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Like big wins and I cannot lie.

Well, I thought I would bring back the old format since I got a few emails from my readers saying I lost my edge.  Energy drink in hand… let’s drop the puck!

20:00 Coyotes at Predators.  Should be a great game between the number 4 and number 7 seeded teams.  I expect a tight checking game from the Coyotes.  I expect the Preds to try to get an early goal and establish offensive pressure from the outset.  All the lines have to play well in order for the Predators to get a win tonight.

18:49 What is going on in the room next to me?  Kinda sounds like a mixture of someone trying to play guitar while killing a squawking bird.  Shut up in there!  The games on.  Crazy college kids.

17:56 Predators are controlling play.  Great forecheck by Sullivan and Goc.

14:06 Yotes score on a 2 v 1.  Lee Stepniak just rifled one past Rinne’s glove.  Franson got caught pinching which directly lead to the Coyotes goal.  Stepniak is one of the guys who I wanted at the trade deadline.  Yes, I am a little bit sour Poile didn’t pick him up.  Keith Yandle is the one who passed that puck up.  Really pretty play.

10:43 I wonder if we are going to see the new headshot rule called tonight.

10:00 This isn’t looking good.  I don’t think Nashville can win this game.  The Yotes are blocking too many shots and Erat is turning the puck over.  This team is really missing the leadership of Captain Jason Arnott.  The Preds need someone to up the energy.

6:51 I like it I love it!  Honk if your Horny, the “Swedish Super Viking” once again puts the biscuit in the basket, tallying his 29th goal of the season.  This was an awesome backhand shot that rang off the post an in.  What a great shot and setup.

5:29 Rinne with a huge save!  I think Wolski was trying to lob the puck in the net.

End of 1: Looks like Rinne is playing well and the Goc, Sullivan, Hornqvist line continues to look good.


18:00 I barely have time to sit down before Steve Sullivan wrists one past the goalie stick side.  Great shot and a great play by Marcel Goc to get the puck to Sully who did the smart thing and shot the darn thing.  This line is on fire tonight.  They are good for both goals and have been the best line out there so far.

17:00 Preds are coming out and dominating this period.  We are out playing them badly right now IMHO.  They have established a strong forecheck, which is exactly what I said was the key of the game.

13:45 Great exchange last night between my friend and I.  Friend: What’s up man.  Me: watching hockey.  Friend: Who’s winning?  Me: Nashville.  Friend: Can I burrow some cash?  Me: Yeah yeah whatever I’m watching the game.  My friend leaves with my wallet… yep these are my friends taken advantage of a hockey addict. NOTE: I got it back after the game with all my money, he just wanted to see if I was paying attention.  Let that be a lesson to you.

11:58 WOW!  What a great play by Cal O’Reilly to setup Dan Hamhuis for a onetimer.  O’Reilly threw a no-look pass to a streaking Hamhuis who just ripped the puck past Bryzgalov.  Great read by Hamhuis to get over to the puck, but even better play by O’Reilly who threw that perfect no-look pass.

9:47 Predators on a power play.

7:47 Predators power play over no shots on goal. Your Nashville Predators are on the FLOWER PLAY!

5:54 Predators appear to be aiming for Bryzgalov’s stick side all the time.  I wonder if this is Bryzgalov’s weakness?

End of 2: Predators really came out and dominated this period.  Good goals.  My one complaint is the power play looked pitiful for the Predators.  Phoenix is doing a great job blocking shots.  The Predators have to maintain discipline on defense if they want to win.  This team has to play out the last twenty minutes like their playoff lives depend on it.


18:20 My goodness do I like Shane Doan.  The guy is an absolute leader on the ice.  I dunno how he is in the locker room, but he leads by example on the ice.  From all accounts, he seems like a quality guy.

8:32 Preds once again squander a power play with no shots on goal.  That is two power plays now with no shots on goal.  This team misses Jason Arnott.

9:00 Can we trade for Shane Doan?  Please?

6:32 Coyotes score right after killing a feeble power play attempt by Nashville.  I dunno where the power play went this game, but it went to hell in a hand basket.  The newest Coyote, Wolski picks up the puck and slings it past Pekka Rinne.  Not sure if Rinne was screened at all, but it mattered little.  I thought it was a great shot by Wolski.  Score is now 3-2.

3:57 the Coyotes score again tying the game at 3 a piece.  The Predators once again relinquish a third period lead.  Unbelievable!  This team has struggled all season to close games out.  They have been outscored 78-67 this season in the third period.  Simply inexcusable.  When they are ahead with about eight minutes left, they just totally collapse and get their foot off the peddle.  Come on guys!

