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Boston Dethrone King James-Is Lebron Overrated?

Posted By Danny Shapiro On May 11 2010 @ 10:43 pm In NBA | 2 Comments

Oh geez I love what I’m seeing. I am watching the legend of the “Chosen One” get evaporated right before our eyes, in his building against an “old, over the hill” Celtics team that was billed to have no shot against this Juggernaut called the Cavaliers.

And I couldn’t be happier. I won’t lie to you, I’m a Kobe Bryant loyalist, through and through. When asked who I rather have its Kobe all the way, always has been. I feel alone on an island lately.

Lebron has swayed a lot of Analysts and NBA Hardcore’s over to his side in the argument over the League’s best player, and rightfully so. He’s had an extraordinary season and I believe he earned the MVP award. Without Lebron Cleveland goes nowhere. He is amazing.

But, he’s not Kobe. He’s not a Killer.

When Lebron is on the sideline with his teammates dancing and having a good time snapping pretend pictures of each other Kobe is studying his enemy, locating any and all weaknesses, and striking his opponent with no mercy, and he never stops improving his game(the addition of an excellent post game this season).

Kobe’s a killer.

At this point in his career Lebron is far ahead of Kobe as far as talent level and the ability to take over a game with his explosive play. Every night Lebron is the best athlete on the floor. But it’s the killer instinct that he lacks, and that’s what’s holding back The King.

Lebron’s always had the fact that his supporting cast has been lacking as the reason he’s failed to get a ring at this point in his career. Well, now his teammates are pretty good. A couple potential Hall of Famers and current All Stars makes up one of the best supporting casts in basketball.

As far as talent, only the Lakers and Magic have as much talent on their rosters as the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yet we are watching them fail against an older less athletic team.

Rajon Rondo is a killer.

In a series where we are witnessing the legend of Lebron James as an unstoppable force we are all also seeing the emergence of a true Super Star talent in Boston Point Guard Rajon Rondo.

If Boston is able to pull off the upset, and believe me this is as big an upset as any, Lebron’s status as “Worlds Best Basketball Player” will really come into question. Not his talent mind you, there’s no denying his immense talent, but if he really is the player we think he is.

We all rave about his “Vision” and passing ability and assume that means he’s making his teammates better. But is he really? How much better did Carlos Boozer really get when he went to Utah? Not much really. But he didn’t become a real All Star until he got out of Lebron’s giant shadow.

We are seeing it now with Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison, two guys who are All Star caliber players but frankly are being drowned in the ocean that is Lebron James. No star player has ever thrived playing with Lebron James. .

Yeah Jamison will have the big game here and there, and sometimes Mo Williams will step up and play big, but there is no consistency.

Pau Gasol shines in LA, even though he plays with Kobe Bryant, who has always been dinged in the area of making his teammates better when compared to Lebron. I argue however that Kobe knows when to defer and when to allow a teammate to shine and when he needs to take a step back.

He also knows when to step up and take over, that balance has allowed Kobe to now play with some great players but allow them to be great right along with him. In Cleveland its only Lebron.

Until Lebron finds his inner killer, he’s never going to win a championship and every year that he gets bounced early from the Playoffs, the doubters out there, like me, are being vindicated.

Kobe Bryant loyalists out there are smiling right now. Cleveland down 22 points at home, Game 5 about to go down 3 games to 2 and about to go to Boston for Game 6 and potentially Lebron’s last game in Cleveland.

That’s the other story here. Do you really think Lebron will stay in Cleveland now that he’s once again failed to win his first Championship with perhaps his best supporting cast ever in his still young career? I don’t think so.

The NBA is about to experience a big shake up. I’m not going to pretend to know where Lebron is going to go, because I don’t, but I don’t think its Cleveland. It will really depend on what some of the other big free agents do that will determine where Lebron finally goes.

But no matter where Lebron ends up in 2011, unless he finds a way to let his teammates really shine, especially All Star caliber teammates, and until he finds that killer instinct that’s helped Kobe win Four Championships, Lebron will lead a very disappointing career.

Best Basketball Player ever? Not without the hardware my friends. Not without the hardware.

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