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Radulov is your cheating ex-girlfriend.

Posted By Chris Rydburg On Jul 25 2010 @ 7:46 pm In NHL | 4 Comments

Over the past two years, I have received many a question about the Alexander Radulov situation and if he is going to come back to play again. Recent reports have come out that Radulov will be returning to the Nashville Predators after his contract with Salavat Yulaev Ufa ends in 2011. While this would usually be welcome news for Predators fans, there are many who are a bit guarded about letting the Russian sniper back into the fold. While fans have no say as far of what the organization does, you have to remember that most players, coaches, and certainly Predators GM David Poile, feel betrayed and lied to by the KHL’s MVP.

Though I really haven’t wanted to write about this subject, I feel it has become necessary in order to dispel any inaccurate assumptions as to my position on the subject. Like most story tellers, I like telling parables. I think this will quickly answer any questions outsiders have for Nashville fans and myself.

There once was a young man named David. David hadn’t exactly had the best luck with women before. His first girlfriend made quite a bit of a splash when they got together. Said girl, we’ll call her… Leslie, was supposed to be perfect in almost every way. She was flashy, exciting, but always responsible. As their relationship wore on, David realized, much to his dismay, Leslie was actually the queen of mediocrity and inconsistency. Leslie wasn’t very consistent at all, at times she would be the greatest girlfriend in the world, but at times she would be total (well you know). So they broke up but are still remained close friends.

A few years later, David turns to a new girl, Hayley, who is everything Leslie wasn’t. She is tough on the inside and and the outside. While Hayley didn’t have the flash or beauty of Leslie, she had a hard working and above all dependable. These are qualities that David had come to cherish in his girlfriends, so he decided to give Hayley a chance. Things really flourished between the two. A few years later, a friend (a not so good one at that!), stepped in and told David it was time to move on. Hayley was too good for him and he needed to look elsewhere. With a heavy heart, David broke things off was Hayley.

Another year passed and David finally met Alexandra. Alexandra was EVERYTHING David had ever wanted and needed. Things went great for the first three years they were together, but then one day Alexandra says she finished packing and is leaving for another guy. Her and this “other guy” have been talking all summer and she has decided she is going to be in a relationship with him. Trust me, she David, thinking it is a joke, doesn’t bother to return Alexandra’s call. A week later, Alexandra is gone with only a few possessions left to prove she existed.

Almost a year and a half after she disappears, Alexandra reappears at a local bar and tells David she wants to get back together. When David returns home two weeks later (with a little hangover), he has a message on his phone saying that Alexandra can’t see him and can’t be with him.

After this most resent disappointment, David has given up on Alexandra. He has been on many dates, dated many other women, but hasn’t found anyone that fills the mystique of Alexandra.

Fast forward two years. Alexandra’s best friend is now telling David that Alexandra plans to return home to him soon. While David is filled with joy because no one has filled the hole Alexandra left, he is hesitant to take her back. Alexandra cheated once, so what is stopping her from cheating twice? You also have to consider just how seductive Alexandra is (a 50 point getter only making $900,000) to David. David still loves Alexandra, but he is afraid he will get burned again by the mesmerizing beauty.

Obviously this story is a little different than the actual scenario, considering Hockey is a business. The one factor I think a lot of people are forgetting is the effect human emotion They have been burned, betrayed, and humiliated by Radulov and while business is business, you never want to do business with someone who is untrustworthy. Obviously Poile could try and trade Radulov, but the return wouldn’t nearly be as good as a year (or more) of Radulov’s production on a top line.

So what would you do? Take her back or let her be?

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