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NFL Power Rankings Week 9 Edition: Brady, Patriots Take Over Top Spot After Big Ben, Steelers Fall

NFL Power Rankings Week 9 Edition: Brady, Patriots Take Over Top Spot After Big Ben, Steelers Fall

Week 9 storylines to keep an eye on:

  • Bucs-Falcons battle for the top spot in the NFC South
  • Do the Bills get their first win?
  • Can the Jets rebound in Motown?
  • Will the Dolphins shock us again by winning on the road?
  • Are the Chargers for real?
  • How far will the Vikings fall? How far have the Cardinals fallen?
  • Will the Giants continue their hot streak in Seattle?
  • Chiefs-Raiders big AFC West battle. Over/Under on number of passes thrown–40
  • Will Andy Reid unleash Mike Vick?
  • Do the Cowboys lay another egg on the big stage?
  • Can the TOCHO show turn the season around on MNF?

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

32. Carolina Panthers 1-6

Previously Ranked: 32

Week 8: 20-10 loss at St. Louis

I know DeAngelo Williams didn’t play–but come one guys! Only 200 yards! I wouldn’t be shocked if the Panthers didn’t win another game all season.

Next up: New Orleans Saints

I wonder if Matt Moore saw what the Saints defense did to Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

31. Dallas Cowboys 1-6

Previously Ranked: 26

Week 8: 35-17 loss to Jacksonville

You may be surprised to see the ‘Boys ranked this low. Don’t be–they gave up 35 points to the Jags at home. Don’t worry about the offense, Jon Kitna will get them going.

It’s Wade Phillips’ defense you should be worried about. How does David Garrard score five touchdowns in four quarters? Mind-boggling!

Next up: at Green Bay on Sunday Night Football

Even though the Cowboys have been brutal, it’s still a must watch. Sometimes it’s fun to watch a team self-destruct.

30. Arizona Cardinals 3-4

Previously Ranked: 29

Week 8: 38-35 loss to Tampa Bay

It’s like quarterback roulette in Arizona. Which QB kills the Cardinals this week? I bet they wish they had Matt Leinart back.

How many days till Larry Fitzgerald wants to be traded?

Next up: at Minnesota

Two teams with quarterback issues.

29. Buffalo Bills 0-7

Previously Ranked: 31

Week 8: 13-10 OT loss at Kansas City

Yes–I know the Bills still haven’t won a game. They might be the best winless team I have seen this late in a season. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been stellar for the

Bills, minus one bad pick against the Chiefs.

Next up: Chicago Bears at Rogers Centre in Toronto

Perfect time to play the Bears.

28. Cleveland Browns 2-5

Previously Ranked: 28

Week 8: BYE WEEK

Next up: New England

I’m very interested to see Rob Ryan’s defense after a week off. Could be a sneaky good game.

27. Denver Broncos 2-6

Previously Ranked: 20

Week 8: 24-16 loss to San Francisco in London

Things have gotten bad in Denver. I don’t even know what to say. It’s not Kyle Orton’s fault–I guess. Need to be better defensively, 83 points in two games isn’t going to cut it in any division.

Next up: BYE WEEK

26. San Francisco 49ers 2-6

Previously Ranked: 30

Week 8: 24-16 win over Denver

First three quarters–3 points

Fourth quarter–21 points

Troy Smith looked fairly decent under center. Kind of intrigued by the 49ers right now.

Next up: BYE WEEK

25. Cincinnati Bengals 2-5

Previously Ranked: 23

Week 8: 22-14 loss to Miami

Can’t win games when Carson Palmer completes only 44% of his passes. This Bengals team has been largely inconsistent.

Four consecutive losses is not good for Marvin Lewis.

Next up: Pittsburgh

The Bengals have a chance to kick the Steelers while they are down. If they lose this one–the season is OFFICIALLY OVER. Only a matter of time before the TOCHO show dissolves.

24. Minnesota Vikings 2-5

Previously Ranked: 19

Week 8: 28-18 loss at New England

There is truly too much wrong with the Vikings to try to summarize in one sentence. So I’m not going to try.

Next up: Arizona

Which team has fallen further since the ’09 playoffs?

23. Washington Redskins 4-4

Previously Ranked: 15

Week 8: 37-25 loss at Detroit

The ‘Skins could be a really good team, but they aren’t. Shanahan was supposed to change the culture in DC, but he hasn’t. Just like the politics in DC, same sh*t, different day.

Has any player been kicked around more than Donovan McNabb?

Next up: BYE WEEK

22. Chicago Bears 4-3

Previously Ranked: 21

Week 8: BYE WEEK

Next up: at Buffalo in Toronto

I don’t see the Bears free fall stopping here. Buffalo is playing great football despite being winless.

21. Seattle Seahawks 4-3

Previously Ranked: 16

Week 8: 33-3 loss at Oakland

The difference between the ‘Hawks play at home and on the road is astonishing. They’ve lost 10 of their last 12 on the road.

Next up: New York Giants

If the Seahawks could play all of their games at home, they’d be ranked much higher. Seattle must win special teams to stand any chance.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4

Previously Ranked: 27

Week 8: 35-17 win at Dallas

The Jags are a great team when David Garrard plays well. Just ask the Colts. Problem is–Garrard rarely plays well.

