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The Bulls Get Swallowed In The Swamp

Florida (2-0) overwhelmed USF (1-1) and won 38-14. Five turnovers killed the  Bulls  chances of pulling off the upset in Gainesville.   The turnover that damaged USF the most, was the quarterback  running back exchange. With the game tied at 7-7 and USF driving deep into Florida territory, B.J. Daniels handed it off to running back Demetris Murray and he fumbled and it was recovered by Florida’s Duke Lemmens on his own 12 yard line. Three plays later,  the Gators scored on a Jeffery Demps ( player of the game )  62 yard touchdown run and Florida never looked back. The Gators put the pedal to the metal  and  Florida scored 21 points in the third quarter, that is where this game was won by Florida.

The Bulls chances of pulling off the upset was looking good  early after a very impressive opening drive. The Bulls went 96 yards on 17 plays and finished the drive with a Daniels 2 yard touchdown pass to senior T.E. Andrew Ketchel.  The Bulls pushed the Gators  around up front during that  first possession and ran at will as they took an early 7-0 lead.   Florida came out of the blocks a tad slow and their offense looked out of rhythm most  of the first half.  USF should have gone into the locker room  with a 7-0 lead but  a B.J. Daniels interception set up the Gators on the Bulls side of the field. Three plays later John Brantley throws an 11 yard touchdown pass to Carl Moore and the game is tied at 7-7 going into halftime.

Quick thoughts After watching this game today and watching some of the other Big East teams, the Bulls have a legitmate chance of winning the conference. Obviously they’ll have to take care of the ball better and stop with the delay of game penalties and false starts. Those mistakes will drive a coaching staff nuts… unforced errors. The Bulls now play two teams ( Western Kentucky and FAU )  that they should beat and the Bulls should have all sorts of momentum going into  Big East  play and that is when the fun will start!

Quick  Observation B .J. Daniels MUST improve throwing the football ( stating the obvious here )  if he wants to get to that next level. If I’m Skip Holtz, I would want Daniels throwing the football at least 30 times in each of the next two games. That is why you have Western Kentucky and FAU on the schedule. These games are  glorified scrimmages and the Bulls can work out some kinks when playing these less than stellar teams.

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Hi my name is Brian and I currently reside in the Sarasota area. I'm currently an online student with Southern New Hampshire University going for my Bachelor's in Communications. New Hampshire is close to my heart because I got married there in October of 2011. I was an intern with the local ABC station here in Sarasota last summer and it lasted until the winter. I had a blast and loved putting together highlights for the live sportscasts. I have also interned at WSRQ radio in Sarasota. Currently working for State College of Florida with their hoops team and softball team. I was at Tropicana Field, back in October of 2008 when the Rays won the AL. David Price came out of the bullpen that night and got Jed Lowrie to ground out and the dome went nuts! TB had a losing season every year until 2008, it was a magical season for the Rays.


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  1. bebe Sep 11 20105:39 pm


    Daniels is a poor mans Major Harris, he better learn to pass the ball in a hurry or teams are going to be able to defend a one dimensional team like USF. Things looked so promising for the Bulls, it was 14-7 and I flip it back and its 28-7!

  2. Brian Joyce Sep 11 20105:51 pm


    Totally agree about Daniels and his passing. His legs are far ahead of his right arm. Major Harris did lead West Virginia to a shot at a national title. Of course we all know the outcome, N.D. was a bit much for the Mountaineers that afternoon in Tempe, Az.

    With the Bulls up 7-0 before the half, they should have tried to run out the clock. I didn’t like that strategy by Holtz. The Bulls had the ball to open up the second-half.

    USF is lucky they are in a weak conference so they do have a shot at a conference title. Conference play begins for the Bulls in early October.

    Your dead on about the score changing quick but that tends to happen with teams that play the Gators at the swamp. Tough….tough…..tough place to play! Is it the loudest stadium in the nation????

    1. Joshua Litton Sep 12 20107:16 pm


      Daniels’ problem isn’t his inability to throw the football, it’s his inability to take what the game is giving him. What I mean by that is, he needs to stop trying to make every play a home run. Quarter back’s need to take what the defense gives to them. Drew Brees is an excellent model for this. I am not comparing them to one another but this is what makes Brees so great.

      Although Holtz’s play calling toward the end of the half was a bit questionable, Daniels needs to understand how to get rid of the ball or take a loss rather than forcing passes. If he would have thrown the ball out of bounds of just went down, USF wouldn’t have given the Gators the ball at such a crucial point in the game.

      He is young, people tend to forget that he is a sophomore, and more importantly a freshman in Holtz’s new scheme. Cadence, terminology, etc., all are new facets that Daniels has to learn. One thing he shoudn’t be new to is what a quarter back’s responsibility is, and that is to protect the football and manage to offense.

