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Out From Hiding

I hope blogging is like riding a bike because it’s been a minute since I’ve posted something.

Truthfully I don’t remember which show I left off with on my last blog . . . oh yeah, UFC 111 preview.  Well, since then there have been some shows I’d be happy to share a few thoughts on, and I do mean a few.

UFC 111

GSP dominated the one dimensional Dan Hardy.  These Brits need to come with a more well-rounded game.  Aside from Bisping,  Britain’s the home of one trick ponies.  Guys here is a tip.  You need more than one punch to win in this sport. Learn to wrestle. Elsewhere, Shawn Mir absolutely destroyed Frank Mir.  Can the octagon hold the total mass of a Lesnar vs Carwin title fight?  We’ll find out on July 3.

UFC Fight Night 21

Kenny Florian looked awesome again in submitting Takanori Gomi.  I’d put my money on Florian against any light weight in the world not named BJ Penn. He’ll be in the co-main event when UFC makes its debut in Boston on August 28 against Gray Maynard.  In the other headline fight Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson put Stephan Struve to sleep with a thunderous right hand.  The fat man has looked impressive since entering the fighting championship.  Keep rubbing that belly Roy. Word is he’ll take on Cheick  Kongo this summer.

UFC 112

This show sucked and boy am I glad I didn’t pay for it.  I’m still a little pissed I had to drive 20 minutes out of the way because the lounge I usually watch events at decided against showing the fights.  Those rat bastards!  Everyone had done a fair amount of bitching after the show so I’ll pass on piling it on.  Important takeaways here, Silva is still untouchable and Frankie Edgar made some people very rich by upsetting BJ Penn in a very close decision.  I thought Penn won 48-47 but it really could have gone either way.  The immediate rematch will headline the Boston show in August with the winner moving on to face the Florian/Maynard winner.

Strikeforce Nashville

I wouldn’t say this show necessarily sucked it was just boring.  I’m glad I watched on dvr so I could get through it as fast as possible.  3 title fights, 3 decisions.  That’s 15 rounds of fighting my friends without a finish.  There were 2 upsets on the show with “King Mo” Lawal defeating Gegard Mousasi for the Light Heavyweight title and Jake Shield beating someone who appeared to be Dan Henderson for about 7 minutes and a tired, injured man for the other 18 minutes.  By far the most exciting moment of the show was the “brawl” that broke out when Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller interrupted Shield’s post fight interview looking for a rematch.  I used the term brawl loosely because it was pretty much Team Cesar Gracie just jumping Miller and putting the boots to him like Ric Flair and the Horsemen in NWA circa ‘88.

Here is the brawl video

 Ultimate Fighter

I have no idea who any of the guys on this show are or their names.  There are some fellows with crazy hair and wacky tattoos then you’ve got some guys with no hair and more wacky tattoos, then you’ve got the brown people who go by the name “The Minority Report”.  I have to say as an old school wrestling fan that’s a great stable name.  All they need is a flashy fast talking manager to cut promos for them.  Paging ‘Mr. International’ Shonie Carter.


 That idea just sells itself.  You’re welcome Dana. Regardless of my ability to remember names the fights have been entertaining thus far.  However, the fight this past week was absolutely miserable and I have no idea how anyone could have found this to be a good fight.  I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but not in this case.   The fight was god awful and if you disagree you’re a troglodyte (look it up). I’m looking forward to the remaining fights during this season and the upcoming twist with Tito leaving the show. If I spoiled things for you oops, my bad.

Oh yeah, about that.  UFC 115 will not be headlined by the TUF 11 coaches as originally planned.  As a result of circumstances, that I’m not noteworthy enough to have direct information about, Tito Ortiz left the show and Rich Franklin stepped in to not only take on coaching duties but also take the main event spot.  The word going around is Ortiz suffered a mysterious ailment that left him hospitalized and losing in excess of 30 pounds.  Just speculation here folks so don’t email me or comment saying I don’t know what I’m talking about if this isn’t really true.

Speaking of the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, him and long time girlfriend had a bit of a domestic disturbance last week.  Jenna said he roughed her up, Tito said she’s a druggy, now both of them say the whole thing got blown out of proportion.  I don’t know what really happened and could really care less as long as Tito isn’t beating on women.  The less Tito I see on tv the better.