Very impressed with how easily they dismantled the Cowboys in Dallas.

Next up: BYE WEEK

19. San Diego Chargers 3-5

Previously Ranked: 25

Week 8: 33-25 win over Tennessee

Are the Chargers back? They sure looked like it in the win over the Titans. Philip Rivers is doing a lot with only a little. Malcom Floyd, Vincent Jackson, and Antonio Gates form the best receiver-tight end combo in the NFL.

Next up: at Houston

The Texans got kicked around on Monday Night Football. A fast start could seal the game early.

18. Detroit Lions 2-5

Previously Ranked: 24

Week 8: 37-25 win over Washington

Matt Stafford threw four touchdown passes against the ‘Skins in his first action since week 1 in Chicago. Calvin Johnson caught three of those passes. Now we see what the Lions are made of.

Next up: New York Jets

If the Lions face the same Jets team the Packers did, I’ll take the home team.

17. St. Louis Rams 4-4

Previously Ranked: 18

Week 8: 20-10 win over Carolina

The Rams played their best all around game of the season. Moves them to 4-1 at home and 0-3 on the road. They need to win one on the road to be taken seriously.

Next up: BYE WEEK

The bye week may have come at just the right time for the young Rams. Sam Bradford never played more than 14 games in a season at Oklahoma.

16. Oakland Raiders 4-4

Previously Ranked: 22

Week 8: 33-3 win over Seattle

Darren McFadden is playing out of his mind. Since his return from injury two weeks ago, he’s rushed for 276 yards and scored four touchdowns. Not bad.

Next up: Kansas City

This game is pretty important for the Raiders. Kansas City looked shaky last week in the win over Buffalo. Two of the best rush attacks in the league. McFadden-Bush/Charles-Jones.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-2

Previously Ranked: 17

Week 8: 38-35 win at Arizona

They struggled to beat a bad team. But they won–so what can I really say? They’re 5-2 and tied with Atlanta atop the NFC South.

Next up: at Atlanta

The Falcons are hot and coming off the bye. Going to be a rough game for the young Bucs.

14. Philadelphia Eagles 4-3

Previously Ranked: 13

Week 8: BYE WEEK

Next up: Indianapolis

Michael Vick returns. DeSean Jackson may return. Team looks much different than it did before the bye. Going to be fun to watch Vick shred the Colts D.

13. Houston Texans 4-3

Previously Ranked: 12

Week 8: 30-17 loss at Indianapolis

The Texans have played inconsistent football since the win over Indy in week 1. Can’t expect to win in Indy when you don’t show up all four quarters.

Next up: San Diego

Throw out the records in this one. Neither teams record is representative of how they are playing right now.

12. Tennessee Titans 5-3

Previously Ranked: 8

Week 8: 33-25 loss at San Diego

Not a good week for the Titans. They took a three game win streak into San Diego and left with two huge losses. The first loss was the game–obviously. The second was wideout Kenny Britt. He left early in the game with a hamstring injury.

Next up: BYE WEEK

Good news for Kenny Britt.

11. Miami Dolphins 4-3

Previously Ranked: 10

Week 8: 22-14 win at Cincinnati

Somebody please explain this to me. The Dolphins are 0-3 at home and 4-0 on the road. Hmmmm–I’ve got nothing.

Next up: at Baltimore

Should the ‘Fins be favored in this game because they are undefeated on the road? Probably not. Ravens are fresh off the bye.

10. Green Bay Packers 5-3

Previously Ranked: 14

Week 8: 9-0 win at NY Jets

I think it’s too early to buy into the Packers as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Aaron Rodgers has looked better. I’ve got to hand it to the defense, they knocked down nine pass attempts.

Next up: Dallas on Sunday Night Football

The Pack’s offense needs to rebound after facing the Jets. It will happen against the Cowboys.

9. Kansas City Chiefs 5-2

Previously Ranked: 9

Week 8: 13-10 win over Buffalo

I’m interested to see if anybody can stop the Chiefs rushing attack. Have you watched them? If you haven’t, try to catch the HUGE AFC West matchup Sunday.

Next up: at Oakland

First of two meetings between the two teams. A huge game, but far from a must win for KC.

8. Atlanta Falcons 5-2

Previously Ranked: 7

Week 8: BYE WEEK

Next up: Tampa Bay

The Falcons cannot afford any home losses until they can win on the road. A win would mean a lot to both teams. Not really a marquee matchup on paper, but since when is football played on paper?

7. New Orleans Saints 5-3

Previously Ranked: 11

Week 8: 20-10 win over Pittsburgh

I was really low on the Saints prior to their win over the Steelers on Halloween. After watching them dominate an offense that has rolled ever since the return of Ben Roethlisberger, I’m back on the bandwagon.

Next up: at at Carolina

I don’t care what happened the first time they met. A gimme game if I’ve ever seen one.

6. Baltimore Ravens 5-2

Previously Ranked: 5

Week 8: BYE WEEK

Next up: Miami

The Dolphins are 4-0 on the road, but winless at home. I’d be nervous if I were the Ravens. That’s just me though.

