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Posted By Christopher Rowe On Nov 9 2010 @ 12:50 pm In NFL | 4 Comments

"Touchdown Jesus" is part of Notre Dame Football. Even he must offend non-believers

Notre Dame has always been the Fighting Irish

Much ado has been made about team nicknames which are denigrating or derogatory toward groups, races and cultures. Rampant purists have suggested that such offensive name be changed for the good of our societal progression. Knowing that anyone can find fault with just about everything, we do aim to please the largest number of pundits.


Is this more offensive than a Kansas Jayhawk?


Jayhawk bird...Kansans claim turned from a term of 'lawlessness, robbing, and looting' to one of 'comradeship'

[3]What is behind this invention of offense to Native American team names primarily by non-Native Americans? You won’t hear an Irishman or a Greek complaining about the Fighting Irish or the Spartans – unless they lost that week! Naturally, universities have attempted to appease the masses by renaming their teams “orange storm” or “Pride” but even the term “Rainbow Warriors” has been demonized. What’s next? Will someone have a problem with using the term “Unicorn” because it is a fictional creature?  


Is Apache Chief politically correct but the Seminole logo is not?


University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors logo


Florida State Seminole has been an issue of debate

This use of feigned victimization in order to cause change in someone else’s behavior reminds me of the experiment with monkeys who have to push a lever to get a banana flavored pellet. The result being that the monkeys learned to use the lever increasingly more often to increase their gratification.

It seems that those who can’t master their own lives find gratification in causing change in the lives of others, inconsiderate of the consequences, in order to appease their own self-pity. This is a sign of emotional immaturity that should not be encouraged.



Michigan State's Spartan logo has been called into question

Following is a list of suggestions that should satisfy all PC mongers but may pose problems to fans struggling to [barely]recognize their teams. With a little thought and some helpful hints you should be able to decipher most of these. Some of them might be difficult to squeeze onto a jersey or fit neatly on a banner but that is someone else’s problem!

Arizona Male Finches of Crimson Plumage (senior ecclesiastical [9] official, usually a bishop [10], of the Catholic Church [11])… if you still need a hint… a St. Louis baseball team could help!

Atlanta Predatory Raptors of Exceptional Speed and Intelligence 


Baltimore Omnivorous Avian Scavengers revered as a spiritual figure or god – OR Fictional Literary Creatures Proclaiming “Nevermore”

Buffalo Mailed Notices of Incurred Debt (or extinct American beasts)


South Carolina's "Gamecocks" could be offensive too, right?


Would Charlie O Mule be offensive today?


The mascot of the Tar Heels is Rameses, a Bighorn Ram.

Carolina Puma Concolors

Cincinnati Large, Striped Carnivorous Mammals – or Residents of  the northeast region of the Indian Subcontinent in South Asia

Chicago Securities Traders in a Declining Market – or Famous Picnic Crashers at Jellystone



Tenui ad Nauseum?

Cleveland Team of Earthen Color (or Ivy League University in Providence, Rhode Island.)

Dallas Western-style Laborers or Cattle Rustlers… also available in Urban variety 

Denver Untamed Feral Equine Beasts of Burden (or Ford’s SUV)

Detroit Large, Carnivorous Nocturnal Cats

Green Bay Meat Industry Workers. Also a term likely used in Prison Recreational verbiage.

[17]Houston Winners of Mexican Independence a.k.a. residents of the state

Indianapolis Sexually Immature Foals or part of Houston Astros original franchise name

Jacksonville Melanistic Medium-Sized Predatory Wildcats – or “Puma yagouaroundi” for short!

[18]Kansas City Monarchial Leaders of Native American Tribal Culture

Miami Mammalian Sea-Dwelling Victims of Gill Netting

Minnesota Plundering Norsemen – famous for funerals and stylish headwear 


Unless you were the model, what's the problem?



 New England Zealous Revolutionaries – hint political party in New Zealand OR Roland Emmerich/Mel Gibson flick from 2000

[21]New Orleans Pious Figures of Spiritual Patronage (Archbishop answers to them) and big fans of jazz on Bourbon Street – especially during Mardis Gras. The fleur de lys is associated with Areas of the world that were once under French monarchic rule – such as Louisiana; also for Boy Scouts and means “flower of life” 


 New York Gargantuan (and sometime Jolly & Green) Fictional Entities… 1956 film Directed by George Stevens [22]. Starring Elizabeth Taylor [23], Rock Hudson [24], James Dean [25]. Sprawling epic covering the life of a Texas cattle rancher and his family and associates.

Seriously? NY Titans?

New York Turbine-Propelled Airborne Mass-Transportation Vehicles OR Sharks rival street gang in “West Side Story [27]

Oakland’s Privateer Party-Crashers… brand of British crisps…elite unit established by the United States Marine Corps during World War II… Confederate guerrillas in the American Civil War… unit of British dragoons active during the American Revolution… Turkish terrorist organization

Philadelphia Endangered National American Symbols (Signifies power, birth and renewal but also in need of a dose of Monoxodyl) 

[28] Pittsburgh Iron Industry Workers   OR early 1980s American heavy metal [29] band from Nashville [30]. Band members included: Ron Keel [31] on vocals [32] and guitar [33], Michael Dunigan [34] on lead guitar [35], Bobby Eva [36] on drums [37] and Tim Morrison [38] on bass [39]. In 1982, they released the single Cold Day in Hell [40].

San Diego Black Vulcans?

San Diego Purchasers of Material Goods on Term Payments OR Dodge’s mid-size [42] automobile [43] muscle car of 1960s and 1970s. Ben Franklin would be proud to fly his key kite.

San Francisco Precious Metal Enthusiasts, circa mid-19 century American Pacific Gold Rush

[44]Seattle Ocean-Going Birds of Prey  (a.k.a. SH-60/MH-60 twin turbo shaft [45] engine, multi-mission United States Navy [46] helicopter based on the airframe of the United States Army [47] UH-60 Black Hawk [48] and a member of the Sikorsky S-70 [49] family)

St. Louis Large-Horned Cloven-Footed Mountain Beasts (not to be confused with form of computer data storage [50])

 Tampa Bay Economically Challenged Sea Captains historically of late 17th Century Caribbean origin but any scurvy-hobbled marauder will do!

Tennessee Behemoth Warriors of Massive Stature. Greek race of powerful deities [51], descendants of Gaia [52] and Uranus [53], that ruled during the legendary Golden Age [54].


1952-1959 actual logo

Washington Native Americans OR Pejorative generic term historically used to refer to indigenous Americans [56] and is seldom used publicly    (Hint: book by James Fenimore Cooper)

Can’t we all just get along? It’s FOOTBALL people!



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