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Say Cheese-y! A-Rod Misses Team Photo

Posted By Stephanie Geosits On Aug 4 2010 @ 11:03 am In New York Yankees | No Comments

If Manny is just being Manny, then A-Rod is just being A-Rod. The guy who can always find the camera when some starlet is on his arm couldn’t show up for the team picture.

The best part is that he didn’t even offer an excuse. Nope. He just missed it. Meanwhile, he’s also still missing his 600th home run, but more about that later.

When I was the Editor of the Yankees publications, Jeter and Posada missed the team photo, too. They were having lunch to celebrate Jorge’s birthday, apparently. The good thing was that I had majored in CYA and the blame had fallen squarely on them. There were signs in the clubhouse and reminders in the players’ lockers for a week before the team photo and yet two guys who can see the ball break while it’s hurtling at them at 100 mph missed them. Strange. The beat writers (with their poor vision and slow reflexes) had seen the signs all week, too, and wrote about the fact that although there were notices everywhere, Jeter and Posada failed to show.  Fortunately  I didn’t get fired or reprimanded. Joe Torre fined them some ridiculous amount (like $150 which they probably had in their couch cushions), but it didn’t come back to my budget to off-set the cost of digitally inserting them into the picture. Welcome to Yankeeland.

This was also back in the day when Jeter and A-Rod shared a long-distance Bromance (1999) and Rodriguez was far from becoming a Yankee. Jeter was still maturing. He was four years from being named team captain, and he was just coming off dating Mariah Carey.

Maybe Joe Girardi will fine A-Rod; maybe he won’t. Regardless, it won’t matter. He has more money than brains. I personally think he should be forced to sell programs in the concourse before the games during the Boston homestand this weekend, but that’s just me.

So we come back to the fact that A-Rod has been sitting on 599 home runs. How does this relate? Well, he’s a head case. He’s like that crazy aunt who always wants to call attention to herself, even if it’s negative. You know, the one who dyes her hair pink before your cousin’s wedding or shows up to the family reunion with a guy she met online who’s 22 and just got out of prison. Rodriguez is 35 now, not in his 20s. He’s a veteran. He should start acting his age.

The rules (in his mind) really don’t apply to him and he’s happy to carry on like a spoiled child. The shocking thing for him must be, however, that Yankees fans don’t tolerate that for very long. If he doesn’t homer soon and continues his hitless streak, the boos will be fierce – especially with the Red Sox coming to town.

People often compare A-Rod to Jeter, and I guess they now share the distinction of having missed a team photo, but I’ll take Jeter any day. (Yes, I’ve forgiven him). Sure, A-Rod may be the more talented. I’ll give you that. However, if the game is on the line, the smart money is on Jeter, and that means more than 1,000 home runs – or team photos, for that matter.

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