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Knicks Need to Take Leap and Get Paul

Posted By Jordan Lauterbach On Jul 25 2010 @ 11:57 pm In New York Knicks | No Comments

            History, as a general term, has been defined by adaptation. Cultures and societies that survive and persevere find ways to change and adjust to the times in which they exist. Those who do it well thrive. Those who don’t fall into oblivion or, worse yet, die out.

            In many ways, sports acts in the same way. Those who adapt to changing times tend to win. Those who don’t, no matter how great the history of an organization is, almost always lose. Of course, a few exceptions exist, but not enough to make a case against adapting to changing times.

            If it hasn’t happened already, the Miami Heat way of doing things will catch on. It may not occur in the grand spectacle that it did in Miami, but it’s clear that the “band of brothers anchored by one elite player” blueprint is fading…at least, for now. It started a few years ago in Boston.  It exploded three weeks ago in Miami and, unless it’s a colossal South Beach disaster, will slowly begin to pop up in other places. Gluttony is no longer a NBA sin. It’s now in vogue.

            The response to the “Super Team” from other stars around the NBA didn’t match the outrage displayed by the rest of society. It wasn’t that they were holding back, it’s that they didn’t think the idea was such a bad one.

 Many of these players get a bad rap. Yes, a lot of them are selfish and singular minded. But at the end of the day, the championship is the great equalizer. They know that at the end of a long career, they will be judged by rings. That’s why what LBJ and friends did doesn’t bother other NBA players like it does fans. Fans don’t understand it. Players do.        

            They also understand that you have to fight fire with fire. That’s why Chris Paul suggested a few weeks ago that he and Carmelo Anthony team up with Amar’e Stoudemire in New York and take on the big 3 in Miami when the former two become free agents. The philosophy now being, if you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em.

            At the time, this not – so – private musing seamed like just another prelude to a pipe – dream. That way of thinking is something that that Knick fans are done with. But that pipe – dream has new life now as Paul appears closer and closer to demanding a trade. It seams almost too good to be true, and very similar to the thought process surrounding Lebron James two seasons ago.

            However, here’s the difference between the LBJ pipe – dream and Paul- we know that CP3 wants to come. The Knicks have to do whatever they can, short of trading Stoudemire, to make sure that they don’t lose out on this big ticket, like they did James. Paul is not only an elite point guard in the league; he is an elite player in the prime of his career. He’s the kind of player that makes organizations offer up players previously thought to be untouchable.

            The Knicks understand this. Last week, it was reported that the Knicks would be willing to give up anyone but Amar’e for Paul. This is a smart move. Concessions need to be made when the prize is a player like Chris Paul.

            For good reason, the player that would stir the most controversy should he be traded is Danilo Gallinari. The new acquisitions ( Felton and the Golden State 3) cannot be moved, by rule, until December. That would leave Wilson Chandler, Gallo, and Toney Douglas as the “trio of controversy.”

 Chandler has been rumored in deals for almost as long as he’s been on the team. That wouldn’t be a shock. Toney Douglas would have virtually no role on the team with Paul and Felton manning the point (he was also unspectacular in Summer League…just saying). Trading Douglas would make sense. No one would raise an eyebrow. But Danilo Gallinari would be the one guy who would spawn controversy among the fan base.

But when considering a Chris Paul swap that includes Galinari, it is important to consider this: would the team be losing wins with a Paul/Gallo switch? Of course not. As much potential as Gallo has, he’s not a player that directly influences win total to a high degree. Few individual players do. Chris Paul absolutely is one of those players. He’s someone you pull no punches to acquire.

Does this current Knick team have enough to compete with Miami, Orlando, and Boston? Probably not. How about if you add a little CP3 to that equation? Absolutely.

It’s time to join the trend. Forget waiting for free agency. Go toe to toe with Miami and the rest this year. Get Chris Paul now.

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