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View from my Couch: Bucs/Falcons… Oh So Close

Posted By Justin Chechourka On Nov 8 2010 @ 10:06 am In Tampa Bay Buccaneers | No Comments

Pick your cliché.

-       We gave 110%.

-       It’s a game of inches.

-       It was a moral victory.

-       Close but no cigar.

-       Can’t win them all.

-       Maybe we should have run a boot, instead of a dive into the 6th-best run defense in the league.

Ok, maybe the last one isn’t exactly a cliché, but I’m pretty sure all of them apply. The Bucs had a chance to mount yet another 4th-quarter comeback, but were stuffed on a 4th & 1 run play.

Or were they?

We’ll never know. Not only did the Bucs not get a measurement but they were also out of challenges so they couldn’t question the spot. Oh so frustrating!

And really that whole series was a mess. Stuffed on 1st and 10 (maybe a foreshadow). Pick up 7 on 2nd down. 3rd & 3 Tampa hands off to LeGarrette Blount who picks up 2 yards.

Then it falls apart.

It was an easy call to go for it, yet it appeared Tampa had no play ready. They finally lineup with about 5 seconds on the playclock, clearly not going to get the play off in time. Raheem Morris ends up runing halfway across the field to call timeout (as my brother said, it’s a good thing he’s in shape. Had it been Rex Ryan or Andy Reid they would have never gotten that timeout called). That would cost the Bucs the chance to challenge the spot of the ball.

Then the no-go 4th down play. What a mess.

Either way, after falling behind early the Bucs hung tough with one of the better teams in the league. After blowout losses to the Steelers & Saints, Tampa needed to prove they could hang with the big boys. I think this game proved it.

The Bucs had the Falcons on the ropes, and had a chance to win it. They came up just short, proving two things: it’s a game of inches and you can’t win them all.

Onto to what I saw from my couch.


- Matt Ryan continues to dominate at home. It seemed like every time they needed a big pass play he made it. It wasn’t a performance I’ll tell my grandkids about, but it was solid and close to flawless. He’s 17-1 in the dome. Amazing.

- The Bucs defense continues to bend but never really broke. Yes, Michael Turner had a big game and yes, they lost. But the defense came up big in the second half, slowing the Falcons offense down and allowing the team to get back in the game.

- Josh Freeman threw two really bad picks. I mean REALLY BAD. The first one was Favreian, in how bad it was. Don’t just throw it up! Take the sack. The second was a killer. He telegraphed the throw and made a classic young QB mistake.

- Mike Williams continues to amaze and frustrate. He dropped 3 passes in this game, including the first offensive play of the game. That catch could have been a TD. But then he turns around and takes a slant 58 yards for a TD. Chalk it up to the rookie rollercoaster.

- Speaking of wide receivers. Michael Spurlock just makes big plays. He caught a game winner against the Browns. Made an amazing sideline catch against Cincinnati. And then this week, returned a mishandled kickoff for a TD, and made a spectacular play when the Bucs needed to comeback. He’s been a very pleasant surprise this season.

- Why is Cadilliac Williams still getting the start? He killed the first drive. I know he pass blocks and catches the ball better than Blount, but how much better? So much better it’s worth losing the game? I love Caddy, but he should be in on 3rd down only. ONLY!

- Nice TD grab by Arrelious Benn and Gerald McCoy is starting to get some pressure on the QB. It’s really looking like the Morris/Dominick regime really knows how to draft.

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