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Red Sox drop opening series; but win first series on the road

Week one of the 2010 season is in the books. The Red Sox are 3-3 on the season. They dropped 2 out of 3 to the Yankees. You can always count on a Sox/Yankee game to take at least 4 hours and they didn’t let us down. Tuesday and Wednesday’s games lasted 3:46 and 3:48, respectively. It’s no secret these games take forever. The fans have accepted it, but evidently the umpires haven’t. Umpire Joe West criticized both teams, calling them ‘pathetic’ and ‘embarrassing.’ Sunday night’s game “only” took 3:21, one of the shorter ¬†games in sox/yanks history. Last year, the Red Sox and Yankees met 18 times. Only one of those games logged in under 3 hours. That is interesting because the average length of a major league game is 2:55. Moral of the story: that’s the way it goes Joe West. Your job is to be impartial and umpire the game. It’s our job as a fan to criticize. As a ticket holder to the games at Fenway, I can’t complain; I certainly get my money’s worth.

Tuesday the sox fell to the Yanks 6-4. It was tied 4-4 in the 8th, with runners on first and second with 2 outs, when Jeter hit a grounder to Scutaro at short. He bounced the throw to first for an error and loaded the bases. Next batter, Okajima walked the bases loaded giving the Yankees the go-ahead run. In the 9th, Robinson Cano added a home run for extra measure. It was a tough loss and of course Sox fans needed to blame someone. Scutaro took the heat for this one, even though I have seen Youk make that play time and time again. This was a “team” blunder as far as I’m concerned from both the offense and defense. 1. Lester didn’t exactly have a stellar game, missing many of his pitches. 2. “Okee” walked the bases loaded. 3. The bats weren’t exactly filled with tons of pop, aside from Victor Martinez’ 2-run homer and RBI double.

Wednesday night the sox fell to the Yankees again, this time 3-1. The sox struck first with Big Papi getting his first hit of the year; driving in Dustin, who doubled to deep left. In the 7th, Swisher drove in Posada tying the game at 1-1. Papelbon escaped the 9th inning retiring all 3 batters. But it was in the 10th, Curtis Granderson hit a deep shot to right field landing 2 seats away from me. Luckily, the fan did his job and “THREW-IT-BACK” (insert chanting voice here) on the field. Five batters later, Teixeira drove in an insurance run, to seal the Red Sox fate. Looking back on the positives, there was only one: John Lackey’s performance. He pitched 6 innings, giving up only 3 hits, walking 2, with 3 K’s on 100 pitches.

Friday night the Sox traveled to Kansas City where they dropped the first of a three game series. I am sensing a theme here folks, and it all relates to the bullpen. Tuesday Okajima blew it. Wednesday Papelbon blew it. So it is only fitting that Daniel Bard join in on the fun. He came in in the 8th, trying to preserve an 3-2 lead. 2 runs later, the Red Sox lost 4-3. Wakefield pitched 7 great innings, allowing 2 runs (back to back jacks), striking out 6. Come on bullpen, get it together!!!! NEWSFLASH: David Ortiz had his second hit of the year, a double. Until “Mission: Bench Papi” goes away, I will be following this topic closely. After 4 games, Ortiz is 2 for 14. It could be worse. He could be Mark Teixeira, who was 0 for 16, after 4 games. This topic is a hot one in Boston at the moment. Tension is brewing with the fans, the management and the players. To make matters worse, Ortiz was ejected in Friday’s game for arguing balls and strikes. More to follow on this one.

I figured if the Sox were going to lose one of the three games, it would be against last year’s Cy Young Award winner; and my “fantasy baseball stud,” Zack Greinke. Somehow the sox bats came alive to win this one 8-3. Did it have something to do with Tito finally giving his all-star reserves, a chance to get in the game? Red Sox’ beloved Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek and newcomer, Jeremy Hermida, all logged their first game of the year. They all came out swinging too! Varitek hit TWO, count ‘em, TWO, home runs! Hermida had a homer of his own and Mikey had his first hit of the year. The bats were blazing yesterday. Even Dustin and Youk went yard and Jacoby was 3-5.