End of 3.  To be honest, no real positives.  Predators once ago blow a lead in the 3rd.  Very frustrating if you are a Predators fan.

0:00 To overtime we go.

Overtime: Nothing of real importance.

Shootout time in Smashville

Coming into tonight’s game Phoenix has a league leading 12 shootout wins lead by Adrian Aucoin of all people.  He is 5 for 5 this season.  Pretty sensational if you ask me.

First shot PHX- Lee Stempniak dekes Rinne out of his pants and scores on the five hole.

First shot NSH- Cal O’Reilly responds with a snipe of his own, beating Bryz with a wicked wrister just inside the pipe and crossbar on Bryz glove side.

Second shot PHX- Aucoin comes in and does his famous wrister, but Pekka Rinne wasn’t fooled.

Second shot NSH- Martin Erat misses wide glove side.

Third shot PHX- Vrbata got robbed on the backhand after his shot pinged of the post, then crossbar.  No goal.

Third shot NSH- David Legwand wastes no time cramming the puck through Bryz’s five hole to win the game.  Thank goodness!

Overall a GREAT night to be Predators fan but the Preds have got to figure out a way to make things less exciting.  When we have a 2 goal lead, we have to keep it.  Leaving their fate to the “Overtime Gods” is a bad idea.  The Kings and the Flames lost (in regulation no less!) so things are looking good for the Predators’ playoff chances.  The next game is the big Saturday game against Detroit in the Stone.  This will arguably be the biggest game of the season for Nashville.

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Chris currently attends my Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He hopes to one day be a high school teacher.


In response to “Like big wins and I cannot lie.”

  1. Dave Gutzman Mar 26 20102:28 pm


    Was wondering where you had been hiding. I figured you had taken a trip to Sweden to research the life and times of the Swedish Super Viking.

    1. Chris Rydburg Mar 26 20102:44 pm


      Actually I was trying to survive Botany :P

  2. Corey Krakower Mar 26 20102:32 pm


    I really like Spaling and O’Reilly. Colin Wilson had a bad game but I like what I’ve seen this year from him.

    Add Cody Franson to the equation and you must be very happy about what the future holds for this franchise with all of these effective young players.

    1. Dave Gutzman Mar 26 20102:36 pm


      Yep, we are looking at a future blueline that has:

      Suter / Weber
      Blum / Franson
      Ellis / Klien

      There are 2 or 3 other D prospects that could vie for ice time as well. We are fairly comfortable we won’t be complaining about talent on D for at least the next 6 or 7 years.

      1. Corey Krakower Mar 26 20102:40 pm


        no Grebeshkov?

        1. Chris Rydburg Mar 26 20102:47 pm


          I think Dave means the far future. I don’t think Grebeshkov will be a Predator next season either. I think we will get moved on draft day for a pick and the Predators will resign Dan Hamhuis. Just my guess.

          I really hope the Predators can move one of Arnott, Sullivan, Dumont this offseason. I know which one I would choose, but right now we are getting dangerously close to above the 48.8 with no Weber raise.

          1. Dave Gutzman Mar 26 20103:05 pm

            Yes, the blueline I was referring to is 2 years away for the 2011/2012 season. Next year, it will look like..

            Franson / Blum
            Klien / ??????

            If Nashville is able to trade Arnott, Dumont, or Sullivan, that would allow us enough money to resign Hamhuis. If not, Hamhuis’ rights will be traded before the deadline to a team who wants to sign him.

            Unless Grebs wants a serious salary cut, he isn’t going to be on the team and we will trade his rights as well. If we are going to spend 3+ million on a blueliner, it will be Hamhuis. If Hamhis isn’t around, we would sign Bouillon before we signed Grebs.

            After the 2010/2011 season, we will have some salary room to play with. But we will also need to sign Weber and that could be expensive.

  3. Dave Gutzman Mar 26 20103:01 pm


    Its hard to tell. As he is injured, we haven’t seen anything of him. There is really only 1 roster sport that is open for next year on D. My guess it will be either Grebeshkov or one our prospects. But if Grebeshkov wants any money, he is probably out of the picture. We are going to be a serious salary mess next year until we get Arnott and Sully off our books. I can promise you we aren’t going to sign him to 3+ million he is making now. Maybe a million, but thats about it. If he wants 3+ we will bring up Sulzer, or any number of other prospects. Blum will already be on the roster next year.

    1. Chris Rydburg Mar 26 20103:24 pm


      I suspect Grebs will be moved. I also suspect Hamhuis will be back simply because he is Hamhuis and Poile is a loyal man.

      I think Cal O’Reilly is on the block. I really wish we could keep Sullivan, but I don’t see how we can keep him on the roster.

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