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Frustrated Reid and Eagles Let One Get Away

Frustrated Reid and Eagles Let One Get Away

Andy Reid watched the game slip through his team's fingers

When Eagles head coach Andy Reid stood in front of his shell-shocked football team late Sunday afternoon, he told them to never forget the way it felt to allow 27 consecutive fourth-quarter points. To never forget the way it felt to give away a game that was right there in their grasp. To never forget the hurt.

This one hurt as much as any regular-season loss in recent memory because the Eagles just handed a game to the Titans, a game they were on the brink of turning into a blowout.
Instead of finding their way to 5-2, the Eagles now go into their bye week just a game over .500 at 4-3 with a brutal portion of the season coming up.

Philadelphia Eagles players sits on the bench late in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010

Reid knows how fragile a team’s confidence can be, especially a team like this with a roster stocked with rookies. The Eagles were sky-high coming into Nashville, riding four wins in their last five games. They were sky-high midway through the third quarter, when they were a couple yards from taking a 16-point lead on one of the AFC’s best teams. Then the wheels fell off and it all fell apart in a historic collapse that saw a near 16-point lead turn into an 18-point deficit in a blink. Which brings up the question, “Now what?” 

Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher watches from the sideline late in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb leaves the field following the Eagles' 37-19 loss to the Tennessee Titans

“There are some great things that we can learn from this game as a young football team,” Reid said Monday in the wake up Sunday’s 37-19 embarrassment at LP Field in Nashville.

“It’s easy to see that one or two plays against a good football team can swing the momentum of a game, and you have to be able to overcome that. We can learn from that, and we will. For three quarters, we had just a phenomenal game plan by the coaches, and the players executed like crazy and they were aggressive and fighting their tail off, and then that’s where that learning experience comes in. You have to be able to finish that off. … And again, I take full responsibility for that. That’s a reflection, that last quarter and a half, a reflection of me as a head football coach.”

Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) scores a touchdown on a 16-yard pass as he is defended by Philadelphia Eagles safety Kurt Coleman

If the Eagles had hung on and won Sunday? If they had converted that first-and-goal on the three-yard-line into seven points and a 23-7 lead? The Titans were done. All those Kenny Britt yards and touchdowns wouldn’t have mattered.

Had the Eagles won? Nobody in the NFL would have had more wins. The Eagles could have been 5-1 with Michael Vick ready to return.

Instead, Reid found himself meeting with his team Monday afternoon trying hammering home a lesson that should be obvious.

Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) catches a 16-yard touchdown pass as he is defended by Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen

You can’t squander opportunities like this one. You just can’t.

“When you have an opportunity here, you have to take advantage of it,” Reid said. “We had a great opportunity right there at the [three-yard line] to put an end to that game – for the most part – and we didn’t do that.

“It’s just you need to make that one play. You make that one play and you change that thing around, and we didn’t do that, and I think that’s the bottom line there.”

Quintin Mikel takes on Titans QB Kerry Collins

Safety Quintin Mikell, who had an interception and forced a fumble early in the game, was at the NovaCare Complex Monday still reeling from Sunday’s devastation. Mikell, one of the Eagles’ few veteran leaders, said all three of the Eagles’ losses could have been wins. Should have been wins.

If Vick got that first down on fourth-and-one against the Packers? If Jason Avant had hung onto Kevin Kolb’s last-second desperation heave against the Redskins? If Kolb had been able to execute a handoff to LeSean McCoy Sunday? Things would be a lot different.

“The games that we lost, really, we beat ourselves,” Mikell said. “Even the Packers game, we had an opportunity to finish that game out, but defensively giving stuff up. The Redskins game, giving things up. That’s the most frustrating thing. … When you’re giving games away. It’s tough in this league to win and when you’re giving games away like that, it’s tough. So I don’t find any solace in the fact that we’re a young team. We’re a talented team and we should be winning these games.”

Eagles defensive end Juqua Parker (75) recovers a fumble after he sacked Tennessee Titans quarterback Kerry Collins (5) in the second quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, in Nashville, Tenn. Also scrambling for the ball are Eagles safety Quintin Mikell (27) and Titans running back Javon Ringer (21).

