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Unparalleled Elation.

Posted By Chris Rydburg On Apr 3 2010 @ 9:22 pm In Nashville Predators | 4 Comments

The Nashville Predators entered todays game against Detroit knowing a win gets them in the playoff and increases their lead over the Redwings for the 5th seed in the Western Conference.  The Nashville Predators would leave Detroit two points ahead of their arch rivals thanks to an overtime goal by Ryan “USA”  Suter.

But I get ahead of myself.  Let’s take a look back on the important (and sometimes unimportant) notes I took during this epic playoff intensity tilt.  As promised, the notes have been taken in the usual format which means very little editing and essentially my stream of consciousness.  Enjoy.

20:00 Holy big games Batman!  This is literally the one for all the marbles.  If Detroit wins, they will overtake the Predators for the coveted #5 spot in the West.  Meanwhile, if Nashville achieves any form of points, they will stamp their tickets into the postseason.  Should be an absolutely insane clash today.  I am feeling a 3-2 Predators win… not like I am biased or anything.

15:14 The teams are absolutely flying out there.  This is going to be a game for the ages.

8:21 I am having a hard time figuring out what to write down because actions are happening so quickly.  I am afraid to even look away for a second.  This game has a blistering pace right now.  Or maybe that is just my heart…

4:45 Detroit is taking the momentum of the game right now.

2:44 Detroit gets a B.S. power play.  Not surprising- Detroit always gets help from the boys in the striped shirts.

1:45 Unsurprisingly, Detroit scores on said power play.  Brian Rafalski slid the puck inside the glove side post to give Detroit the lead.  Have to give credit where credit is due, Tomas Holmstrom really made this play happen with a great pass to Franzen who threw the puck to Rafalski.  Though it was a good play, it was a weak goal.  Rinne should have had that.  Detroit ahead 1-0.  That’s painful to type.

1:00 Tomas Holmstrom takes a penalty.  Predators are on the power play.  Don’t get excited, the Predators haven’t scored on a power play in 24 attempts.

1st Period over.  Positives: Well, we’re not losing by more than one.  I think that is a positive.

19:00 No surprise, we didn’t score on a power play even though we had a couple of great chances!  Nashville needs a new power play coach before the playoff.  Seriously, this is inexcusable and will lead to another short playoff run.

18:29 Predators with GREAT pressure right now…

18:24 SHEA FREAKING WEBER BLASTS A PUCK PAST HOWARD!  Nothing really to report on this besides great offensive pressure opened up a lane for Weber to hammer one through the bodies!  I’m happy.

16:32 I think Detroit’s color guys need to take off the home glasses just a little.  They are pretty annoying to listen to.  OH I have an idea- let’s take a look at this clip and see if Shea Weber throw an elbow.  You make the call.

Weber Lilja [1]

I think my favorite part of this whole clip is “Lilja can handle himself,” as if he had to convince himself.  Lilja would be out for almost an entire year after this particular fight with concussion like symptoms.  I am in no way applauding Lilja’s unfortunate injury, nor am I glorifying violence.  I just think TV sportscasters need to be objective and this clearly wasn’t objective.  I digress.

15:00 Martin Erat scores!  In normal Erat fashion, he skates in circles with the puck apparently stuck to his blade.  Then puts the Predators ahead with a 360 degree spin shot that surprised just about everybody on the ice.  Great shot by Marty.  Predators ahead 2-1.

8:50 Detroit is making a comeback.

4:07 OK I am going to do some serious smack talk for a minute.  I hate Detroit.  Frankly, I hate the team, the city, and I hate some of their really obnoxious and inconsiderate fans.  I didn’t really have a problem with their TV guys until today.  They claim the Predators are just sitting on the blue line playing a trap defense and bemoaning the fact the trap is unfair.  How laughable are these guys?  Every team plays some form of a defensive trap!  Every freaking team.  Stop belittling the Predators because you have some form of an agenda.  Seriously.  Detroit is one of the best teams at standing up people at the blue line, almost to the point where they should be called for interference.  Not saying Nashville wasn’t playing smart defensive hockey, but these comments are just ridiculous.

4:00 And of course Detroit scores.  Nicklas Lidstrom scores after Pavel Datsyuk makes a spectacular play against Ryan Suter.  Game is now tied at two.  I am pretty frustrated with Ryan Suter and Shea Weber at the moment and not because I don’t think they aren’t trying, but because I think they are too tired to play right now.  They were the workhorses for their respective National Teams, and are skating like they have lead skates.  Should the Predators lock up a playoff spot tonight, I hope Trotz considers benching them the next two games in order to rest them before the playoffs.  Let’s hope we have that opportunity.

:43 J.P. DUUUUUUUUMOUNT SCORES!  Predators ahead 3-2 .  J.P. fanned on his original shot, but Dustin Boyd had some fancy stick work down low to send the puck to Dumont in the slot.  Dumont knew what to do with the puck and sent it to the net where it sailed by Jimmy Howard.  Thank God.  Did I tell you how much I like Dustin Boyd.  The kids works it and has really filled in nicely with this blue collar team.

2nd Period End:  Predators are ahead.  I am feeling pretty good so far.  Now we just need to play some really good defense.  60 minute effort.

11:46 Some great scoring chances for the Predators.  Howard is having to come up big.  I now understand why he is one of the rookie of the year candidates, though I don’t think he will beat out Tyler Myers or Matt Duchene.

2:00 Dustin Boyd rings one off the post.  What could have put this game away became a missed opportunity.  Boyd was on a break away and had Howard beat after Lidstrom fell on his butt with a flat tire (get it?) but the Hockey Gods favored the Redwings, and the puck bounced Detroit’s way.  How unfortunate.

:30 Unfreakingbelievable.  Detroit scores with :30 ticks left.  Clean shot, but I am left empty and stunned.  While the Predators clinched a playoff berth, that isn’t enough for me.  I want a win.  I need a win.

End of 3rd.  Predators played a whole 59:30 game, but the last :30 killed them.  If they can’t find a win to win this game, it will be a sad day in Nashville.


4:24 Joy in the Music City!  Ryan “USA” Suter puts one past Howard :16 ticks into OT to beat Detroit.  This was a perfect shot to the wide side by Suter, who was all alone in the faceoff circle.  How he was so open, I dunno nor do I honestly care.  I could literally hear Howard thinking “oh crap” as the puck came to Suter.  Detroits announcers were at a loss for words.  Angry Detroit fans?  Priceless.

So the Predators won a pivotal game against their arch-rivals.  The last two games the teams have played have gone to at least overtime, if not a shootout.  Predators play again Wed. against the Coyotes.  Take care Predators fans!

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