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Toews is da man…

Toews is da man…

Chicago followed a key victory in game 3 with an even more impressive victory over the Vancouver Canucks with a 7-4 win.

Many people predicted home ice advantage would be huge in this series, as both teams are solid at home carrying impressive numbers over the regular season.

Obviously this is not the regular season, and thus far in the playoffs home ice advantage has meant diddly-squat. Vancouver took game 1 in Chicago, thumping the Blackhawks and taking a split back home, which for the Canucks was huge. However, Chicago walked right into Vancouver’s barn and stole 2 games, with both games being by convincing scores in favour of the Hawks.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp led the way with a combined 9 points between them.

Toews set a Chicago Blackhawk record scoring 3 powerplay goals and adding 2 apples, Patrick Sharp quietly added a goal and 3 assists. Tazer is showing the signs of being a great captain in leading by example, not getting rattled when something goes the wrong way for the Hawks, but the next shift coming out and making key plays and working even harder. Sharpie’s speed seems to be overlooked, how many times did Patrick take the puck in the Hawks’ end and race down to the opposition’s end last night? Now Patrick is getting rewarded on the scoreboard for his huge efforts and solid play.

How good has Brent Seabrook been in the playoffs?

Seabs is leading all Hawk defenseman with 8 points in the playoffs and is a key part of the powerplay and penalty kill along with bringing some serious physical play to each and every game. Shades of last year, huh? Brent played a touch under 26 minutes last night and every minute of it was solid  Partner in crime Duncan Keith played a whopping 29 minutes. The combo of Keith and Seabrook so far have been able to limit the dynamic duo of Henrik and Daniel Sedin to limited scoring opportunities which, for obvious reasons, is key to winning this series.

What’s going on with  Bobby Lou and the gang?

Roberto Luongo last night did not do what he needed to do and that is make a big save. The prior game he looked shaky giving up numerous rebounds on easy shoot-ins from the Hawks, and in game #4′s contest he was even worse and with that being said, I tend to believe some of the Canuck crowd faithful were not chanting “Louuuuu” but many of those were actual “Boooo’s”. A ton of complaining about officiating coming from the Vancouver locker room last night and the one that shocked me the most was Daniel Sedin saying something on the lines of that the referees are calling the penalties as they are seeing them and it is costing us games. Will Daniel be fined for that? Who knows. Vancouver has been taking some ridiculous penalties with Burrows and O’Brien taking the worst of them and if they are going to come back in this series they need to find some composure quick-like.

We lost our composure again,” said Luongo,. “I don’t know why it happened. We were all on the same page before the game, and I don’t know.” via Yahoo Sports.

There are a ton of Hawks’ fans who seem to think this series is over  Sure the odds are in Chicago’s favour, but I urge you to not get cocky… Confident?  You bet, but be wary of what you say, as the 4th win and/or ending a series is always the toughest.

Chicago carried a 2 goal lead into the third period, and if I was a betting man, I would bet that 90% of the Chicago faithful were sitting on the edge of their seats, as we all know what the Canucks can do offensively. Vancouver scored 4 times against the Hawks last night and that’s not something to write home about.  If Chicago did not capitalize early on their powerplay opportunities this game could have been a different story but they did and was a huge reason why they pulled out a monster playoff road win. Also, take the Montreal Canadiens who came back against the Washington Capitals who were the overall best team in the regular season being down 3 games to 1 with huge Kudos of course going to Jaroslav Halak. Can Luongo play like Halak? He definitely has the skill set to do it.

In ending, Chicago’s game plan has been working to a tee and using Dustin Byfuglien up front so far has been a genius move by Joel Quenneville as he is clearly in the heads of the Canuck players. In game 3 he lit the lamp three times while being a pest in front of Luongo.  In game #4 he was not as much of a pest although he was definitely a presence and the Canucks were seemingly focused on Big Buff taking ridiculous penalties that would make any coach cringe. Let’s hope the Hawks can end the series Sunday night and keep up with their stellar play, so far so good.

Go Hawks!


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In response to “Toews is da man…”

  1. Joshua Bartle May 8 20108:26 pm


    It seemed like between games that the Canucks had a lot to say, but didn’t back it up. Seems like the same story over and over for them. Credit to the Blackhawks for looking like a vulnerable opponent after having trouble with Nashville, but looks to have found their stride.

