA Cincinatti making the playoffs! Oh my Gawd! No they won’t make it, they have no pitching they suck.

            SP Wandy Rodriguez will finish the year with a Sub 3.00 ERA and fan over 200 batters with 16 or more wins. He’s good people.

             1B Lance Berkman will rebound from a career worst 2009 season and get back to his hitting ways. Expect 30+ dingers with 105+ RBI’s

             Houston will play baseball games and nobody will care.

           You would be crazy to think that Prince Fielder couldn’t get any better but hes just entering his prime, we could see another level, maybe 55+ homers is possible.

            The Pirates will be the worst team in baseball. Sorry Pittsburgh.

             Brad Penny will finish the season with more wins than Chris Carpenter.

             Matt Holiday will have the best statistical season of his career and nobody will notice because he plays on the same team as Albert Pujols, whose numbers will still be better than Holidays.

             Lindsay Lohan will go back to rehab, get out, start a relationship with a Groundhog and begin a career traveling the world selling home security systems.

             The Diamondbacks will either finish 1st or 2nd in the NL West, which includes the Colorado Rockies, LA Dodgers, San Fran Giants and the San Diego Padres. Aside from the Padres all those teams are tough.

             Mark Reynolds, with the ink barely dry on his new 3 year $14.5 mil contract, will strike out over 200 times for the 3rd straight year, this time he doesn’t clobber 44 homers, more like 35-40.

             Justin Upton is good, I mean really good, and after this season he’ll be considered one of the best all around players in Major League Baseball. Prepare to welcome him to the 40-40 club.

             Ubaldo Jiminez is the real Ace of this staff, expect 17 wins and over 200 strikeouts.

             Its been rumored that SS Troy Tulowitzki is growing a Mullet and plans on not cutting it until the end of the year, he’s going for the biggest Mullet in the league and faces competition from Ryan Howard for the Rookie Mullet of the Year award.

             I’m watching a Spring Training game with the Yankees taking on the Phillies. Burnett is pitching right now and has given up 2 runs in the 1st and just threw a wild pitch, he looks bigger thought, broader, I wonder if he put on any weight? The Champaigne diet maybe?

            Manny Ramirez is playing for another contract, is LA crazy enough to resign him again? I don’t think so, not after the Steroid admission AND his play as of late, he’s not scaring Pitchers like he used to, I think he’s lost it. Maybe he hits 20 dingers but he won’t bat over .310.

          Alot of analysts expect Russell Martin to rebound, that he’s too good not to. I don’t think so. Seriosly, he’s not that good to begin with, no power, 19 bombs are his career high, career .276 hitter, .257 with runners in scoring position. The only thing Martin has going for him is the fact that he’s remained healthy most his career, Wow!

           Adrian Gonzalez will not be a Padre by the 2010 Trading Deadline.

           Tim Lincecum looks like Paris Hilton with a brunette wig on and a baseball Cap, the kid is scrawny, and I’m fat whatever, but he is smokin’ good!!! I like me some Lincecum!!! Ummmm no prediction here, I think he’s awesome.

          Matt Wieters, entering his Sophmore season, after being hyped as Baseball Jesus as a Rookie, will finally live up to expectations, just a season too late. Better late than never right.

         Boston will finish in the bottom 10 in the league in runs scored, seriously, they are going to be one of the worst offensive teams in Baseball, they don’t have any bats and David Ortiz is done. Sorry Red Sox Nation, its Yankee time now.

         Josh Beckett will finish 2010 with 14 wins or fewer.

         Javier Vazquez will have more wins than AJ Burnett and more strikeouts than CC Sabathia.

         If the above prediction comes true go ahead and pencil in the Yankees as the 2010 World Series Champion.

         David Price, entering his 2nd full season as a starting pitcher will finally put it all together. Expect sub 3.4 ERA, sub 1.20 WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched) with 200 k’s and 18 wins.

         Ben Zobrist, finally given the full time 2b job had a spectacular season, it was a fluke people, Zobrist will not hit 20 homers and will have a sub .270 batting average.

         Carl Crawford will be a Yankee in 2011, to make that happen he has another solid season, swiping another 60 bags and 110 runs with a .300 BA.

         SP Ricky Romero wins 16 or 17 games.

         Aaron Hill was arguably the best 2nd basemen last year with 36 homeruns and 108 RBI’s, considering he’s still in his prime don’t look at this as a fluke, don’t expect another level however, this is his ceiling. 35+ HR and 110 RBI’s are likely.

