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The Hoops Stock Market Volume 1

Posted By Warren Shaw On Nov 9 2010 @ 2:48 am In Fantasy Basketball | No Comments

We are starting to get a feel for what these maniac NBA coaches want to do with their lineups. So now is a perfect time to take a look around the league at some early overachievers and underachievers. What does this mean for you? Well it’s time to decide if you are a buyer or seller in the roller coaster life of a fantasy owner.

Elton Brand [1]: Nobody quite saw this type of production coming from Brand this early. The 6ers offense doesn’t exactly run through him but he does get more than enough touches. His work on the offensive glass has given him the shots necessary to keep his scoring average as high as it is. The bonus is the blocks and steals he is also posting. I don’t think it can get much better for Brand than it is right now. His production should dip slightly and he is always suspect to injury. If you are at all worried, now is the time to see if you can unload this early season surprise on hungry owner.

Darren Collison [2]: Mr. Collison has been a bit of disappointment. The Pacer offense does not seem to be to his liking. He is doing more shooting than passing as he tries to discern where his teammates are going to be each time on offense. The kid has talent and has a legit all-star on his team in Danny Granger to pass the ball to. It’s going to take some time and Collison has a long way to go. The Pacers did not bring him to town to sit him or mold him. He was acquired to play and produce now. This is your opportunity to take advantage of a frustrated owner and purge Collison from their roster. It might take a few weeks but you will get positive return on your investment.

Baron Davis [3]: Burned are the owners of Baron Davis at this point. After a lackluster pre-season where he reported to camp out of shape, Davis carried that same performance into the first 3 games of the regular season. Now comes the news that Baron has a cyst in his left knee. Coach Del Negro is less than enamored with Davis and rookie back up point guard Eric Bledsoe has been awesome in the Baron’s absence. With all of that the fact remains that the Clippers are not a good team. Davis is still key to any success the team intends to have this season. If you are a bit of a risk taker shoot some low ball offers out for Davis and see what you can get. If he can gut out his injury and return to his old play-making form he can truly help your team. With that said if you acquire him and he does start to produce I would immediately try to ship him again for an upgrade.

Danny Granger [4]: Granger came into the season semi-undervalued for some strange reason. He is a bit of an injury risk and rumor has it that the team wants to cut his minutes down by 10 less per game. I am not buying that, but I would buy Granger if given the opportunity. He is a prolific scorer who is averaging 21.4 currently. Keep in mind he is dealing with a new point guard in Collison who is still learning the offense and where Granger likes the ball. He is going to get it going soon and you don’t want to wait to much longer as the opportunity will very likely pass you by. Buy now!

Devin Harris [5]: This is the first guy on the list that you could both buy or sell. Harris cut me deep last year with his inconsistency and injury plagued season. So naturally he starts off hot this year when I avoided him on just about every team I own. I digress…Harris looks confident and his contentious relationship with Coach Avery Johnson seems to be at ease. The Nets are not exactly a great team but they are Harris’s team to lead. His job is to make sure Brooke Lopez stays fed in the post and on flare outs on Harris’s dribble drive penetration. If it were me I would probably sell or at least try to see what I could get for the oft injured Harris. The flip side is that there are many owners who are scared of Harris going down and are chomping at the bit to get rid of him. Test the waters but don’t pay to much if you are buying.

Roy Hibbert [6]: A trusted friend of mine hyped me up on Hibbert going into the year. He was very productive when he was actually able to stay on the floor last year and I tempered my expectations out of fear of his recurring foul trouble. This year he has avoided foul trouble to stay on the floor and simply terrorize his opposition every night to the tune of 15.6ppg, 10rebs, 4.4apg, and 3.8 blks. MY GOODNESS. If Darren Collison owners were wondering where his assist were at, blame Hibbert. Hibbert can’t possibly be this good all year can he? I am sure it must be fun to own him right now but this type of production screams sell high to me as I am sure you can absolutely gut somebody’s roster and get legit star players by including Hibbert in a deal.

J.J. Hickson [7]: To put it mildly Hickson is teasing his owners right now. The talent is there but he gets lost in the offense at times. He is caught in middling ground right now and with Mo Williams back from injury to steal shots I am scared for Hickson’s future. Couple that with the fact Antwan Jamison is hardly playing and Hickson still hasn’t taken off I would sell the next opportunity I get with JJ.

David Lee [8]: Lee isn’t exactly not producing but I have a feeling his owners were expecting a little more out of him especially if they drafted him within the first two rounds. Lee had the luxury of having the offense run through him in New York but in Golden State he is clearly option 3. Lee should be able to find his niche as the season goes on and that niche should be rebounding. Lee’s great attitude and work ethic will allow him to post some gaudy rebounding numbers with a scoring average similar to where it is now. I am sure owners will not want to give him up to easily but it is worth the investigation. Do the research and see if he is available in your league.

Troy Murphy [9]: Murphy just isn’t as bad as what he has shown in the limited minutes he has shown since his return. With his value at rock bottom there is no reason not steal the Murph away from an annoyed owner. He is in a contract year and playing in his home state of New Jersey a recipe that he himself admitted makes him focused on having a good year. Go get em.

Lamar Odom [10]: Like a bully coming around the corner Andew Bynum is coming to steal Odom’s starting spot and a significant portion of his minutes. You probably still have a few weeks of optimum production out of Odom on your hands but owner beware this type of production in only possible if the minutes stay the same AND THEY WON’T. Mr. Khardashian is performing like an all-star right now so don’t sell yourself short but be ready to sell and don’t let the market close on Odom’s value before you do.

Brandon Roy [11]: B Roy is fresh off an 8point 1-6 shooting outing where Ron Artest completely big brothered him throughout the game. Again Roy isn’t playing all that poorly but still has room to improve. He typically gets going in December/January and his best production is yet to come. Check the pulse of his owners to see if you can get Roy on the relative cheap before he hits his quarter season stride.

Amar’e Stoudamire [12]: I think the market is closing quickly on Stoudamire. Ironically the play of Felton and Gallinari have as much to do with Stoudamire’s success as Stoudamire himself. If Gallo can continue to find his shooting touch the paint will open up as defenders will not be able to sag or double Amar’e as much. Felton is still learning the offense and where to best feed Stoudamire in the half court sets. Felton and Amar’e will eventually figure out how to play effectively off each other much to the delight of both their owners. 19 and 8 is nothing to sneeze at from Amar’e but his scoring should rise steadily over the next few games. Get him if you can.

Jason Terry [13] The “Jet” seems to be timeless. Every year he goes overlooked and sometimes even undrafted in fantasy leagues. He is off to a blazing start this year starting at the shooting guard alongside Jason Kidd in the backcourt. The plan in Big-D was to bring Terry off the bench again and give the lightning quick, but inexperienced, Rodrigue Beabuois the starting nod. Terry’s play remains remarkably consistent whatever role he plays. That said his value is a little higher than expected right now. Beabuois will return in a few weeks to steal minutes away from both Terry and Kidd. Sell!

That concludes this week’s edition, I will be back as the market allows with future editions. Invest wisely my friends!

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