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‘Limit’-ed Surprises, But PPV Entertains Anyway

Posted By Pete Copeland On May 23 2010 @ 11:39 pm In WWE | 2 Comments

It’s WWE’s “Over-the-Limit” live from Detroit, Michigan.  Cool set with a couple of cars flanking the stage in a nod to the “Motor City, “ as the pyro hits and Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker welcome us to the Joe Louis Arena. 

And Si!!! Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera are in the house handling the Spanish-language broadcast.  Wonder which match features the destruction of their table tonight.

First up is the Intercontinental Title Match featuring Drew McIntyre vs. Challenger Kofi Kingston.

Kofi is out first to a nice pop.  IC Champion McIntyre is introduced next to more cheers than boos…not saying much though, because it’s not a huge reaction.

Good high-energy match; decent tension with a couple of near pinfalls; first surprise of the night for me as Kofi wins the title; one match, one wrong prediction in the books;  McIntyre screaming post-match about Teddy Long needing to reverse the decision…ugh, he is annoying; Matt Hardy comes out and hits the “Twist of Fate” as a measure of revenge for the beatdowns he received at McIntyre’s hands for several consecutive weeks on “SmackDown.”  I guess Hardy still figures into the feud…little confused as to where they’re taking this.

It’s time for a non-title battle, and R-Truth is out to nice pop with “What’s Up?”  Always wondered why he couldn’t freestyle and change up the lyrics for whatever city he was in.  Ted Di Biase, Jr.  is accompanied by “the Real Virgil.”

Matt Striker made mention of Virgil working as Soul Train Jones early in his career.  His frequent nuggets like this and his frequent pop-culture references have allowed his announce work to grow on me…but the three-man booth during PPV’s is still too much.  I also don’t understand why Michael Cole is the heel announcer on NXT but is appalled by some of the things that Striker says otherwise.

Solid effort by both men…Virgil even got into the action with some ringside distraction.  Surprise #2…R-Truth hits the “Lie Detector” and gets the clean pin.  Really thought that Ted would get the win here.  Di Biase spent the last year-plus in Randy Orton’s rather large shadow with his partner Cody Rhodes. Now he’s being cast as the second-coming of his father, complete with Virgil.  Nothing against fan-favorite R-Truth, but losing clean in his first solo PPV effort does Di Biase no favors.

It’s “clobberin’ time!”  Up next is CM Punk against Rey Mysterio.  If Rey loses, he joins the Straight Edge Society; Punk loses his hair if Rey gets the win.  This is the third PPV in-a-row that these two are locking up, starting at Wrestlemania 26. Punk arrives to the ring unaccompanied by the S.E.S., and the barber’s chair is at ringside should Mysterio need it. I’m ready for some resolution to this feud.

No shortage of action early.  Rey takes a nasty spill through the ropes and into the barber’s chair.  But the match is put on hold for a few minutes as Punk has been busted open from a pretty nasty cut on top of his head.  Punk is visibly annoyed as he’s tended to by the trainers and referee Charles “Little `Naitch” Robinson.  Replays show that Punk took a nasty spill into the announce table after a hurricanrana by Mysterio outside the ring.

Punk breaks away from the trainers and goes to work on Mysterio before the match is officially restarted.  The action picks up right where it left off before the delay for Punk’s cut. 

This is the best match of the night so far.  Nearfalls galore as Mysterio fights out of two GTS attempts.  Punk is bleeding pretty good.  I wonder if they’ll even be able to shave his head even if he does lose.

Rey Rey hits a 619 out of nowhere but misses the follow-up splash.  Punk relaxes for a second, and Rey rolls him up for the win.  The mystery member of the S.E.S. arrives out of nowhere to start beating on Rey.  Punk calls the rest of the S.E.S. down from the back, and Serena and Luke Gallows arrive with a pair of handcuffs.  It doesn’t look good for Rey, but Kane’s music hits and “The Big Red Monster” runs-in to save Mysterio and get Punk handcuffed to the ropes.