      The best part of the UF/USF game is that it is over. Time to move on, tune up and tweak the miscues and get ready for conference play in a few weeks.

      Great recap. Looking forward to your post game coverages in the weeks to come.

      P.S. Just for a little fun, I missed the score by 4 points. If Meyer would have called for the field goal team on the fourth and short rather than go for it, I would have been dead on!

    2. gatornation Sep 12 201011:12 pm


      yea i agree the bald dude is creepy looking, maybe he should worry about growing some hair, cause he sure dont know football, I bet he’s one of those guys that has never ever put on a pair of shoulder pads!!!!

      1. Brian Joyce Sep 13 20108:16 am


        Gator nation,

        Good win by the Gators on Sat. Defense is solid, clearly the offense is lacking a bit. Return game under Meyer is always good because of the athletes he brings in. USF hung around for a little but they have a long way to go if they ever want to beat Florida.

        Thanks for noticing that I don’t have any hair, great observation.

        Shoulder pad days are over for me, long ago! Just to let you know.

  3. Brian Joyce Sep 12 20108:35 pm


    I don’t know why you were so against the Bulls and Gators playing each other. As I said “it was a win win for the Bulls, they had nothing to lose. They were 15 point underdogs going into the game and most people ( including yourself ) didn’t give them a chance and if it wasn’t for that fumble by Murray, that game would have been a lot closer. Who knows who would have won. I think you would agree with that.

    Going into that game, I wasn’t sure if the Bulls had a chance for the conference, my thoughts have totally changed. Has yours?

    Just wondering, after the opening drive by both teams, what were you thinking?

    One of your biggest concerns of that game was USF coming out of that game with no confidence. Do you still believe they are lacking confidence, even though they lost by 24 points? According to your thinking, they were going to if they lost by that much.

    1. Joshua Litton Sep 12 20109:24 pm


      First of all, I don’t appreciate the assumptions. I never said I was “against” the Bulls and Gators playing. I am not sure if you’re mocking me or not, but I don’t think you understand what I was trying to say. Forgive me if I thought you did.

      When the score was tied, or even when the Bulls were winning 7-0, my opinions and thoughts never changed. I have been following college football, and football in general for that matter, for a long time. As a journalist should, I attack every article with an non-bias standpoint. Honestly, I am not appreciating nor enjoying the journalistic value of this website because people’s opinions are starting to out shine what truly happened.

      First off, you can’t use the old cliche “what might have happened.” The Bulls were out played, out manned and out executed as a whole. The game was tied at halftime, but everyone knows you play four quarters. The fumble happened, I could also say, who knows what would have happened if, if, if… Florida won by 24 points, not 1, not 7, not 14 but 24. That definitely deflates the “what if” scenario.

      Secondly, my prediction that the Bulls didn’t have a chance was an educated, non-bias guess. I feel you’re letting your fan hood overcome your duty to report as a non-bias bystander.

      As for the confidence remark, as you keep reminding me for reasons to discredit me, you could see the Bulls confidence dip the moment the Gators tied the game. People forget that these players are 18 to 22 years old on average and they are basically kids. Can you honestly say they would have the same amount of confidence as they did when they lost if they would have defeated the Gators?

      If they didn’t lose any confidence, why did the third quarter go the way it did? When the Bulls came out and scored on UF early, they continued to play at a high level for the remainder of the half because they were CONFIDENT in themselves. The second UF tied the game, they were no longer confident and it showed.

      Again, I am not sure if you are trying to discredit me or just embarrass me for picking, correctly, the outcome of the game. I do so as a non-bias bystander, as a journalist should be. So please forgive the hostility my reply may be consisting of. But I don’t appreciate the fact that you are trying to undermine me for acting the part with the “(including yourself” and “according to your thinking” excerpts of your response. If you are going to continue to try and

      My blog post was to help remind USF and their fans that winning the Big East was more important than beating UF, FSU and Miami. Last year, the Bulls topped FSU and that did what for them in the long run? Nothing, because they posted a losing record in the Big East. I was brought on to report and write about the USF football program. I have been told my my fellow students, fans and USF players that they agreed with the article and thought it was a critical, yet positive story.

      Bottom line, the better team won. Fan hood and allegiances aside, UF won. No “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” about it. But to you, I am a “Bulls hater” because I chose the team I didn’t want to win. As a journalist, you put aside those allegiances. So please, either act more professionally or keep your attempts to undermine me to yourself.

      …Again, as I state before, we are on the same team and wanted the same team to win despite what you may think.

    2. big poppa Sep 12 201011:06 pm


      hey joyce dude CHILL…stop roaming college halls, unless you and Big Ben have something in common lol

      1. Brian Joyce Sep 13 20108:11 am


        Big poppa,

        If your going to write something, at least talk a little football. Your act is old and boring.

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