WEC 48. . . I mean . . . UFC . . . I mean. . . .  Aldo vs Faber

This show was tremendous in more ways then I can explain.  Go online and find a site where you can view these fights for free.  I probably shouldn’t advocate this type of activity but I don’t think the show is still available to watch on demand so best of luck in your searching.  In the main event Jose Aldo pummeled Urijah Faber in front of his hometown fans.  Aldo destroyed Faber’s left leg to the point he had to be carried to his corner between rounds. Despite being dominated, ‘The California Kid’ toughed his way through all 5 rounds when many others would have given up.  Kudos to him for that. The champ did appear to take mercy on his beaten opponent in the last round, however he just claimed he was being “cautious”. Aldo is Godzilla and he’s going to go through the WEC like Japan in one of those cheap goofy movies.

In the rematch of last year’s fight of the year Ben Henderson was able to tap out Donald Cerrone in just 2 minutes with a guillotine choke.  Was a bit of a let down to not see another classic 5 round battle, but this showed Henderson is truly the king of the division.  Mr. Henderson and his fellow WEC light weights could soon be on their way to UFC.

The biggest surprise of the night came when Manny Gamburyan knocked out former champion Mike Brown in the first round.  Apparently Brown had a troubled training camp after breaking up with is girlfriend.  I hope he held himself together better then Jason Segal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Sure these guys are tough fighters, but dammit they’re sensitive dudes.  With his victory ‘The Anvil’ could be next in line for an Aldo ass kicking.

If you’re a fight fan I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the Leonard Garcia/Chan Sung Jung showdown. WATCH THIS FIGHT!!!  This was total chaos and the type of madness you rarely see.  An earlier contender here for fight of the year in many people’s book.  I would have preferred it was more technically sound but damn it was fun to watch.  Rematch please.

UFC 113 airs this Saturday night from the Bell Centre in Montreal.  The show is headlined with a rematch for the Light Heavyweight title between champion Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.  These 2 faced off for the belt back at UFC 104 in a battle that was far more competitive than most anticipated and left many feeling Rua deserved the decision.  Myself included.  I scored the fight 48-47 for Shogun with him taking rounds 2, 4, and 5.  Shogun came in with a game plan of limiting Lyoto’s illusiveness by attacking his legs and body.  By the end of the 2nd round bruising appeared on the champion’s ribs.  Despite Machida claiming he didn’t feel the impactful strikes to his midsection, the damage told a different story. ‘The Dragon’ did acknowledge the leg kicks greatly reduced his activity and explosiveness.  Along with the injuries to his legs and body Machida’s face showed the scars of a defeated fighter.  For all the whooping Shogun served up, he looked about as fresh as someone who just took a Sunday stroll in the park.  Lyoto did land some shots, but a majority of them were blocked or avoided.

Both men have reviewed the previous fight and taken things away from it as shown during the countdown special.  It’s highly unlikely that either fighter will be finished, based on their records, so it will be important to show clear dominance and control in every round.  I’m expecting more clinch and takedown attempts this time around.  With dumbass judges regularly scoring contests you never really know what they’ll consider ‘significant damage’.  Following the last fight judge Cecil Peoples more or less claimed leg kicks didn’t count.  I don’t know Peoples as a person, but he is an idiot when it comes to judging MMA.  Go back to the first fight and watch how leg kicks affected Machida later in the fight.  Then as recently as Aldo vs Faber where Jose used Urijah’s leg as his personal heavy bag leaving it to look like a piece of raw meat in a butcher shop.


 Hey smart guy, next time you judge a fight take note of those legs kicks. Aside from the potential bullsh*t judging this should be a very intriguing rematch.

Josh Koscheck takes on Paul Daley in a top welterweight contender match up. Everyone is familiar with Koscheck as he was on the original Ultimate Fighter cast.  Despite having 12 wins in the octagon he’s yet to receive a title shot.  Daley is another one of those one dimensional Brits I referenced earlier.  Like his countrymen Dan Hardy, Daley’s only threat comes on the feet when throwing hands.  Kos is well aware of this and is likely to dump Daley on his ass frequently and keep him there.  The winner is rumored to get the next shot at GSP’s title and a coaching spot against the champion on the upcoming season of TUF.

From TUF 10 Kimbo Slice makes his pay per view debut against the always annoying Matt Mitrione.  These two need to stay on their feet and throw punches until one of them falls to the canvas in a heap.  The thought of them rolling on the ground makes me shake my head in disappointment without even seeing it.  Kimbo says he’s been putting in “commitmentship” (yes he said commitmentship), we’ll see if it pays off.

Before I wrap this column up, I have to speak on the awesomeness of the UFC 114 promo.  Spike TV has been running the commercial for the Rampage/Rashad fight coming up on May 29 and I really can’t get enough of it.  Check it out here.  Can’t wait for this show.

2nd Round Submission of the Week – Yoshihiro Akiyama Ezekiel Choke on Tokimitsu Ishizawa

Stay Golden Folks

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