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Mixture of Cheers and Jeers for Manny

Posted By "Baseball Brenda" Sepanek On Jun 19 2010 @ 12:21 pm In Boston Red Sox | 3 Comments

Last night went down just as I suspected. Red Sox Nation developed a love/hate relationship with Manny Ramirez over the years, so it was only fitting to have a mixture of boos and cheers throughout the evening. I think people heard what they wanted to hear. Listen for yourself. Manny’s First At Bat [1]. I personally didn’t boo or cheer, however I had absolutely no problem with people directing a boo Manny’s way. I also understand the respect some fans insisted on giving him, but I would debate those fans in a heart beat. The debate is not whether he deserves props, because clearly he does. He helped win this town two World Series and is one of the purest hitters I have ever watched. The debate is strictly a timing issue. I don’t believe he deserves to be treated like royalty upon his first return to Fenway. Please read my blog yesterday to see why. Manny Ramirez Returns To Fenway Tonight: Boo or Woo? [2].

I personally dug out my Manny Rameriz Red Sox shirt with his number on the back. Underneath his #24, I taped white tape to the shirt to read: Ramirez, 24 IS A BAD MAN. If you are unfamiliar with this saying, this relates to an post game interview with Manny after he hit a walk off homer in the 2007 ALDS playoffs. Manny is a Bad Man [3], one of his classic “Manny being Manny” moments.

Last night was very exciting. Fenway was packed and everyone was clammering for a spot to see Manny’s first at bat. He didn’t make it up to back in the first inning but was due first up in the second. Ortiz overshadowed Manny’s moment by hitting a shot (429 ft) in the first inning that landed 5 feet from hitting the baseball on the Jordan’s Furniture sign in deep center field. For those that are unfamilar with Jordans, it is a furniture store that has pledged to give customers their money back on furniture purchases if a Red Sox player hits the baseball on the sign in centerfield. Manny entered the game 5th on the All Time Red Sox home runs list at 274. Big Papi was 6th at 273. Ortiz’ home run tied Manny on that list and there wasn’t a better night to do it. Let’s hope he surpasses him over the weekend.

The night could not have ended any better when Daniel Bard came in to face Manny with two out and two on. He struck out looking and the Sox went on to win 10-6.

Let’s forget about Manny for one moment and talk about the one MAJOR problem I had with last night and it is a recurring issue for me. Scott…back me up on this one. My big problem is with Mike Cameron! I know he is not 100% and he is working overtime behind closed doors to get healthy, but he is not the Mike Cameron they signed. I have been saying this BEFORE he got hurt. Check out my April 27th blog Where is that Run Prevention Theo? [4] to see what I had to say about Cameron weeks into the season. Last night proved my point even further. There were two warning track shots that I have seen Jacoby Ellsbury run down and he didn’t even come close. Then he botched a sinking line drive hit that went off his glove. The problem is the Red Sox don’t have any options in the outfield. Ellsbury is still out, Hermida is out, and last night Drew injured his hamstring. I would much rather have Darnell McDonald out there than Cameron at this point.

On a side note. I was up on the monster last night and so was Roger Clemens. People up there were all saying the same thing, “Why was he there?” It was very strange. Strange that he had to buy Monster seats when in reality he should be appearing from behind the Monster during a pre-game ceremony honoring his accomplishments as a Red Sox. Hmmmm…will that be Manny in 10 years? Will Manny be honored by the Red Sox? Will he wear a Red Sox uniform in the Hall of Fame? The answer for both SHOULD be YES, but for now, I think he deserves to face a little heat.

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