         Jake Peavy finally gets healthy and puts up the monster numbers we are used to seeing from him, alot of K’s and wins are a sure thing. 220+ K’s and 18 wins aren’t crazy to expect.

          2B Gordon Beckham, one of the best Rookies of 2009, hits a sophmore slump in a big way and barely hits .240 on the season.

          Fausto Carmona will still suck in 2010, somebody will still hope for his 2007 year where he won 19 games. Consider in 4 seasons he’s had an ERA under 5.42 only once, that’s really bad. 2009 is the norm, not 2007, stay far away!

         OF Grady Sizemore is a great player who was dogged by injuries last season which cut his season short, he probably will come at a discount come draft time so grab him if you can, expect a return to his 30-30 ways.

         Losing Placido Polanco and Curtis Granderson will impact Detroits Offense even more than anyone could have expected, they will struggle to win 75 games this year.

         One of the few bright spots on this team is young SP Rick Porcello, he’s only 21 and already one of the better young pitchers in the game, expect more growth this year with an ERA around 3.30 and 16 wins.

         Miguel Cabrera will hit 40 dingers for the first time in his All Star career.

          Closer Joakim Soria is the best closer nobody talks about, I’m thinking 40 saves aren’t out of the question. I would predict more but Kansas City is bad and there won’t be that many opportunities to close games.

           Joe  Mauer will not hit more than 25 homeruns in 2010. He might not even hit 20 but I’m not willing to go that far. Despite the power outage he still puts up a MVP caliber season, the guy’s a potential batting champ every year if not the champ, career .444 OBP and a .367 hitter with runners in scoring position. Here’s a stat for ya, For his career, when he’s at bat with runners in scoring position with 2 outs is a .400 hitter, amazing.

            At some point this season SP Ervin Santana will end up in the Minors.

            Bobby Abreu still looks swollen, like he got stung by a mutant bee that swells your entire body.

           New addition DH Hideki Matsui, set to make $13 mil this year, will hit fewer that 20 dingers and bat .270 or less.

            OF Rajai Davis will steal more than 50 bases. Nobody cares except Grandma. Well, I care because if he does I’ll be right and if you know me the only thing I like more than being right is illegal in 47 states and can’t be mentioned on a family site like PSB. Translation-I like being right alot.

            Most people like the Angels to win the AL West, but I think with all the free agent acquisitions the Mariners are set to take control of the division.

            Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee will have more wins than any other SP duo on any team in the league.

             Ken Griffey Jr is still one of the classiest baseball players of all time and if not for injury could have been the Homerun king instead of Barry Bonds, ahhh what if……anyway he stinks now so don’t even think about drafting him. Obvious you think? Yeah I know.

              Texas has the best pitching staff in the Majors of guys that you have never heard of, well, get to know them because the names Scott Feldman, Derek Holland and Tommy Hunter need to be owned on more Fantasy rosters. These guys will be good.

              Josh Hamilton breaks the current slump he’s been in for all of 2009 to belt 35 dingers and 125 RBI’s, maybe even 8 or 9 SB’s.

Ok alot of predictions made, comment below on how big of an idiot you think I am or how big of a genius I actually am! Don’t worry, I am keeping score and at season’s end for all you loyal readers I will post the results. Heck, I could be the next Nostradamus!

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Danny Shapiro is 26 years old, married and a father to 2 boys, who he hopes one day to play MLB and support him and his wife in their old age. Danny's second love, mistress even, is sports and Danny is living his dream of being a sports writer right now, thanks to


In response to “Fantasy Baseball 2010-A Bunch of Predictions for 2010”

  1. Josh Souder Mar 23 20104:32 pm


    Just to let everyone know, this self-pronounced guru has no idea what he is talking about.

    He’s been shredding my fantasy posts since I started putting them up there, posting mock draft results with Josh Barfield going as the 11th pick overall, and then has the audacity to challenge me to a fantasy baseball league. So to prove how big of a hypocrite this self-proclaimed guru actually is, please read the comment he left me attempting to argue my position scarcity strategy.

    He commented:

    “Just because you don’t get Mauer doesnt mean you are screwed. If you know what you are doing and do your research, you can get somebody good and you dont have to be scrambling all season with 250 guys, A good fantasy manager will find a good player. Russell Martin has always been good, he had a bad season but don’t be surprised if he picks it up.”