Mysterio takes the razor to the defenseless Punk as he screams for mercy.  WWE fans who have complained about the lack of blood are getting their money’s worth now courtesy of Punk’s scalp…guess they only care if bleeding happens during in-ring action.

Mysterio makes a mess of Punk’s bloody head and holds up a mirror.  Punk is beside himself…I’m really enjoying this.  Serena eventually comes to Punk’s rescue and drapes a towel over his head to lead him backstage.

Michael Cole just mispronounced tonight’s sponsor “Prince of Persia.”  Just a hunch that Mr. McMahon is screaming in his headset.

Up next, Unified Tag Team Champions “The Hart Dynasty” put the belts on the line against The Miz and Chris Jericho (“Chris-Miz”).  I hope there’s a promo from Jericho and Miz before the match.  I also hope this is a tag team alliance that lasts for awhile. 

Early advantage goes to The Hart Dynasty who gets some offense in on the Miz.  The tide turns a little bit as Miz and Jericho go to work on David Hart Smith for awhile. Smith hits the electric chair on Miz, and both hit the hot tag as Tyson Kidd meets Jericho in the ring for an offensive flurry. 

Crowd is pretty dead for this match so far.  Helps though as Jericho is his usual entertaining self, imploring the ref to “Ask him!!” and slapping Kidd in the face while demanding that he “stay down.”

Jericho hit a pretty sick mid-air “Codebreaker” as Kidd tried to vault back into the ring from the apron.

Hart Dynasty gets the win and retains when Miz gets caught in the corner by David Hart Smith who counters to set up the “Hart Attack.”

Next up…match I am most looking forward to.  Edge against Randy Orton.

Edge’s music hits and “The Rated R Superstar” hits the ramp sporting a nasty shiner under his right eye. 

Edge doesn’t necessarily need a win, but his character is caught in between right now.  He needs a convincing enough attack to sell the heel persona again.

Striker says it’s due to his run-in with the Undertaker on “Monday Night Raw.”  I only remember a chokeslam on Edge by Taker.  Maybe it’s a cover for something else…maybe I’m spending too much time thinking about it.

Tense staredown as both men pace around the ring for awhile.  Orton gets the early offense before Edge rolls out of the ring and lures “The Viper” outside.

Crowd starts to show some life with an “RKO” chant.  Rather slow pace though, as Orton is not exactly known for rapid flurries of offense.  Every time Orton gains the upper hand, Edge manages to counter.

“Vintage Randy Orton” (thanks Michael Cole) as Orton drags Edge into the ring for the DDT.  Orton counters the spear with a big kick, and goes into the “Viper” pose but strangely, doesn’t follow up after pounding the canvas.  He’s favoring his right arm, and looks like he’s really hurt.  Edge looks like he’s trying to buy some time as he’s pulling himself up on the announce table.  Orton follows him outside, but is still holding his arm.

Edge hits a couple of kicks and then goes for the spear as Orton rests against the crowd barrier.  Orton moves and both men get counted out.  RKO is clearly hurt as he’s helped to the back by a trainer.  Hope he’s OK.

World Heavyweight Title Match is next between the Champion Jack Swagger and Big Show. Swagger also comes to the ring sporting a bit of a black eye…could he and Edge have had a dust-up at some point?  Pure speculation on my point.

This feud has had an entertaining buildup based around Swagger’s accomplishments from childhood through now and Big Show mocking them along the way. 

Show is on his game at the start.  Frustrates Swagger with some early offense and mocks “The All American American” by doing a set of push-ups in the ring…very amusing.  I’ll be interested to see how long this match lasts.

Big Show is really impressive with the offensive moves.  He also kicks out of a pin attempt by throwing Swagger clear through the ropes to the outside…wow!

A frustrated Swagger fails to gain any real advantage in the match and goes to the outside to grab his belt. He gets himself DQ’d when he brings it into the ring and hits Big Show with it.  Swagger then brings in a chair to the ring for a couple of shots before an enraged Show wakes up and knocks out Swagger to a huge pop from the crowd.

