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And the MVP is…Rajon Rondo

Right before my eyes, I’ve watched the birth of a superstar. Rajon Rondo entered the league as a rookie in 2006. Like all rookies, he had talent and potential, but it was clear he was special. There was something different about him. In four short years, Rondo has emerged from a kid learning how to play his position to an absolute superstar in the making.

Rondo was given a difficult role on the team, to be the quarterback of the Big Three in only his second year.  Rondo was up to the challenge and has now become the most important player on the Celtics. Rondo has put this team on his back in the series against the Cavs and next to Lebron is the MVP of the series. His performance during game four was off the charts. 29 points, 18 rebounds, 13 assists. Dominance. 

I’m convinced Rajon Rondo will be the next Steve Nash. Different player than Nash, but I’m only making the comparison to say that Rajon Rondo will be an elite player and a MVP candidate. Rondo will never win the MVP as long as Lebron is in the league, but he will be in contention.  Rondo is only 24 years old, he’s still learning how to play the game. Rondo has gotten better with every season and I know he will get better in the future. 

I’m sure you’re thinking I’m crazy. Rondo? MVP? There’s no way.

Before you call me crazy, here’s some “what if’s” for you to think about though. If they come true, Rondo will no doubt be one of the top players in the league.

 What if Rondo develops a consistent 15-18 foot jumper? Rondo can drive the lane anytime he wants. His game right now is to drive and collapse the defense and then dish to the open man. There are times when defenses play him to shoot and it’s his Achilles heel at the moment. If he can hit open jumpers on a consistent basis, defenses won’t know what to do. Do they let Rondo drive the lane or do they let him spot up and shoot? 

What if Rondo increases his free throw percentage? A penetrating point guard must have a high free throw percentage. Rondo has improved this year, but still needs to get better at hitting free throws. It’s a momentum killer when he misses free throws. Can’t school a defense and make them look foolish and then miss from the free throw line. 

What if Rondo gets better defensively? Is this even possible? It might be. He has the highest steal percentage in the game, a stat that has gone up every season. He has the speed and the long arms to rebound and defend already, but what if he gets better as he becomes more of a veteran? This year he was named to his first all defensive team (1st team) and I expect this will become an annual event. He’s one of the best rebounding point guards in the league and against the Cavs in Game 4, he rebounded like Dwight Howard finishing with 18 boards. Absolutely incredible.

 What if he starts hitting from three point land? This one might be a stretch but Jason Kidd wasn’t a three point shooter when he was younger. Kidd added that shot to his game. It’s possible for Rondo to do the same. If he can add this shot to his repertoire, then Rondo will be unstoppable. 

 Rondo is the new face of the franchise. The Big Three will likely be broken up at the end of this playoff run when Ray Allen will go else where. Pierce will retire in a few years. KG will either retire or move on to another team down the road. In the future, the supporting cast might look different, but the one constant will be Rondo. And as long as Rondo is in a Celtic uniform, the Celtics will have a shot at a championship.

 Let me know your thoughts on what the future will hold for Rondo.

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In response to “And the MVP is…Rajon Rondo”

  1. JDeveau May 10 20105:39 pm


    I’ve read every article I could get my hands on by noon today and I’ve been waiting for your post since I put down the last paper. what rondo did last night was staggering, not the way he controlled the game, I think we’re getting used to him imposing his will on teams, but that way he filled the stat sheet was the stuff of legends. after such a mind bending performance your the firs one to focus on the ways that he can improve on facets of hisgame… and that is where the mind bending gets real. I find him to be have the best all around skill set of the top point guards in the league. and to think how many ways he can improve his game… wow. he’s just starting to find that mid range jumper, he’s been testing himself from behind the arc as the shot clock winds down, he has been shooting close to 80% from the line in the games thy matter most here in the post season, and his confidence grows with every tripple double he hangs on teams that have no answer for his game.
    all that being said, I don’t know if they are a championship team without the right pieces around him. Danny Ainge has the bankroll and, more importantly, the stones to make the moves to keep this championship puzzle together as the prices continue to change shapes. this off season could be Huge… but lest win a championship first and worry about later later. go green!

    1. John Wareham May 11 20107:51 am


      The way Danny Ainge set up the contracts for the Big Three and Perk, he will be able to rotate out the guys around Rondo over the next couple of years. And like you said, Ainge has the stones to make the moves. Back to Rondo, I always found it interesting that Rondo was untouchable in trade talks even after his rookie season. He made a ton of mistakes that year on a terrible Celtic team but Rivers and Ainge knew they had something. They traded everybody else for KG but kept Rondo here and it turned out to be one of the best moves he’s made as GM.

      1. JDeveau May 13 20104:34 pm


        me too. the foresight to not trade rondo, even though Seattle and Minnesota both threatened to pull out of their respective trades if Rondo wasn’t on the table is a thing of genius. sometimes its the moves you don’t make that turn out to be your signature on a franchise.

  2. Danny Shapiro May 10 20106:22 pm


    I love how everybody always overreacts to a single game in sports. don’t get me wrong, I love Rondo and I’ve said he’s a top 5 PG in the league since the season started. Remember people, this is Rondo’s 4th triple double in the playoffs, this isnt anything new. We have known all year he can fill up the stat sheet and we have known all year that he can drive the lane however we want. You are right though John, he is becoming a superstar, and not with his play, he’s already proven that with his play, but he’s getting other people to notice now. The same thing happened with deron Williams this year. Not alot of recognition or love for the Utah PG at the beginning of the year but after leading the Jazz to the playoffs and eliminating Denver everyone was on the Deron Wiliams is the best PG in the League bandwagon.. Now after Rondos great game everyone wants to hop on that train. Rondo is awesome and if he can keep the Celtics in contention in years to come he will always be an MVP candidate. For the Boston/Cleveland series, Rondo is the MVP, not Lebron. I’ve watched every minute of every game and Lebron has dominated like Rondo has in one of the four games, Rondo has been great in all of them. The next Steve Nash? I’m thinking more like a Timmy Hardaway, electric crossover for penetration and wicked bounce passes anywhere on the court with the maturity and work ethic that Hardaway never had, and that will help Rondo grow into an even greater player than he is now.

    1. John Wareham May 11 20107:46 am


      The national media may be over reacting over one game, but my article is not an over reaction. I’ve watched this kid mature over the years. He showed last year in the playoffs against the Bulls what he’s capable of and it gave him a huge confidence boost going into this season. I thought he would have a big year this year. Made it to his first all star game and his first all defensive team. But what I’m most impressed with is how he’s taken over the team. He’s only 24 and he took over a team of future Hall of Famers. That says something to me. He has the stones and the confidence to be an elite player. Now he has to put in the work in the off season to improve his game.

  3. JDeveau May 10 20109:05 pm


    “a single game”? hardly

  4. Jason Smalley May 13 201011:39 pm


    I know I’m late to this party but i agree John, Rondo is the star of this team and ha can improve. He isn’t a bad shooter and finished pretty high among guards in FG percentage but the free throws are a must , he goes to the hole so much he needs to shoot above 80% it would change his game so much. The one thing that he does better than anything, not the assists, not the rebounding, not the steals but he sets the tempo of this team so well and thats why they won this series, but lets not forget that last year he was great in Chicago and absent against Orlando lets hope it doesn’t happen again.

    1. John Wareham May 14 20107:46 am


      You’re right, Rondo was non-existent in the Magic series last year but he’s grown a lot as a PG from a year ago. His confidence is about as high as it can get and hopefully Rondo carries that attitude into East Finals

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