Are they a legitimate playoff contender? Are they just another .500 team in a peculiar NFC? Are they in for a rough second half? Who knows? Nobody knows what the Eagles are right now. Nobody knows what anybody is anymore in the NFL. It’s a crazy league right now, and the Eagles are 4-3, but are still right there in the hunt. This can be a good football team. Now they have a bye week and will come back to face the Indianapolis Colts. That will be a litmus test as the Colts are one of the better teams in the NFL but chaos and mayhem seem to rule the NFC.

Tennessee Titans cheerleaders dressed in Halloween costumes perform in the second quarter of an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, in Nashville, Tenn.

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In response to “Frustrated Reid and Eagles Let One Get Away”

  1. James Centifonti Oct 28 201011:45 am


    For a coach like Reid to be so intent on getting players for both the offensive and defensive lines he has sure let them slip to the point I question his choices.

    I know Jackson’s injury on the line sucks but McGlynn has does a very solid job filling it. The issue for me is Peters (complete bust) and his choices for back ups let’s face it haven’t exactly panned out and is the reason he in a sense has to go back to Vick just because his legs can buy some time when (not if) the pocket breaks down.

    Personally I don’t normally expect much from rookies other then maybe to toss in some contributions but overall nothing majoy so Graham for now is pretty much on par (barely) with that, however the rest of the line outside Cole and maybe Parker has done very little to stop the run (in most games) and little to nothing in the way of getting pressure on the QB………the back 7 on this teams defense is a hack job at best and as we’ve seen when all they had to do was cover 1 player they all failed.

    It’s hard to blame McDermott 100% for me because he does have to work with what he is given but at the same time I’m sure Reid values his opinion when forming the team in camp. That being said either he isn’t what they thought he was or could be when Johnson took him under his wing or the players are just turning a deaf ear to him when he tries to get his message through to them.

  2. Christopher Rowe Oct 28 201011:54 am


    As always James makes salient points. I agree that McDermott is not entirely to blame for the defensive failures. McDermott is being assisted by Dick Jauron and between them, they have the coaching prowess covered. What’s not covered are opposing offenses as we saw when Kerry Collins and Kenny Britt blew us up. As you say the back 7 is a hack job… Question is “What do you do?”
    1. Talent acquisition
    2. Game preparation
    3. Execution
    4. Adjustment

    1. James Centifonti Oct 28 201012:12 pm


      1. Remove Reid from having final say it’s obvious to at least me that he is not suited for it, while he may find that 1 diamond he’ll also find 100 that end up being a bust

      2. Maybe make some changes in the scouting department at least on the college end of things. After all they are the ones looking at possible talent and passing this information to Eagles management and in the end to Reid himself.

      3. Execution in the running game which even though somehow Reid has run it an avergae of 44% of the time he doesn’t use it nearly enough to off set the passing game to make that part be even more effective then it already has shown at times.

      4. I already consider Reid the worst in game adjustment coach so I am basically calling this one a lost cause and last week was in the long line of examples to prove me correct.

      5. He has to stick with 1 QB this back and forth stuff is fine for college programs not in the NFL. On Easter Sunday they proclaimed Kolb to be “the man” and so far they wouldn’t even consider putting him in until Vick was injured and have said once Vick is ready to go Kolb sits again. Not exactly something that will do wonders for the guy you tabbed “the man” whom you have “complete confidence” in and whom is not to blame for the lack of a decent line put together to attempt to protect him.

      In the end though I’m tired of Reid period. It’s all well and good that he’s won games and yes reached 5 NFC championship teams and 1 super bowl but not the prize we all want. No matter what this town is full of crazy Eagles fans that will show up if they are 14-2 or 2-14 but in the end all they wany in a championship & all we hear is that they are a competitive team every year even if it results in say a 1st round playoff loss.

  3. Christopher Rowe Oct 28 20101:02 pm


    Well at least Andy Reid is undefeated coming off a bye week… so we have THAT going for us…

    1. James Centifonti Oct 28 20101:35 pm


      Well that’s going to end most likely once they play the Colts………But then again Reid could toss a curve ball and stay unbeaten after a bye week.

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