5. New York Jets 5-2

Previously Ranked: 2

Week 8: 9-0 to Green Bay

The Jets laid an egg after the bye. Rex Ryan needs to do a better job of getting his team mentally prepared for games. Try comparing the five wins with the two losses. Kind of comical. Next week won’t be any easier.

Next up: at Detroit

The Lions are a dangerous team with Matt Stafford in the lineup. Revis needs to bring his best.

4. Indianapolis Colts 5-2

Previously Ranked: 6

Week 8: 30-17 win over Houston

I’m going to use this section for my bold statement of the day. Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time.

Next up: at Philadelphia

More interested in seeing what Eagles can do against the Colts than seeing what the Colts will do to the Eagles.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2

Previously Ranked: 1

Week 8: 20-10 loss @ New Orleans

The Steelers didn’t look prepared to play on Halloween. Big Ben has his worst game since coming back from suspension. Rashard Mendenhall was the only thing working for the Steelers on offense. Too bad they only handed him the ball 15 times.

Next up: at Cincinnati on Monday Night Football

Can’t afford another loss to a team they should beat. The rest of the division is too good.

2. New York Giants 5-2

Previously Ranked: 4

Week 8: BYE WEEK

You may not agree with the placement on this one. Quite frankly, I’m OK with that. Ask Jay Cutler how good he thinks the Giants are.

Next up: at Seattle

The ‘Hawks are a much better home team. Should be a great test for the well-rested Giants.

1. New England Patriots 6-1

Previously Ranked: 3

Week 8: 28-18 win over Minnesota

Ever witness a daylight robbery? If Moss signs back with the Patriots, you officially have.

You can’t say the guy doesn’t make a difference.

w/ Moss: Patriots averaged 36 PPG

w/o Moss: Patriots average 25 PPG

Next up: at Cleveland

This game shouldn’t be overlooked. Stopping Peyton Hillis is a must.

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In response to “NFL Power Rankings Week 9 Edition: Brady, Patriots Take Over Top Spot After Big Ben, Steelers Fall”

  1. Christopher Rowe Nov 3 201012:57 pm


    Some really good stuff here no doubt! Agree with most of your rankings and I’m glad to see that you don’t let a team’s record fool you. Buffalo is the best winless team around, Cincinnati isn’t even as good as their 2-5 record while Minnesota is a train wreck waiting to happen!

    New York Giants may be 5-2 and are a solid contender in the very weak NFC but they are not in the same class as the top 6 teams in the AFC. I think you’ll find a lot of people to disagree with your assessment of the New York Football Giants!

    Could be a lot of current NFL coaches applying for unemployment benefits this offseason… Childress… Wade Phillips… Lovie Smith…Mike Singletary… those are basically locks… suggestions would be Chan Gailey in Buffalo… Norv Turner in SD… Tom Cable in Oakland… Eric Mangini in Cleveland… John Fox in Carolina is time to go…and maybe Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville… so that’s 10. Did I miss any?

    1. Bear Heiser Nov 4 201011:50 am


      You hit it on the head–AFC teams are playing at a different level right now. I have the Giants at 2 because I haven’t seen a front four get QB pressure with ease like they have in a long long time.

      Defense wins in the playoffs. Eli isn’t great but he can manage a game–usually. Is Hakeem Nicks the best wideout in football? Not too many RB combos than Bradshaw-Jacobs. I’m not a Giants fan either. Just have been impressed with them ever since daaa Bears on SNF.

      There is no way Lovie will be back with the Bears. The entire coaching staff should be wiped out. I’ve heard from a few sources that O-Line coach Mike Tice has been changing blocking schemes on gameday. The players have complained about being confused during the game. How absurd is that. Fire lovie, martz, tice, marinelli. Wow typing those four names out makes me laugh. They all failed miserable as head coaches.

      Chilly and Wade are out, no doubt about that.

      Tell me who is going to walk into Iron Mike’s office to tell him he is fired? They’d be killed. I think Iron Mike stays around another season. The Niners are going to turn it around.

      Chan will be back. He is doing a whole lot with very little. Ryan Fitzpatrick has bounced around the league since ’05 and Chan has him playing high level football.

      I don’t know how Norv stays. He isn’t doing a bad job but he isn’t necessarily doing a great job either. The Chargers have been good despite bad coaching. At some point ownership will realize that.

      Cable is a hero in Oakland right now. Not going anywhere.
      Mangini is out. Rob Ryan will be a head coach somewhere in the league. Possibly Chicago? Ryan has STRONG chicago ties.

      Del Rio will stay because I honestly believe the Jags will move to LA in the next few seasons. JDR is a USC guy, and would do very well with the LA media. I think he’s a great coach for a bad franchise.

      What you think?

      Give me a follow on Twitter. @RamsReport, @BearConsults

      1. Christopher Rowe Nov 4 20101:06 pm


        Clearly you are also an open-minded, thnking football fan. Part of me likes the wide open parity of the NFL while another part of me misses the superteams. Then again, the latter doesn’t work so well in the NBA, so maybe parity is not the worst thing in the world!


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