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Making Sense of the Mess

Posted By Ron Burr On Jun 3 2010 @ 10:21 am In Baltimore Orioles | No Comments

It is getting harder and harder to write these posts.  There are only so many ways to say the same thing, and everyone covering the Orioles has said it to the point of exhaustion.  Let’s take a look at what people are saying about the Birds…

The Roar from 34 [1] says…

Good news: The Orioles had twice as many wins in May as they did in April.

Bad news: They won 10 games in May after only winning five in April, but they still lost 18 games each month.

Good news: The Orioles completed two three-game win streaks in May (April 30 – May 2 and May 12 – 14).

Bad news: They followed each of those win streaks with matching three-game losing streaks (May 3 – 5 and May 15 – 17).

Spitballing [2] looks at the last 4+ years of futility…

2006 [3] season

70-92 final record

5 days in first place

After April 29 never higher than fourth in AL East

28 games back in the last week of the season

2007 [4] season


never led the division

27 games back on last day

2008 [5] season


Baltimore gets a decent start, jockeying for first until April 29. Lose 7 of next 8. Fall off face of earth.

29 games back in last week

2009 [6] season


The O’s held a death grip on last place in the division from May 30 on. They were in last all but two days going back to May 1.

Kevin Cowherd [7] thinks it has gotten so bad that he is actually calling for Peter Angelos to return to his meddling ways (the very thing fans and reporters blasted him for so many times in the past)…

It has the worst record in the major leagues. After Wednesday night’s 9-1 loss to the New York Yankees, it had lost seven straight games, nine of 10, 14 of the past 17.

It plays with no heart. It plays with no soul.

It’s the laughingstock of baseball.

Yet from you, sir, we hear nothing.

Peter Schmuck [8] is calling for a mercy killing for a man who deserved better than he got…

When all is said and done, Trembley should be remembered by fans as more victim than villain. He should be remembered by the front office as a trouper who was asked to develop young players at the major league level in the toughest division in major league baseball.

That’s why he doesn’t deserve to be left to twist any longer, no matter how expedient that might be for the front office. He has already taken enough bullets for this beleaguered organization.

Right now the only things we really have to look forward to are the draft and any possible trades.  As far as trades go, there are reports that Atlanta might be interested in Luke Scott, and that the Mets have their eyes on Kevin Millwood (and if ANYONE on this current roster deserves a chance to go somewhere and actually WIN a game, it is Kevin Millwood.  He never signed up for this, he didn’t choose to come to Baltimore or re-sign with them.  He was traded here and is trying to make the best of it).

Big League Stew [9] thinks there are two other bats on the team that could be moving sooner rather than later…

Ty Wigginton [10](notes) [11]Baltimore Orioles [12]: The O’s have been so bad this season, but most of their roster is tied up by still-young players that the team can’t give up on just yet. Thankfully they have the versatile Wigginton, who’s a free agent after this season and is making just $3.5 million. He already has 13 homers and 32 RBIs this year, so Baltimore will have two pieces to help continue its rebuilding process. The other is …

Miguel Tejada [13](notes) [14], Baltimore Orioles: The shortstop/third baseman isn’t the everyday water-carrier that he was in the past, but he’d provide infield depth and an intriguing bench option for teams searching for a spark down the stretch.

Looking at the draft (scheduled for June 7-9), the overriding opinion is that the Orioles will take Jameson Taillon, a RHP out of The Woodlands HS in Texas with the 3rd pick.  There is some speculation that if Pittsburgh doesn’t take HS SS Manny Machado out of Florida that the O’s will snatch him up, but most everyone thinks that the Pirates will grab him with the 2nd pick (in case you are wondering, the consensus and unanimous choice for the Nationals to use the #1 pick on is catcher Bryce Harper.  I am wondering if Scott Boras’ sound and fury [15] about Harper not playing catcher in the pros will give Washington a moment of pause, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it.

TrembleyWatch 2010 is still in full swing,  the Orioles continue to track for a chance to match the club record (and if the current trends continue, getting in the record books for all time futility) and are the only team under .300 (no other team is lower than .350, the Orioles are currently at .283).  And another person covering the team has been reduced to an article covering other articles, because there is nothing else he can think of to say…

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