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2010 Cincinnati Bengals Preview- Receivers

Posted By Adrian Fedkiw On Aug 6 2010 @ 1:41 am In Cincinnati Bengals | No Comments

As I’ve stated with my 2 previous blog entries about the Bengals, the management really tried improving the receiving core through free-agency and the NFL draft.  Besides Chad Ochocinco, no other receiver stepped up to be that play-maker Cincinnati really coveted last season.  They really didn’t have any deep threats either, and that includes Chad.  Free-agent acquisition Antonio Bryant and draftee tight end Jermaine Gresham should be able to stretch the field a bit more than last season.  Oh, and there’s this clown named T.O. joining the fray.  Oh Roger, can you pretty, pretty please allow touchdown celebrations again!  With Chad and T.O. on the same field, the creative touchdown celebration genius is limitless.

(1) Chad Ochocinco- 72 rec  1,047 yds  9 td  14.6 avg

Chad Ochocinco has played 9 seasons in the NFL, and in 7 of those years, Chad has accumulated more than 1,000 yards receiving.  He’s made a total of 6 Pro Bowls. 

(Chad Ochocinco)

Ochocinco is a tough match-up for any corner due to his good speed.  Even at 32, Chad can still move very well.  You can see that he’s lost a bit of a step witnessed by his inability to get down the field vertically last year.  He’s a very solid route runner.

Ochocinco can get taken out of a game by tight and physical coverage.  When he doesn’t get his way against a corner, he can let his emotions get the best of him.

(2) Antonio Bryant- 39 rec  600 yds  4 td  15.4 avg

Bryant had a phenomenal year in 2008 catching 83 balls for 1,248 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Bryant was hampered by a hamstring injury last season.

Bryant is the exact receiver the Bengals were looking for in the offseason.  Bryant is purely a vertical threat with his tremendous speed.  He’s also a guy who’s not afraid to go over the middle. 

This will be Bryant’s 5th different team in 9 seasons in the NFL.  Bryant is known to have an attitude, but lately Cincinnati has been the place for trouble makers to revamp their careers; hence Adam Jones, Terrell Owens, Cedric Benson, Tank Johnson and Matt Jones.

(Slot) Terrell Owens55 rec  829 yds  5 td  15.1 avg 

Owens at 36, is still in fantastic physical shape still possessing his statuesque, chiseled abs.  You can definitely tell he’s still doing his crunches in the driveway during the offseason.

Owens in the past was always at his best after the catch getting that YAC.  He used his strength to break tackles and speed to break away from defenders.  As his speed continues to detoriate, his production over recent years has dropped off. 

(4) Jordan Shipley- ROOKIE

Shipley is a 3rd round pick from Texas.  He’s a quick, possession receiver, Wes Welker like.

(5) Andre Caldwell- 51 rec  432 yds  3 td  8.5 avg

Caldwell is mostly a short and intermediate target within the offense.  He struggled in the 2nd half of last season.

Others- Quan Cosby, Matt Jones, Dezmon Briscoe and Jerome Simpson

Obviously all these guys will not be kept.  Cosby will be seen in the return game.  Jones was a good possession receiver for Jacksonville before enduring drug related issues.  Briscoe is a 6th round pick from Kansas.  He’s a big possession guy who doesn’t get a lot of separation.  Simpson looks like the guy on his way out.  He’s a former 2008 2nd round pick who has struggled to grasp the NFL game.

TE Starter- Jermaine Gresham- ROOKIE

Gresham is a 1st round pick from Oklahoma who should start immediately.  He brings a new dimension to the offense with his ability to ride the seam.

TE Backup- Reggie Kelly- DNP

Kelly is purely a blocking tight end who missed last season due to an achilles injury.

 Others- Daniel Coats and Chase Coffman

Coats is another blocking tight end to accompany Kelly.  Coffman is a pass catching threat, but as witnessed by the Hard Knocks series last year on HBO, Coffman must improve his blocking.


So how does Chad Ochocinco stack up with the rest of the wide receivers in the NFL.  Listed below are my preseason 2010 wide receiver rankings.

  1. Andre Johnson (Hou)
  2. Larry Fitzgerald (Ari)
  3. Randy Moss (Ne)
  4. Reggie Wayne (Ind)
  5. Calvin Johnson (Det)
  6. Steve Smith (Car)
  7. DeSean Jackson (Phi)
  8. Vincent Jackson (Sd)
  9. Steve Smith (Nyg)
  10. Wes Welker (Ne)

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http://yoooadrian.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/yoooadrians-2010-nfl-preview-wr-rankings/ [1]

So how does Jermaine Gresham stack up with the rest of the tight ends in the NFL.  Listed below are my preseason 2010 tight end rankings.

  1. Jason Witten (Dal)
  2. Antonio Gates (Sd)
  3. Tony Gonzalez (Atl)
  4. Dallas Clark (Ind)
  5. Vernon Davis (Sf)
  6. Owen Daniels (Hou)
  7. Brent Celek (Phi)
  8. JerMichael Finley (Gb)
  9. Kellen Winslow (Tb)
  10. Heath Miller (Pit)

(To view the rest of my rankings, and where Chad Ochocinco fits into the equation, clink the link below)

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