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Baltimore Ravens: Can they become a huge ticket holding team?

Posted By Ian Anderson On Aug 13 2010 @ 2:32 pm In Baltimore Ravens | 2 Comments

Info on the Baltimore Ravens:

As a person of mind I was remembering how the NBA team the Memphis Grizzlies had not very many fans a year or 2 ago and were not even at the basketball arena. So I thought to myself about their fans as if  there was going to be a few empty seats and the majority of seats or a lot of fans in their seats, but I thought of it as a positive way going  forward… the Baltimore Ravens are starting the way forward in the 2010-2011 season.  In some ways new with some new faces such as, Anquan Boldin #81, Donte Stallworth #18, and new defensive lineman Cory Redding #93.  Anquan Boldin has the power to be huge in the passing game, very good hands, speed, might even become a talented blocking receiver and has the right ability, toughness, and very much a talented wide receiver to become the #1 spot wide receiver in the NFL. On the other hand , the other wide receiver Donte Stallworth, his skills in my opinion  are speed, agility (such as footwork), toughness, and could and just might well become a #2 target for Joe Flacco #5, Marc Bulger #9, and Troy Smith #10. On the defensive side, Cory Redding is a new part of this Ravens defense.  I  believe he will become a big time threat of attention, such as in the pass rush, stopping the run and predicting on how to help this defense stop the #1 threat on the other side of the team.  This is how I think Cory Redding and this Baltimore defense will succeed and do very well.

What I believe is  that there are many players that are young but may become or are already great talents to watch and see grow as a player. I think the player you need to look out for would be Troy Smith #10 the 3rd string QB. This guy  if you knew or didn’t know, was a Heisman Trophy award winner in 2006. He was an all-American college football player and played for Ohio State, and is in my opinion a huge threat in this Ravens offense.  A strong diverse player, with a very strong arm, and accurate enough to throw the football like a rope.  It is quite a golden arm and I believe could hopefully help get this Baltimore Ravens team to be close enough to the playoffs.  As if to also do very well in the run and pass blocking and passing game would be their running backs Willis McGahee, and Ray Rice from Rutgers University.  Willis McGahee is a fast versatile player for his size and talent, who could make a huge threat to the Baltimore offense and also in the past I have seen him pass block well so in my opinion I believe could make a pretty good fullback in the running game, or in the pass/pass blocking game. Maybe even blocking for Ray Rice?  Another very talented hard core running back would be Ray Rice #27, he is one of the starters in the backfield, is a speedy athletic, explosive running back  who could be a major talented part of this offense and maybe even get over 110 rushing yards in a game or even more, he is that much of a talent. I believe these are all huge ticket holders from start to finish but there are three more  I would like to encourage you fans and every day football writers, and bloggers, to really watch this year that would be, middle linebacker #52 Ray Lewis, #74 right tackle  Michael Oher, and Roscoe Parrish #11, this guy will in my opinion become a very talented punt returner and maybe even average over 10 yards punt returning, and may get a couple of punt return TDs, he also could really help the  special teams, and the special teams could become a very big improvement in the future. Michael Oher on the offensive hand (who was switched from left tackle to right tackle),  I predict is going to be a huge pass rush stopper with the defensive ends, a big time talented person to use for running through the gaps, and a very talented run and pass blocker. The last (but not least) thing I will say for these 3 is that I believe that a very talented impact for this year will be, Ray Lewis, who is a huge gut blowing force to this defense and at 35 years old I believe Ray is still to this day in great shape, and he will I believe be a huge fear to the opposing teams offense,  and a huge force with blitzing, cover 2,  strong side and weak side blitzes down the middle, and he and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens defense could  help make huge turnovers to this talented big strong gut blowing explosive hard core defense. This is my blog and to be honest with you I really hope you liked my blog.

written by Ian Anderson

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