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World Series Wrap Up: A Giant Win

Posted By George Kouvalis On Nov 2 2010 @ 12:16 pm In Texas Rangers | 2 Comments

Much to the chagrin of many purest baseball fans and my self this years edition of the Fall Classic did lack some drama and suspense.  Not to take anything away from the San Francisco Giants, they did what they had to do, they won, plain and simple.  I have already heard people complaining about this series being the worst one ever and ratings disaster.  Too bad.  I guess because it wasn’t a Red Sox Sweep, or other eastern seaboard teams in it, made it a heck of alot more boring to watch.  I disagree.  Those Red Sox wins were less dramatic than this series and no one complained about it.  When Tampa was in it was a “feel good story”, I guess people don’t feel good when it isn’t a prime east coast time slot market team playing in the final, or a team with a 55 million dollar payroll.  Too bad.

You have to give the Giants their due, they won their division after a grueling schedule and did take out two good teams in the Braves and Phillies along the way.  The series would have been interesting had there not been 4 days off between games of the NLCS and the actual World Series.  The rest may have given the Giants the edge to give their older guys some added time off and maybe it cooled off the bats of the red hot Rangers.

I was wrong in my seven gamer prediction and I can sleep at night knowing that, what will irk me is that some people may forget about this San Francisco team and even Texas team, who played some great baseball along the way to the Series.  This series had all the potential in the world, with great pitching beating great hitting.  More importantly, both these teams made baseball relevant again in their respective markets.  People might tune in a bit more frequently next year in Dallas and even in San Fran.

I will say this, when it comes down to it, this was the 2010 World Series.  People should remember the great pitching staff of the Giants stifling the Rangers.  With Tim Lincecum being more dominant than Cliff Lee, who looked human in this series.  What about Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner, how about those two guys.  We can’t forget that beard of Brian Wilson either, 6 post season saves out of 11 wins isn’t too shabby.  Maybe the Ageless and timely hitting of Edgar Renteria and the sacrifice of Aubrey Huff.  People are telling me they won’t remember these things because they weren’t watching or it was just bad baseball.  The Giants did things to win, not entertain, I for one can respect that.

Back to Texas, what about Cliff Lee, all post season talk about him being superhuman and not being able to deliver twice in the big dance.  Vladdy did look his age in the end, Elvis Andrus couldn’t buy a base in this series.  Lastly what about the Rangers bullpen dissolving right in front of us.  Texas did fall apart in this series but the Giants also made that happen.  There was one moment in last nights game and you could see it on TV, where you saw Lee was about to unravel.  It happened after the strike out of Pat Burrell when Renteria was coming up.  Fox sort of zoomed in on Lee’s face and it had looked like even though he may get out of that inning unscaved he wasn’t going to.  It was a look of no confidence, he then went on and threw two straight balls, he didn’t look comfortable.  Next pitch Renteria went yard and you knew the World Series was over.  In the top of the ninth when Neftali Feliz had just finished up sitting the Giants down he was walking off the field with no swagger, like what he had in the past, no life, the Giants had won the mental game and the series.  You knew there was no fight left.

I have written in the past about how good Cliff Lee was, and how he was carrying his team.  When Lee was on the Rangers knew they didn’t have to do much to do to win, it allowed them to bat with less pressure it seemed.  Once Lee went down in game one a sense of panic kicked in.  It carried on all series, once Lee went down in the seventh inning of game five the Rangers followed suit.  Say what you want about the guy and his performance but from my view this is what happened.

Either way you have to congratulate the Texas Rangers on a great season.  An AL West Division Title and American League Pennant isn’t all that bad.  It will be interesting to see just what the Rangers do in the off season, if they can keep Lee, who will replace Vladdy in the lineup and what they can do to bolster their middle bullpen.  For the Rangers and their fans they were oh so close, something that Giant fans can tell them all about until their Euphoria on this night.  The Giants and their fans have finally been rewarded with a title they deserve.  Speaking of Giants fans, has anyone seen or heard from Joseph Davis, my fellow blogger is MIA.  Joseph may have been celebrating his teams win a little too much last night, hopefully he gets the day off work as many Giants fan probably did, to enjoy the win.

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