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Would You Trade Ike Davis for Prince Fielder?

So with the bulk of the offseason looming, there are many questions surrounding the Mets. One that fans would not think would be a huge issue is first base.

Ike Davis had a solid rookie year hitting .264 with 19 HR and 71 RBI (just three behind the Mets rookie record set by Darryl Strawberry in 1983).

He played a Gold-Glove caliber first base and is booming with potential.

I have been hearing some possible free agent signings and trades over the last week. Most appear unlikely due to contractual issues or financial constraints. But one that caught my eye was a possible deal that would send Ike Davis to the Brewers for Prince Fielder.

At first, I thought to myself, “I would never want the Mets to make this trade.” But after giving it some thought, it might be a deal they may want to consider.

Before I go on, I’d like everyone to know that in my opinion, Davis could blossom into a terrific power-hitting first baseman. The Mets have lacked a true power threat for the past few seasons and could use a jolt in the power department.

Enter Prince Fielder. Though Fielder had somewhat of an off year in 2010, the man’s got raw power. He averages 37 HR per 162 games and has driven in over 100 runs in three of his five full seasons, including 141 in 2009.

Now why would the Brewers trade such an impressive talent who is only 26? Well the business aspect of baseball comes into play.

Fielder will be a free agent after the 2011 season, and let’s be honest: There’s no way the Brewers will have the budget to re-sign the big guy. Rather than let him walk for just compensatory draft picks, the Brewers would be smart to trade him for a high-level prospect.

Enter Ike Davis. Davis has proven he can hit major league pitching but suffered from a few stretches of inconsistency this season. Scouts have compared him to an Adam LaRoche-type player (above average power, solid glove, will strike out a good amount, hit somewhere between .260 and .280).

So would trading a young Ike Davis who “projects” into an Adam LaRoche be worth Prince Fielder?

I will be the first to say that I am extremely torn on this possibility. I enjoyed watching Davis for us this year. He had some clutch hits and hit some monstrous home runs.

But I also realize the presence that Prince Fielder would have in the middle of the Mets order. There’s no telling if Davis will develop the raw power of Fielder. I wonder what the Mets would do if the Brewers were willing to pull the trigger on this deal (another major consideration).

When looking at this deal, it would make sense for both teams. The Mets desperately need a consistent power threat, and the Brewers would solve their first base vacancy for the next few seasons.

Like I said, I’m glad I am not in charge of making this decision, but I am curious to what the fans think. Feel free to let me know if you would make this deal or place your confidence in Ike, and of course why or why not.

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James (Jim) Mancari hails from Massapequa, NY. He graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA with degrees in History and Kinesiology. Jim currently is pursuing a Master's degree in Journalism at Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY). He is a devout Mets fan and takes pride in his team, despite their lack of success over the last few years. Like all Mets' fans, Jim has plenty of hope. Jim also writes for the NJ Nets on this site. He can be contacted at He appreciates and respects additional opinions.

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In response to “Would You Trade Ike Davis for Prince Fielder?”

  1. Mark Reichman Oct 12 20108:46 am


    Yes the Mets should do this trade if available! Absolutely. I actually alluded to the need to get Fielder over Davis in my 9/15/10 blog about the Mets lack of power this season. Ike is a nice player, but first base is a power hitting position, and if you don’t have 30+ homers from first base, where else are they going to come from?

    1. Christopher Rowe Oct 27 201011:36 am


      Tell me if this sounds familiar… “Ike is a nice player, but first base is a power hitting position, and if you don’t have 30+ homers from first base, where else are they going to come from?”

      Now tell me why Milwaukee makes this deal with the Mets?

  2. Christopher Rowe Oct 13 201011:42 am


    Absolutely NOT! Why would any self-respecting GM who is neither off his medication nor trying to get fired make such a ludicrous deal?

    “So would trading a young Ike Davis who “projects” into an Adam LaRoche be worth Prince Fielder?”

    Would YOU trade Adam LaRoche – or both LaRoche’s as well as Rene Arocha – for Prince Feilder? No. Not even a deluded Mets fan should posit such lunacy. Milwaukee probably will have to trade Fielder, YES. This is the business of baseball and Milwaukee cannot afford to sign him long-term. Ergo, Milwaulee is seeking two blue chip pitching prospects AND a solid position player at minimum!!! They may even take this price tag down to the trading deadline and risk getting nothing but compensatory draft picks… because it is that important. Talent like Fielder doesn’t come along very often and when teams have to make business decisions rather than baseball, they must make sure they make sound decicions. Fielder will garner a valuable package of prospects in return and even if it is not exactly what the Brewers seek, they’d be fools to not try for maximum value!

    That being said, everybody was clamoring for San Diego to trade Adrian Gonzalez in 2010, presuming the Padres had no shot. What happened? They made an impressive run and wound up trading to import talent for the stretch run. Now they have a nucleus including Gonzalez around which to build in 2011. Don’t be so quick to sell Fielder down the East River until you consider all the possible ramifications. Believing that the Mets or anyone else are going to hoodwink Milwaukee out of Prince Fielder is a very nice fairy tale. See if that works on Playstation or your local Rotisserie League but I’d seriously doubt it!

