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Chris Paul or Deron Williams??

Posted By Wilson Tarpeh Jr. On Oct 14 2010 @ 11:44 am In Utah Jazz | 8 Comments

Every time the question gets raised as to who the best point guard in the league, somehow or another we end up revisiting the 2005 NBA Draft. One of the choices was drafted before the other, Williams went 3rd and Paul went 4th. Paul’s stats are a little more gaudy than Williams, by a little I mean he averages 3 more points and 1 more assits in their career averages. On paper Chris Paul looks like the obvious choice, which is why most people leave Deron Williams out of the question entirely. So I will ask you who do you think is better, Paul or Williams? I shall now explain my position in this often heated debate.

My choice is Deron Williams, I am fully aware that I gave you all ammunition to blow my case by telling you their career averages. I believe that even with that information being given, a strong case can be made  for Mr. Williams. Deron Williams is a better leader than Chris Paul, Paul runs hot all the time where as Williams is extremely even keeled. One of my biggest reasons for selecting Williams are his physical tools, Paul is extremely gifted physically as well. The difference is all the problems that Williams can cause at 6’3 210-215 pounds, he is just as explosive as his smaller rival. There isn’t really a good option for opposing teams when facing Deron Williams, you can’t put someone smaller on him because he will take them down to the block and abuse them and if you put someone bigger on them he’s blowing past them. His size allows him to get into the lane and finish much easier than a smaller guard, and his strength allows him to effectively guard bigger player”s on switches. What I love about Williams game is that you don’t know what’s coming, he can finish over you as well as hitting a jumper from anywhere on the court. The biggest part of Williams game that is underrated is his athletic ability, many people don’t take the time to watch Jazz games so they have no idea he can really jump. Anytime anyone asks a question about who is better  in any sport I immediately think to favor the player that presents the biggest match up problem. I side with the guy that can’t be guarded out of the 2 at question, in this case I am choosing Deron Williams.  I promise you that any point guard that you think of in terms of the best of the league, can not guard Deron Williams at all and usually end up having a bigger teammate do that job for them. My favorite move in Deron Williams repertoire is his euro step because of his size and quickness, he covers much more ground than a smaller guard and does it much quicker than a shooting guard. It is a thing of beauty, if you ever get a chance just google Deron Williams Euro Step and you should come across him teaching kids at his camp how to use it.

In closing I would like to challenge you all to watch at least 10 Jazz games this year, make sure you watch the match ups between Williams and the other top point guards in the league. When he and Chris Paul play each other it is a real treat, they both play the position different ways and are very effective at it. Even if you don’t agree with my choice pertaining to this question, at least take the time to watch Deron Williams play more this year. I challenge you all to watch at least 10 Jazz games this year, so you can watch THE best point guard in the league play. I’m sure you will not all agree with me, or agree at all with me so let me know what you think . Who’s better Chris Paul or Deron Williams??

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