    1. Trent Kondo May 8 201010:48 pm


      I agree, Vancouver was doing a lot of talk about being more disciplined yet they obviously were not taking idiotic penalties. They did say they were going to cause havoc in front of Niemi which they did somewhat,

      Chicago really has turned it around and are playing overall quite well, can’t complain that’s for sure. Nashville’s defense caused issues for the Hawks and SO far the Canucks D is not.

      1. Dan Rakusan May 9 20102:39 pm


        TK – Do you think this is the best Chicago has to offer, or is there another gear? I personally think Hossa has more to give, and PK and Toews (other than the last game) could be better yet as well…

        I pity the Sharks, who while achieving at least a berth in the Conference Final, will likely be bounced before their goal is met…

        1. Trent Kondo May 9 20106:21 pm


          Hey Dano!

          Great point, In my opinion they had better have another gear though they are playing well they will need to step it up even more getting deeper into the playoffs.

          I for one am not looking past the Canucks yet, we all saw what the Habs did with Washington so anything can happen.

          Hossa, I hope, can bring something more offensively but his defensive play has been outstanding along with his back checking.

          As for Toews most people have been questioning if he is playing injured or not because of his play prior to last game but agreed I would think he should bring his level of play similar to last game to every game from here on in.

          If we do get the opportunity to play the Sharks I am confident the Hawks can take that series, even more so then I was against Nashville or the current series with Vancouver oddly enough lol. But we shall see.

          1. Dan Rakusan May 9 20107:07 pm

            Vancouver was the most over-hyped team heading into the playoffs. Anyone who has paid attention would know that Bobby Lu is a playoff dud. Last year proved it. I wouldn’t worry about the Canucks anymore. They’re likely toast tonight.

            As for San Jose, I think they’re also done. Chicago can count on one goal from Dan Boyle to start with, and simply pad their lead from there! LOL!!!

  2. Trent Kondo May 9 20108:01 pm


    Vancouver has been over-hyped even going back to last year, they are a solid squad for sure but often find themselves as faves in every series. Luongo has been weak in the playoffs and I sure hope that continues lol. I hope your prediction is right!

    LOL Boyle he is as good as they get and I would not doubt he buries one tonight.

    1. Dan Rakusan May 9 20108:22 pm


      If Boyle scores tonight, that’d be miraculous, since he isn’t even playing!

      1. Trent Kondo May 9 20108:40 pm


        LMAO what was I thinking, how do I delete that comment hahaha

        1. Dan Rakusan May 9 20108:53 pm


          Hehehe, we all make comments like that buddy, no worries! But, if anyone could score against the Sharks tonight, it’d be Boyle, and the Hawks would be holding a 1-0 lead before the series even gets started!

          Tonight’s start has me a bit concerned (Hawks are my Western team). Sluggish as hell out of the starting blocks, and Niemi not looking too sharp on the goals.

          Hopefully the jump they showed towards the end of the period helps them.

          I wonder if Quenneville isn’t too concerned about matchups. Maybe he should just roll the lines and see what happens…

          1. Trent Kondo May 10 20101:37 am

            Such a great point about line matching, I was tweeting away about how home ice and the home advantage of matching lines has so far proved to be somewhat useless.

            Niemi did look weak on the 1st but I won’t blame him on the second. I still stand by my prediction of “someone” wins in 7 lol

          2. Dan Rakusan May 10 201011:58 am

            I have found a trend in coaches trying to match lines. At home, or on the road, the team trying to match lines tends to have “half-shifts” where they try to adjust based on the other team’s line changes. What happens is that they tend not to play with momentum, and are constantly forcing their players to adjust to the other team’s strategy, thus essentially playing the other team’s game. In my books, matching works to a certain extent, but overall tends to waste time and space. Let’s face it, unless you’ve got a clear chance to make a line change, you’re forcing things, and that never works.

            Hopefully being on the road will help Chicago in this particular area…

  3. Trent Kondo May 11 201012:14 pm


    I see your analysis there and I can’t argue that, I can see line matching off the draw etc but on the fly seems to create more havoc and like you said “half-shifts” which slow any momentum. Great points again.

    I hope it helps Chicago on the road too!

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