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Twitter Reveals Celtics’ Insanity

Posted By Michael Johnson On Oct 9 2010 @ 1:00 am In Boston Celtics | No Comments

For as long as sports have been holding onto a prominent role in the mainstream media, fans have been dying to better understand their favorite athletes. Fans have always longed to catch an athlete out in public for a simple hello and photo op. Children go to whatever lengths necessary just to get their autographs, waiting hours on end for their fateful emergence onto the field or into the parking lot . Over time, it seemed as if these athletes have  been enclosed in a steel fortress, impenetrable from the outside. Whether this was by their choice, or their organization’s, we may never know. They robotically revealed themselves for games and press conferences while the rest of time they convalesced in the confines of their own home. Again, we assume this is to get away from the circus that is professional sports. We believed that any new glimpse of these athletes would help give us more insight as to what kind of person they truly are. But prior to this point, could we ever really know? Many of these men still remain well versed in dealing with the media, and adhere to the stringent rules of the PR squad set up to assist them.

That was then. But this is now. With the emergence of social media, the entire “game” has changed. From the conveyance of the events on the playing field to the way athletes are perceived by the public, the growth of media has changed the landscape of professional sports. Surely this has been touched on many times before. Today, athletes are never out of the eye of the public, a fact that has helped to overturn many problematic situations. Athletes have always had run ins with the law due to the infinite amount of power and monetary advantages they possess. But as of late, various forms of media have assisted in tarnishing certain reputations. For instance, the entire Tiger Woods fiasco spiraled out of control with the help of voice mails and text messages that were released to the tabloids and across the internet. Brett Favre just recently suffered a similar fate [1]. Before such outlets were available, both seemingly had impeccable reputations and were widely regarded as poster boys for their respective sport. Though athletes for the most part do not use facebook, most stars have flocked in drones to the 140 character format of twitter.

The Celtics in particular have made good use of Twitter, posting a plethora of their antics for the world to see. The teams court jester, Nate Robinson, has basically been at the center of all of this. From running sprints in Shaq’s shoes [2]. To playing Delonte West 1 on 1 in said shoes [3]. Messing with Shaq [4]. To messing with Shaq again [5]. And finally whatever this is [6]. The team has had it’s fair share of levity in the early going. Even the laconic and stoic Rajon Rondo has gotten in on the act of what seems to be a progressing battle of Nate Robinson and the small guys versus Shaq. Certainly none of the material posted will incriminate any of the Celtics players, and most of it is in good fun. It’s great to know these guys can enjoy themselves considering the solemnity that surrounds much of sports. We all enjoy knowing that athletes are real people too, capable of having fun and being entertaining outside of their respective sport. I also hope this will help strengthen the Celtics team chemistry, making the new guys feel comfortable enough to do pretty much whatever they want. But on top of all this joy, I can’t help but think that these guys are literally crazy people.

That locker room dancing video was truly something from another world.  I mean that required a great deal of insanity, as well as coordination, from these guys . I’m assuming masks like that aren’t just lying around every professional sports locker room, which means they brought those from home specifically to film this video. I appreciate the Celtics making an attempt to entertain (both themselves and their fans), but this was just downright creepy. Do they really act like this on a regular basis? Don’t get me wrong here. Despite my critique I still found that video awfully entertaining. But all I ask in the future is that they tone down the sociopathic behavior a little bit.  I enjoy watching the videos of the guys throwing popcorn at Shaq as well, so maybe they should just stick to stuff like that. But those masks and music together are likely to give me nightmares for the next month or so. The season hasn’t even started yet and the Celtics have already proven they are more than deserving of their own reality show. Let’s hope they will be successful in entertaining both on and off of the court alike.

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