The DQ keeps the heat on Swagger and the feud will continue…I’m looking forward to it.

The Divas Championship match between Maryse and Champion Eve Torres is next.  I’m thinking dirty things in French as Maryse makes her way to the ring. 

Wonder if they were given more time than originally allotted due to the Edge-Orton match ending early. A little longer than the usual Divas match, and a solid effort was turned in by both ladies.  Maryse is so good playing the bitchy heel.  Eve ultimately gets the victory.

Up next is our final match of the evening…and I so want to flip over to the Mets-Yankees game (sorry, just thinking out loud).  It’s the WWE Heavyweight Champion, the Reverend John Cena against Batista in an “I Quit” match. 

Couple of things at play here…it’s rumored that Big Dave’s contract is up and he’s leaving (no official confirmation has ever been given). If Cena ever quit, it would leave Cenation and a good portion of the WWE Universe distraught.  I really hope there is something to add an element of surprise to the match along the way.

Cena gets a huge pop (only a smattering of boos tonight) during the intros.  When the bell rings, Batista grabs the mic and gives Cena one last chance to quit before he “puts his ass in a world of pain.”  C’mon John…Mets are up 6-0 in the rubber game.  (No such luck, though).

Crowd is way hot for the main event.  Both men trade some offense and Cena goes for the early finish.  Batista counters by pulling the ref in front of him and getting in some kicks to Cena’s knees.  They each trade submission holds (Batista with his new STF-like move and Cena with his patented STF).  Neither  man quits, but Batista passes out.  The match can’t end until someone says “I quit,” however.

Cena heads for the Spanish announcers table, but Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera are safe for now (they’ve almost made it to the end of the show) as Cena grabs a bottle of water from behind Hugo’s chair.  Upon reviving Batista in the ring, Big Dave immediately gets up to hit a Batista Bomb and some other offense on Cena.

Batista goes out to ringside where the Spanish-announce table as well as Lawler, Cole, and Striker’s gets stripped down.  After fighting out of an Attitude Adjustment, Batista power slams Cena onto the Spanish announce table, destroying it in the process.  Cena is busted open.  If you’re counting Drew McIntyre’s elbow-scrape earlier tonight, that’s three matches with blood. Cena doesn’t quit, and gets tended to by the very busy WWE training staff.

Cena and Batista then fight up through the crowd.  Up and down steps, over railings, and still neither man quits.  They make their way to the top of the ramp and Cena gets knocked behind one of the two cars that’s been decorating the stage all night.  Batista gets in the car and starts it up.  In no way am I supposed to believe that Batista would really attempt to murder Cena, right? 

He throws the car into reverse and crashes into the set…but wait!!! Cena had rolled out of the way!! Cena climbs onto the roof of the car and hoists Batista up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Batista says “I quit.” 

Cena retains the belt, but also gets the spot of the night by flipping Batista off the roof and through the stage floor, anyway.  As Cena basks in the applause and the show goes off the air, Sheamus comes out for a sneak attack and leaves Cena lying on the stage.  They’re wheeling a stretcher towards Cena as the show goes off-the-air.

Solid PPV.  Obviously disappointing that Edge-Orton ended with the injury.  I’m sure we’ll get an update on tomorrow night’s “Raw.”  Drew McIntyre has really begun to get under my skin…but it’s not because he’s been a good heel.  His character is whiny and annoying, and I just don’t like that they’ve gone through so much time and trouble to get him some heat.  Remains to be seen what they’re doing with him.

The IC Title was the only one to change hands, but I’m glad Kofi has it back after being stripped by Mr. McMahon two weeks ago on SmackDown.

For the third PPV in-a-row I wasn’t looking forward to Cena-Batista, and for the third time the match exceeded my expectations.  For all of the hate that Cena gets, he always steps it up a notch for the PPV’s.  Have to think Batista is really done after being thrown through the stage and out of sight.

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