    Yet above he states:

    “Alot of analysts expect Russell Martin to rebound, that he’s too good not to. I don’t think so. Seriosly, he’s not that good to begin with, no power, 19 bombs are his career high, career .276 hitter, .257 with runners in scoring position. The only thing Martin has going for him is the fact that he’s remained healthy most his career, Wow!”

    The proof is in the pudding that this guy obviously has no idea what he is talking about. He defends Martin to prove his point in a comment on one of my posts, yet he goes back and says the exact opposite in his post a week later (which was ultimately my point).

    So my only question is how many of the things that he listed above will he flip on next week. I disagree with almost everything he listed above in his post, don’t listen to his advice, and better yet, try doing the exact opposite, because that’s what he’ll probably end up posting next week. But at least thanks to this guy I was able to prove my position scarcity argument.

    1. Danny Shapiro Mar 24 20109:23 am


      “I disagree with almost everything he listed above in his post, don’t listen to his advice, and better yet, try doing the exact opposite. But at least thanks to this guy I was able to prove my position scarcity argument”

      So……you’re saying I helped you?

  2. Dan Rakusan Mar 23 20104:58 pm


    Infighting!!! Cool! This could get colourful!!!

    1. Danny Shapiro Mar 24 20109:06 am


      Hahaha Yes I’ve finally made it!!! Josh I did flip flop on Russell Martin, you got me.. Thanks for paying such close attention to my posts thats awesome!!!!!

      People can change their minds can’t they Josh?

      You haven’t proved anything yet Josh. You wanna play in a league with me, I’m done talking, lets put our strategies to the test.

      By the way, I was hoping you would disagree with alot my my predictions, I hope alot of people do. People all too often will take what an analyst says as law and don’t realize all we want you to do is take the info we give and make your own decisions. Thats it, make your own decisions.

      Me changing my mind on Russell Martin doesn’t prove your scarcity arguement either, you playing in a league with me and beating me using that strategy does.

  3. Josh Souder Mar 24 20104:42 pm


    It’s fine to change your mind. Prior research helps those occurrences though. The reason I called you out on that is because you were using Russell Martin in your debate against my strategy. My entire point was that regardless of whether you draft Pujols, if you get stuck with Russell Martin (who is the 4th to 6th ranked catcher on most boards), when you average their numbers together, a Mauer-Reynolds or Upton or even Votto (minus the steals), works out to give you a better advantage (the position scarcity argument). I will give you the Pujols-McCann or Martinez or even Wieters combo for your debate, but you will have to reach for them regardless, drafting them over better players regardless. I think Mauer is primed for another excellent campaign, and he is by far the best catcher on the board (not that Pujols isn’t the best 1B on the board), but I prefer Mauer’s statistical advantage over the other catchers on the board. You mentioned in one of your comments, that yes I do read and remember, that Martin was a great example of a high ranked catcher that didn’t pan out. That’s why I like Mauer so much, because he is the ONLY catcher on the board that I am 100% certain will pan out. I think McCann will have a great season, but I’m not 100% certain on it. Same goes for Martinez and Wieters. But I am 100% certain that there are at least 10 firstbasemen that will post usable stats, not detrimental stats. And that my friend is the position scarcity argument. Mauer, per position, is the best player on the board, and not only that, much better than his catcher competition. If you get stuck with a sub-.250, sub 10 HR’s, sub 60 RBI’s, sub 50 runs guy on your roster, it will hurt your team overall. I don’t want a single player on my roster that has a chance to lower my overall statistical goal averages. And I accept your challenge, it should be a lot of fun, and prepare to lose.

    1. Dan Rakusan Mar 24 20104:49 pm


      I can’t wait until Mauer (whoever he might be, again – not a baseball fan) gets injured for 30 games or whatever…

      I don’t EVER play fantasy baseball because I don’t know a damn thing about it, but this is worth getting into since we have two alleged “experts” arguing strategy. I wanna see how my blind picking stacks up, although I’ll probably finish dead last since the last player I liked was Vlad Guererro…lol…

      Looking forward to it gents!

  4. Dan Rakusan Apr 5 20105:31 pm


    Take the Tampa Bay Rays on the OVER in a lot of games. Realistically, this team won’t be winning anything this year, but I believe they’ll be in a lot of high-scoring games.

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