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A Tree Grows in Stanford

Posted By Dogsweat On Oct 6 2010 @ 8:42 pm In USC | No Comments

USC will play Stanford this weekend. What is amazing is these two schools are polar opposites.

Even though they play in the same state and have the same exact Governor, these two cities and programs might as well be in another country.

Palo Alto is home to the uppity Stanford Cardinal. This is where the Eco Nazi’s make their nest. The Stanford Cardinal were once known as the Indians. This name became offensive and unacceptable.

They changed it to Cardinal, as in the color, not the bird. A tree is the center of their logo.

A tree?

A tree?

Does anyone associate football with a tree? When I see a tree out in the wilderness, I want to take a bathroom break.

Stanford followers are easy to spot. They dress ultra conservative and have a clean cut look. Mormons are under dressed compared to Stanford persons.

Tiger Woods is the model for the Stanford look. Even his accent fits the Stanford cult. It’s generic and character less. If you listen closely to Tiger’s interviews, he sounds programmed.

Stanford persons are uptight, snobby and above all humans. It’s in the handbook.  

If you decide to move anywhere near this University, you will be subject to the Eco nuts. Most cities have a day where you take your bin full of garbage and set it out on the curb.

In Palo Alto, residents will take at least 6-7 bins to the curb in honor of recycling.

Los Angeles and Palo Alto have zero in common.

In Los Angeles, people dress quite different than the rest of the nation. Los Angeles has no dress code. You could be arrested in other cities if dressed like the Los Angeles residents do.

Laid back is an understatement for Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles does not have a designated accent. In fact you can hear just about every accent on the face of the planet in the City of Angels.

Coach Harbaugh has brought Stanford Football back from the grave. For some strange reason he has a bitter dis liking for USC. Maybe Harbaugh thinks he is above the Trojans?

Maybe the Stanford snobbery is rubbing off on him?

  Harbaugh’s Stanford’s Trees defeated a 41 point favorite Trojan team a few years ago.

Harbaugh’s troops have been tormenting the Trojans ever since. It will end this year.

USC has had enough of these gnats from Palo Alto. They will put them to rest this Saturday.

The University of South Central will stomp the cupcakes from Stanford.

SC 31 Trees 21

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