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Relax, Things will be OK

Posted By Steve Schwanda On Oct 11 2010 @ 2:03 pm In Central Michigan | No Comments

For the last few years CMU football fans have been spoiled. 3 conference titles in four years and four bowl games in a row. A top 25 ranking and a 12-2 season last year. When success happens at non-BCS schools more often then not you will be looking for a new coach. CMU found that in Dan Enos, I will not pretend to know him well but I have been able to talk to him a few times and be around him some and I have nothing bad to say about the man. He is known as a great recruiter and tireless worker. I have faith in him that he will get CMU back to a bowl game and keep building this program.

Not everyone feels that way, CMU is now 2-4 after a loss at Va Tech, 45-21. Dispite their record really only one of those losses was bad, at home to Ball State. The others, at Temple in OT, at Northwestern and at Va Tech,  were no big deals. The Temple game would have been nice to get, but the other two really don’t matter.

You always want to win, but I think in your sports life you need to be happy with where you are, and then understand what needs to happen to get you to the next level. Comparing yourself with OSU if you are Indiana isn’t very smart. They may be in the same conference but they are not the same. IU fans should be happy if their team makes a bowl game, OSU fans are not happy unless they get to, and win, a BCS bowl.

I came to CMU in the fall of 2001, our football team was bad, I mean really bad. Good years back then meet we were 3-9 but beat Eastern and Western. We didn’t think about being ranked, or beating BCS teams on the road, we just wanted to finish over 500.  Brain Kelly changed things, but it took time, in his first year at CMU he was 4-7, and we lost 41-10 to Indiana, When Brain Kelly left and Butch Jones took over his first year we started 1-3, only to still win the MAC title, at 8-6, but that year we lost 52-7 to Kansas, 44-14 to North Dakota State, and 70-14 to Clemson. Not really great games.

I am not happy about our 2-4 start, but really I thought we would be 3-3 at this point, and at best 4-2. I am behind the program and will continue to support CMU football. It is funny how some people feel that they can write anything on a message board since it isn’t there real name, not a lot of people know who they are, and they are not saying anything to a person’s face. The same people who wanted us to give Coach Jones more money so he wouldn’t leave are the same ones that after the North Dakota State game was calling for his job.

For entertainment purposes here is just a few of the post on a CMU message board.. so keep in mind, this is what students and graduates of CMU are saying.

“It’s obvious Heeke made a big mistake. The question is how do we undo the mistake as quickly as possible?”

“you want Questions:

When is the offense going to develop?
What IS the offense?
When will we have a kicker?
Why are we not going to Kito more?
Where is Derrick Bolden?
How in God’s name did we lose to Ball State?
Why have we taken a successful offense and changed it?
Why, after 3 years were Berning and Ballore switched-inside out and outside in?
Why didn’t Ballore play the entire game against Ball State?
Where is Volney, and why isn’t he getting more touches?
How are we going to beat NIU, Toledo, the ponies and/or Navy?
Why do we continue to ‘whore’ the FB team for $$ games, and how long will it continue?
When are we going to get the team back  for 6 home games like most teams?
Happy ?…No ripping..just some questions? And all pretty fair ones, I would think?”

“The best thing a coach can say to recruit top talent is come here and we will win ball games. So far he hasn’t shown he can do that against anyone but the worst teams in D1. If he keeps losing ball games it wont matter how good of a recruiter he is we wont get the guys we got the past few years”

There are many more, and lot worse then that, but you get the idea. College football fans are a crazy bunch, but most of them have to understand the team you root for isn’t that good. You have to look for improvements and understand when you have success it is a lot harder to maintain it then to have one or two good years.

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