    1. Jim Mancari Oct 13 201012:37 pm


      I don’t think I’d make the trade either. I presented this topic to gauge how the readers view next season. More rebuilding (Davis) or a win right now mentality (maybe Fielder).

      1. Christopher Rowe Oct 13 20101:21 pm


        Yet you make several arguments in favor of the trade… AND indicate that it makes sense??

        “When looking at this deal, it would make sense for both teams. The Mets desperately need a consistent power threat, and the Brewers would solve their first base vacancy for the next few seasons.”

        Maybe you should decide what your opinion is prior to making it public. Seems like you are not just torn on the issue, rather you can’t see past your own Mets bias to realize that it was a ludicrous suggestion. Hey Phillies Jimmy Rollins and Raul Ibanez are getting older. Maybe I’ll trade them to Texas for Elvis Andrusa and Nelson Cruz simply because I want to do it!

        1. Jim Mancari Oct 13 20104:57 pm


          I mean there’s no doubt that the trade makes sense. The Brewers won’t be able to afford Fielder anyway and would want to get a solid young first basemen for the next few years, rather than letting Prince walk for merely draft picks. The Mets would be able to lock him up long term after the 2011 season because they will hopefully be subtracting some payroll.

          Just because the trade in essence makes sense does not I’d want them to do it.

          1. Greg Oct 13 20105:07 pm

            Jim claims “there is no doubt the trade makes sense” but in actually there is doubt. Milwaukee has made it public that they want two pitching prospects plus a position player minimum. Why would they settle for Adam LaRoche? They’d actually be better served taking the compensatory draft picks and letting him go as a free agent or simply trading him somewhere that actually would offer some value! These fantasy league players kill me. They think that because they can swingle some know-nothing haus-frau to swap Payton Manning for Jason Hanson that professional GMs are really that stupid.

            The author says that “Just because the trade in essence makes sense does not I’d want them to do it.” So you think it makes sense but you don’t want the team to make the deal. Why even write the article? You’re not in favor of a trade you suggested? Dude who ARE you and why are you writing this? Either make a point based on your valid opinion or don’t write the article!

  3. James Centifonti Oct 13 20103:23 pm


    Mets would have to sweeten the pot a whole more to swing that deal.

  4. Jim Mancari Oct 13 20108:59 pm


    Greg, before you criticize, let me explain myself. And don’t call me dude, that’s so unprofessional.

    The point of this article was to gauge whether Mets fans would be willing to part with some young talent to gain a proven major league first baseman.

    My goal was to have fans debate on whether or not they’d make the deal, not attack me just because they couldn’t understand what it was truly about.

    Despite what you may think, I have been receiving some positive feedback on my other blog from fans who actually treated that article as it should have been treated.

    But I appreciate you reading.

  5. Chad Seely Oct 21 20106:23 pm


    Why on earth would the Mets NOT do this trade? Like James said, the Mets would have to sweeten the pot a whole lot more to get Fielder from the crew. Yea, at some point they are going to deal him, but it center around Milwaukee getting arms in return. The Brewers have guys they can plug into First Base but it’s not secret their main need is pitching.

    Ike Davis is 23 years old, Prince is 26. That’s not a huge difference. If I were a Mets fan, I would be thrilled if Davis even came close to the production Fielder has had in his young career…but I think that’s A LOT to ask and I wouldn’t count on it.

    1. Greg Oct 21 20106:57 pm


      Why on Earth would the Brewers make this trade? Obviously Mets fans are salivating at getting Prince Fielder. Sure. Why would Milwaukee sell out their best players for so little in return? Ike Davis? Maybe Ike Davis and two can’t miss blue chip starting pitching prospects plus another position player. So who exactly would those be? Tell me that. Who would all these NY Mess experts include to sweeten this deal enough for the Brewers to send their best player to NY – or anywhere else for that matter – before the trading deadline. You play Fielder through July and deal him at the trading deadline!!!! THEN – and only then – do you get max value for him. They can do a lot better than Ike Freaking Davis and some scrub pitchers. Tell me names of two serious blue chip pitching prospects that Mets fans would be sad to part with!!!! Mets fans always overvalue their players for some reason and think that other teams will do the same.

      Put yourself in position of the Milwaukee GM and ask yourself why you would WANT to make such a deal!

  6. Bill Stiehl Oct 22 201012:29 pm


    I would make this trade and here is my reason. I don’t believe Ike Davis can make David Wright a better hitter and more power numbers but Fielder can. Either way who do you pitch around Fielder to get to Wright or Wright to get to Fielder.

    1. Chris Rowe Oct 22 20103:17 pm


      This trade is not about Ike Davis or David Wright or even the Mets! Prince Fielder is one of the premier power bats in baseball. Ike Davis is a nice player but comparable to at least 25 other first basemen in the game – or to translate nothing special.This trade is about what the Brewers could potentially get in exchange for Fielder. If pitching prospects are what Milwaukee wants then the Mets need to provid at least two of them – and we’re talking stud prospects and/or young pitchers. So Mets fans… who do you have in your organization to package with Ike Davis that would actually entice Milwaukee???? Keep in mind as someone else said… Milwaukee would have to be persuaded to make the deal and not compelled to simply hang onto Fielder and lose him at end of 2011 for draft picks. Nae for us the two or three players you package in this deal!

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