The Sox finished the 3 game series strong. They took 2 out of 3, beating the Royals today 8-6. I want to point out that in each of the Red Sox wins, they totaled 12 hits. Just an observation. Buchholz notched his first win of the season. Good for him! Out of our starting rotation he would be the last person I would peg to start out the season 1-0. We’ll take it. He has Jacoby, Beltre, Martinez, and Pedrioa, to thank for this win. It wasn’t pretty, giving up 7 hits, and 2 runs in 5 innings. The bats came out strong from the start today. Elsbury, went 2 for 5 again. Martinez was 2 for 4. Beltre was 3 for 5 with 3 RBI. Dustin is absolutely crushing the ball so far this season, going 4 for 5 today,¬†with his third home run on the year. When are they going to realize you can’t throw a fastball past Pedroia? He took that high and inside pitch, and still came around on it; knocking it out of the park. That is a tough pitch to hit regardless, but at his size? That is very impressive! Injury Alert: Late in the game, Jacoby Ellsbury and Adrian Beltre collided while going for a fly ball near the line. Ellsbury went in for the slide, while Beltre somersaulted over him kneeing him in the chest. X-Rays came back negative and Jacoby was diagnosed with bruised ribs. From personal experience, that is a tough injury to bounce back from. Expect to see Hermida get some playing time this week.

The Red Sox head to Minnesota for a 3 game series. Let’s hope their bats stay alive.

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I was born a sports fan. Playing soccer, basketball and softball in high school, then moving on to play Div. II softball at Keene State on partial scholarship. In 2003, our team was inducted into the Keene State Hall of Fame. GO OWLS! I am a die hard Red Sox, Patriots and UNC Tar Heel hoop fan. Most of my friends call me Baseball Brenda because when it comes to ranking my priorities in life, the Red Sox always are first on the list. I average about 40 games a year and I have attended every home playoff game since moving back to MA in 2005. I am super competitive and excel at anything you can win at :) Horseshoes, ping pong, darts, pool, cornhole, and bowling. Always love a good challenge. I play a lot of golf in the summer and a lot of fantasy sports. I am always looking to meet local Sox fans so look me up on Facebook.

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In response to “Red Sox drop opening series; but win first series on the road”

  1. merzbach Apr 12 20108:03 am


    I don’t like that Red Sox fans have now started throwing back home run balls from opposing players. This is a tradition that should only be upheld at Wrigley Field, where it originally started. It just looks very “copy-catish”.

    1. "Baseball Brenda" Sepanek Apr 12 201010:40 am


      Fortunately, it happens everywhere :) You would know more than I Brian, since you are the “ballpark world traveler.”

      1. merzbach Apr 12 20102:11 pm


        Yeah, it does seem to happen everywhere now, but I always like to think that Red Sox fans are above copying what everyone else is doing. It’s like when I hear Sweet Caroline at other parks. Get your own damn traditions !

        1. "Baseball Brenda" Sepanek Apr 13 20102:12 pm


          I am not sure if it’s a matter of “copying” what Wrigley considers to be a tradtion. In other parks, I think it stems from frustration and “player hating”. I rarely see balls being thrown back out on the field when a team is winning. When a team is losing, and the game is on the line, that is when it happens. I also see it when players the crowd hates or are having a tough time in the media. It may be a tradition in Wrigley but elsewhere it is more of a “timing” thing. Are parks playing Sweet Caroline elsewhere? Now that is wrong!

          1. merzbach Apr 13 20102:20 pm

            Yes, the Mets were using Sweet Caroline for a while last season at Citi Field, though apparently they’ve stopped it now. I’ve also seen it used at several minor league ballparks.

  2. spanky Apr 12 201010:45 pm


    Another good “blog” Brenda …….. you manage to capture it all !!!

    1. mybostonredsox2010 Apr 29 20103:07 pm


      Baseball Brenda…. isnt this Spanky ID your other email account? sad that you have to do this ….

      1. "Baseball Brenda" Sepanek Apr 29 20103:10 pm


        It is my mother, Kathy. Spanky was my nickname in college and it was the name of my dog that passed away two years ago. Who is this? You think I am that ridiculous, I am going to comment on my own blog. It is sad you would think that of me.

  3. vwool Apr 13 20102:39 pm


    Well written and insightful. Offically a fan of “Baseball Brenda”

  4. SportySexyFun2 Apr 13 20107:33 pm


    Way to hit the nail on the head Brenda with the Joe West comment! Its nice to seee another woman’s point of view!!! Please keep blogging!!!

  5. Pribs Apr 13 20109:08 pm


    Anyone who throws away a free baseball is an idiot.
    Give it to a little kid!

  6. Kevin Lee Apr 13 20109:22 pm


    Nice work as always!!

  7. ricehalloffamefinally Apr 15 20109:35 am


    great job on the blog . keep them coming

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