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Christo the whipping boy..so sad

Posted By Trent Kondo On Mar 26 2010 @ 4:02 pm In Chicago Blackhawks | No Comments

[1]After a thorough beating by the surprisingly feisty Columbus Blue Jackets 8-3 it sent Hawk nation dwindling down yet again which seems to be the theme since the Olympic break. Sneak out a couple wins, get beat by late period collapses, come back with an outstanding total team effort only to make way for a poor effort on the next game. Unfortunate, but sadly this is the current situation of the BlackHawks.

I won’t beat around the bush pretending that people blame this disastrous loss to a non playoff team on the entire team of the Hawks because simply put.. 90% of the fans and/or media are blaming one person. Christobal Huet. Completely unfair yes but points can be made from both sides of the situation at hand.

The team did not play well overall defensively but Chicago still outshot and some could argue outplayed CBJ overall. The only difference is CBJ buried their opportunities and the Hawks did not. This brings us to Christo, yes he played poorly and will admit that him self as he always does.

“I’m looking for answers,” Huet said. “Pretty embarrassing the way the game went. The way I played is not acceptable. I feel sorry for the guys, I let them down.”

The NHL world who choose to rip apart Huet for being “useless”, “terrible” and “garbage” just to name a few of the insults directed to him personally should take shame in my humble opinion. Many say he makes too much money..is it his fault? NO. Is he trying his damnedest to be competitive and play well to overcome this atrocious situation he is in let alone the mixed emotions he is going through? YES

I have heard first hand that Huet is a class act in and out of the hockey rinks and is one great team mate. A great person you ask..damn rights he is. Now I realize the business of sports is a rip roar tear your head off business and basically you win or your garbage is what a lot of fans think. Chicago being one of the most critical especially with the lack of championships brought in by the Cubs, BlackHawks, the underachieving Bears and the “who knows what they are going to do” Bulls. I understand that. To cut down and personally insult a player whom is a good person and is trying his absolute hardest out there is like yelling at your sweet mother who spent 12 hours cooking Turkey dinner on Xmas only to have accidentally burnt it turning her day into a complete nightmare. OK your mother probably does not make over 5 mill nor is she in the limelight of the hockey world but you get my point.

I refuse to personally attack any good person for underachieving at anything they do when they try their best at whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. That’s just me. Am I going to change the thinking of the majority of fans thinking and actions? Nope not a chance. Just voicing my opinion that is all.

Adam Burish is quoted saying this:

“You can point the fingers at a lot of guys in this game,” Burish said. “I’m sure (Huet) will take the heat but he has taken heat all year. The poor guy is just getting slammed all year. I’m sure he’s not going to be surprised to read the papers (Friday) and hear everybody slam him but it’s not one guy.”

I can not defend Huet’s play in last night’s contest because he was not good but the continued onslaught of fans and media gets to a person eventually.

So what happens here with Huet? My guess is Niemi has a serious edge over Huet for the starting role in the playoffs, really how can he not? Do I think our goalie situation is settled…nope. This year I would not be surprised if Corey Crawford was our guy that’s how odd of a season it has been. With that said, there are rumblings of Huet possibly getting sent to the minors and bringing Crawford up to finish out the season. It could happen but who knows. One of my very good tweet buddies ( I will call her Kimberly) suggests Huet is coming off the Flu, has not played in almost 2 weeks and she feels he will start at home against CBJ Sunday. She always has a great point of view and analysis so can I throw that out the window? Definitely not, they are very good points that many are overlooking. Do I think Huet will start? No I don’t but it is definitely not impossible. If Huet did start that would be either the turn around point for him or the complete demise of Christo.

Jesse Rogers of ESPN told me thisĀ  “its Niemi’s job. Huet has lost all confidence in his game. HIs reactions are a mess..might need him in playoffs so not good.

Either way we will see what the final outcome is over the span of 2-3 weeks as the Hawks close out the regular season, all we can do is hope for the best and hope coach Q gets something together.Q is another story for another day but pending how the season ends he better not be sitting with his feet up.

Picture courtesy of Chicago Sun Times

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