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Miami Beware of Moss!

Posted By Bill Dowling On Nov 3 2010 @ 2:10 pm In Miami Dolphins | 2 Comments

Dolphin fans beware Randy Moss is on the market, and hopefully he stays away from South Florida.  Randy Moss was officially put on waivers by the Vikings yesterday afternoon and teams have until 4:00pm today to decide if they want to claim the future hall of famer.  It has been reported by a number of media outlets that the Dolphins are showing interest in possibly claiming him. YIKES!

Sure Moss is one of the most talented receivers to ever strap on a helmet.  He has all the tools an elite receiver wants, blazing speed, incredible leaping ability, and suction cup hands.  When on the field he draws more attention then that hot blonde sitting at the bar.  Finally Moss is still arguably considered a top receiver in this league even though he is on the northern side of 30.  Now why would you say no to a guy like that?  How could anyone give up on attributes like that?  Oh yea I forgot to mention, Moss is crazy and gives you a bigger head ache then a two year old teething.

Moss has managed to get himself kicked off of not one but two teams in the past month.  The Patriots and their czar of football got fed up with Moss and sent him to Minnesota for a third round pick.  Less then a month later Viking coach Brad Childress, whose seat gets hotter and hotter by the minute, waived Moss, which means they in essence wasted a third round pick.  That’s two organizations giving up on Moss in less then a month.  Scared yet.

The Dolphins sure could use Randy Moss’s talents there’s no arguing that.  Putting him and Brandon Marshall on the field is a match up nightmare for defenses.  Marshall already draws double teams regularly, so adding Moss to the equation could make cornerbacks heads spin.  This is only analyzing the equation on a pure talent and ability equations, which of course is the most attractive part of the equation to most fans.

Moving on to the most important part of this scenario is, Randy Moss the man and the Dolphins the organization.  Moss was the first of the “diva” receivers to infiltrate the league, and lets not forget Brandon Marshall is definitely part of that club even though he’s toed the line so far in Miami.  Moss is known for quitting on routes, games and teams in general through out his career.  If Moss isn’t happy, Moss won’t play, it’s that simple.  If the Dolphins were to claim Moss it would go against everything Tony Sporano preaches what the Dolphins are about.  He talks on and on about hard work and complete 100% effort.  Unless Moss is happy don’t expect any of that.

Plus is it even worth it to get Moss?  The Dolphins are 4-3 in a brutal division, and 4-4 is staring them straight in the face with a game in Baltimore coming up on Sunday.  The Patriots and Jets both are ahead of the Dolphins in the division, and Miami still have to travel to both Foxboro and The Meadowlands this season.  The possible hole the Dolphins have dug themselves may not be something worth bringing in Randy Moss to save, and he’s probably not the right guy to save it anyway.

Scheme wise it’s a tough fit for Moss.  The Dolphins are a run first football team, and they make no bones about that.  Chad Henne is still a developing quarterback who the Dolphins have still yet to fully take off the handcuffs.  They have the dynamic receiver in Marshall but have yet to fully utilize him down field and within the red zone, so why all of a sudden would they change their philosophy.  Their not the dink and dunk Chad Pennington Jets offense, but their not exactly the Air Correal Chargers either.  Moss is best utilized down the field and within the red zone, which in short doesn’t work for the Dolphins.

Many fans in Miami may not agree with my stand to keep Moss out of south beach, but they are probably most of the Dolphin fans who we’re up in arms when the Dolphins selected Jake Long first overall in 2008.  Moss is the flashy choice, he’s that brand new Ferrari or Mercedes, but the Dolphins don’t need flashy, they need wins.

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