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‘Peep’ This: It’s About Time Christian Gets a Push

Posted By Pete Copeland On May 19 2010 @ 10:29 pm In WWE | 1 Comment

Christian has always been one of my favorites over the years – whether as a member of “The Brood” or teaming up with Edge for a “five second pose” (as a Mets fan, I particularly enjoyed the one in Boston…it’s worth looking up on YouTube) – “Captain Charisma” never fails to entertain, both in the ring and on the mic.

And something has been gnawing at me…particularly over the last few weeks. The man deserves to be a main-eventer, or at the very least, put into a meaningful program.

In his last three television appearances, Christian has delivered the goods.  Two weeks ago on “SmackDown,” it was a great tilt against Cody Rhodes (an early “Match-of-the-Year” candidate, if I can be so bold.)  The following Friday, we saw another entertaining battle as he failed to capture the Intercontinental Championship in a tournament match with Kofi Kingston.  Of course, that whole angle only served to some way; somehow get Drew McIntyre a little heat.

Then, a few days ago on “Monday Night Raw,” he went up against his old buddy Edge in a match that many wrestling fans had waited a long time for.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that it was handed away on TV and Edge is currently feuding with Randy Orton, it appears to be a “one-and-done.”

Since returning to the WWE in early 2009 after spending a couple of years in TNA, Christian hasn’t received a shot at either of the major titles.  I’m not complaining about the likes of Sheamus and Jack Swagger quickly moving up the ranks in the last year, but it is puzzling.

Perhaps there are behind-the-scenes issues involved, but I’m not here to speculate.  I only know what I’ve seen, and I believe it speaks for itself.

When he returned to the company, Christian toiled for a year in the WWE’s least-watched brand, ECW.  He eventually became the longest-reigning ECW Champion (in the WWE-era).  That title of course, didn’t hold the same prestige as the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships.  He did however play an important role along the way.

Need some excitement in a Ladder Match?  Call Christian.  How about putting over some younger wrestlers? (See Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel Jackson, NXT rookie Heath Slater, and now, albeit indirectly…Drew McIntyre).  Uh oh! We need to turn Edge heel again…send Christian to the ring for a promo.  And, I don’t recall leaving the room or hitting fast-forward on the DVR during any of his recent matches.

Surely, I’m not the only one who thinks this way.  You can hear the pop he gets from the live crowd, you can see the signs that fans hold up at live events. In the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania 26, the Internet was abuzz with rumors that Edge would win the title from Chris Jericho and then begin a feud with Christian.  It never happened, and it could very well be a part of future plans, but Christian would need to be in a meaningful angle in the meantime. Convince me that a program with those two wouldn’t be worth an extra few PPV buys.

It’s tough to guess what’s up next for Christian.  There’s an advantage to being on the “SmackDown” roster versus top-heavy “Raw.”  However, with a Big Show-Jack Swagger feud for the World Heavyweight Championship and Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston getting started this Sunday at “Over the Limit,” it doesn’t look like there’s room in the title picture anytime soon.  Even a trade to “Raw” wouldn’t help if the Batista-Cena feud ends on Sunday, as Sheamus is waiting in the wings.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not stumping for Christian to suddenly become the “Face of the Company.”  However, when I’m getting Cena-Batista for the third pay-per-view in a row, and Drew McIntyre needs the help of 16 different people, a white suit, and a letter from Mr. McMahon just to get a reaction from the crowd, I wonder why a guy who consistently “brings it” doesn’t get a shot.

Come on WWE…it’s time to give the “Peepulation” what they want.

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