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Iron Clad Rumors

Posted By Ron Burr On Apr 18 2010 @ 3:09 pm In Baltimore Orioles | No Comments

Well THAT didn’t take long.  12 games into a season where players and coaches are going to be judged on “wins and losses”, you would think that the 1-11 record and a team batting average below the Mendoza Line [1] w/runners in scoring position would be enough heartburn for Orioles fans to reach for the Pepto Bismol.  But thanks to Ken Rosenthal’s article [2] on Fox Sports (dot) com, there is a whole new hornet’s nest stirring up the fans. And while it is nice to see O’s fan’s passionate about something after this start (and the record low 9,129 fans that came out to the Rays game last Monday), something about this article bothers me.

First of all, it is more than a little bit inflammatory in its wording.  I understand the need to have anonymous sources (and the silence from both Cal Ripken and Andy MacPhail, who would only say “We have wasted enough ink on the subject already”, is rather suspect in how loud that silence is), but when you are quoting “anonymous sources”, you need to couch your statements with the modifier “allegedly”, or something similar.  And while Rosenthal repeatedly says this is “according to sources”, he makes his statements as facts.  Even if he says “according to sources” in EVERY paragraph, it is misleading to make the statement as a fact first, then to tack on “sources said”.  It smacks of muckraking, sports style.


An actual photo of Ken Rosenthal reporting about Peter Angelos

Now it should come as no surprise that Peter Angelos has come out and flat out denied [4] that there is any kernel of truth to Ken Rosenthal’s article.  But what might come as a surprise is that I believe Angelos (and unless Ripken, MacPhail, or some other reliable source that would have a reason to be aware of this situation – in other words, not some “major league source –  come out and state otherwise I will continue to do so).  First of all, Angelos is above all else a lawyer.  It is how he made his bones and how he had the money to buy the team.  He is not Jerry Jones [5], and he is not likely to spout off half cocked about a bit of business that would leave a bunch of egg on his face (and since that article has “quotes” from Angelos).  And for all his many gaffes in regards to this team, he has never made any kind of egregious public relations mistake, nor has he ever treated Ripken and his legacy with anything less than the utmost respect.  It is well documented that Ripken and Angelos meet on a regular basis, and as recently as this winter/spring they have had talks about expanding the relationship between the team and Ripken Baseball [6] to include the minor league facility as a place for the youth league to play during the summer and even using the concessions as a revenue stream for the organization.  I cannot think of any rational explanation for why Peter Angelos would then turn around and kick Cal Ripken, who has been all but canonized by the fan base, to the curb like the Rosenthal article claims.

What do YOU think?

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