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My take on the Lebron James circus

Posted By Garrett Henry On Jul 2 2010 @ 1:08 pm In NBA | No Comments

It seems to me that everywhere you go or watch TV someone is either talking about Lebron James or reporting they have insider information on Lebron.  It’s getting real old and for me this has overtaken the Brett Farve saga as the most annoying story of 2010.  Yes there are a lot of stars in the free agent class and if a team signs one or two then they can come become contenders.  The only team who can be considered for a championship is the team that signs Dwayne Wade, which we all know is going to be the Miami Heat because he’s the one with a ring.  Lebron isn’t even the best player in the league, Kobe Bryant is and for people who don’t think so take a look at Kobe’s five rings on his fingers.  What has Lebron done to deserve this title?  Beat an old and tiring Pistons team once in the Eastern finals to get swept by the Spurs in the finals.  Got beat twice by the Celtics in the Eastern conference playoffs and one wasn’t even in the conference finals.  He got beat by an Orlando Magic team that wasn’t given a chance against them in the conference finals last year.   This all took place in a lesser talented conference which is the Eastern Conference.  He using his free agency for the media hype and attention, just like his pre game rituals which probably have Michael, Magic, Bird, Dr. J, and Bill Russell sick to their stomach.  What’s wrong with high fiving and huddling up before a game?  Rather than act like a bunch of clowns.

Lebron wants help; well the Cavs got him the point guard in Moe Williams and a legit forward in Antwon Jamison.  He wanted someone to bang against Dwight Howard in the playoffs, the Cavs got an aging but capable banger in Shaq to go along with Ziggy and Anderson Varejao which make a worthy enough three headed monster to go against Dwight.  Last time I checked both Dwayne and Kobe won a title with Shaq, and Lebron couldn’t.

On to where Lebron where end up, to me is a pretty simple answer.  First up is the Clippers, they are there just to stroke Lebron’s ego and make him think about life in LA for a few hours.  After looking at the Clippers history of non success, as his friend Jay-Z says on to the next one.  Up next is the Chicago Bulls, does anyone think Lebron can live under Jordan’s shadow in Jordan’s own house that he built?  He wants his own legacy with his own team and not a team that forever will be considered MJs team.  With that last statement, I bring you the Miami Heat.  Does anyone think Lebron can be the second guy on a team?  We all know that the Heat belongs to Dwayne Wade, and Lebron wants a legacy with him being the main guy on a team that is his.  Here we have the Knicks; going for them is Madison Square Garden, New York City, and a chance at a billion dollars.  While looking at D’antoni as their coach he sees a coach who preaches offense and no defense.  We all know defense wins championship thus why he got the boot from Phoenix, and the Knicks roster isn’t too appealing even with the signing of Amare or Bosh. 

Down to the final two of the Nets and Cavs, his best friend Jay-Z versus his home.  The Nets have a billionaire owner, they have Jay-Z, they will be playing in Brooklyn in a few years, and their roster is appealing as well.  Their roster will have a legit point guard in Devin Harris, two young big men in Robin Lopez and Derrick Favors.  If they sign Lebron and another free agent they could become the league’s best turn around jobs in recent years.  I’m sure Jay-Z and Lebron have sat back and thought about what could be if he signed with the Nets, but in the end we all know the saying home is where your heart is and no sales pitch or presentation can match that.  He knows how bad that area is yearning for a championship, and he wants to be that guy.  He also wants to finish what he started in Cleveland.  They say you can always come back home, but if Lebron leaves his hometown area the feeling of coming back will be very awkward.  The Cleveland area will never forgot if he leaves, and to be not wanted or liked in your hometown is a tough pill to swallow.  Just like Kobe did in his free agent summer, Lebron will flirt and window shop but will come home when he decides.  Now it’s on to the Summer of Carmelo in 2011.

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